Friday, March 8, 2013

scrub top review

I have a little treat for you!!
{more of a treat for me}

The nice people at Uniformed Scrubs sent me an email and asked if I would try out and review one of the scrub tops from the Cherokee body collection. {new spring line of scrubs}

Ummmm, SURE I WILL!!!

 photo 5876b381-e3ce-4ef1-8eec-32eaeec27aef_zps0bc38a86.jpg

How cool is it to be asked if someone can send you their product so you can review it??

THIS is the actual page where you can find the very same, exact shirt I was sent.

So, I got the top in the mail and it was a short sleeved light blue almost exactly like this one

I asked for a large.
PROBABLY should have gone with the XL but I underestimated the size of "the girls".
Yes, that is the only reason it's a bit snug.
Other than that, it's great!

It's comfortable and stretchy!!
I don't feel confined in it like I do in the uniform top I have to wear for school right now.
Another super plus = it shows NO cleavage! 
I like that because as a nurse (or in my case, about to be a nurse), you find yourself (your body) in positions that you wouldn't normally be in if you were to just work a desk job. 
I'm talking, on the floor, measuring out urine from someone's foley bag, leaning over people and tugging on their sheets to change their sheets while they're still in the bed, up under someone's arm, helping them walk/move wherever they need to go, or even last week, pushing a laboring woman's legs into their chest so they can birth their baby (more on that one later...)
but you get it.
I like the pockets because you know we have to be somewhat prepared for everything when walking into a patient's room - pockets full of all sorts of necessary medical equipment.
And the front and back layout - 
The back has a stretchy band that just lets you move and go where you need to without it tugging or tightening up on you!!

I also liked the length of it. 
When standing, the tips of my fingers fall just below the bottom of the shirt.
This hides all kinds of stuff and won't show the top of your pants!!

Overall, it's a great new addition to Cherokee's new spring line ;)
It's way flattering!
This is good because it's helping me to be able to decide what kind of scrubs I'll be most comfortable in when I start working in (hopefully) the next 2 and a half more months!!!

Cherokee, thank you for sending this broke nursing student some of your clothes!!
I love the shirt. 
My only complaint is...
it's not white, so I can't wear it to finish out these last 5 weeks of clinicals in the hospital.
But hey, it just may be an okay color for my future job uniform!
And the whole size thing... I'm hoping with the conclusion of nursing school, I'll be able to get back on track with losing this extra weight - then, won't be a problem in the least.
Unless it becomes too big to wear ;)

 photo F1A0B6A1-5611-4713-8750-CE757FC25901-4572-00000345F2550FC8_zpsadebc5a2.jpg

** And please, disregard the fact that I'm standing on the toilet!
this is the only place in the house I could get the full pic {almost}.**

Again, great top!!
And if you want to get something from them over at uniformed scrubs, I have a sweet coupon code:


to use at checkout.
15% off valid until 31st May 2013.

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