Friday, March 8, 2013

L and D

Ok, today, I'm going to talk to you about labor.

I did not personally, myself experience the pains of labor.
I was lucky enough to endure a scheduled Cesarean Section.
Lucky. Key word.
However, I did have tons of Braxton Hix contractions.
but they did not hurt. not one bit ;)
I had a scheduled section because
a) hailee would not drop/descend at all.
b) my blood pressure wanted to keep crawling up to the point they did not like it
c) malpractice is HUGE in obstetrics and no one wants a preeclamptic/ecclamptic on their hands
d) BECAUSE of my past surgery, they opted to just have me not go through the whole pushing phases so I wouldn't mess anything up on the inside.

I cannot tell you a lie - I was not sad in the least that I had to have a C-Section.

THIS was my first glimpse at the most incredible thing to ever happen to my life.
I cried.
And laughed.
And never pushed no not once.
I did almost go into shock in the recover room.
They kept me back there for almost 4 hours because my BP was dropping as was my temp and I had this special blanket on me but was shivering the whole time.
Crazy, crazy.

Enough about me!!!!

Let me tell you about my very, very last day in my Maternal/Child clinical rotation.
Labor and delivery.

Well, I'll begin by telling you that Labor & delivery is a touch and go kind of thing.
It's totally unpredictable.
And, it can be A LOT of waiting around for something to happen.
which is why I don't think I'd want to be a L&D nurse.
Postpartum, YES!!
{this will actually be my 1st choice when I apply for a nursing job next week ;)

I had a VERY good L&D clinical experience.
aka there were lots of mama's in labor.
I had the privilege of helping with and watching 2 births on Monday and another 2 births on Tuesday.

it was a pure miracle.

Monday, they were both regular births - one with an epidural, one without {and OH, what a difference that epidural makes}
Tuesday, it was SUPPOSED to be one C-Section and the other, a mama I was following from that morning when she started her epidural and was supposed to be a natural birth.
not. so. much.

So, for the 1st day, I was around a lot of amniotic fluid.
Even after arriving at my home away from home and showering, I could still smell the pungent aroma of that amnion from all of the pt rooms I visited.

The miracle of bringing a new life into this world was just that - amazing and beautiful, despite it's messiness.
ALL moms and labors are different.
No one progresses the same as anyone else.
it was such an honor to be allowed in to help with and watch and care for these mothers about to welcome a(nother) child into her life.
Labor can be such a fickle process.
Painstaking to say the least - the amount of agony on these women's faces (pre-epidural) is like no other pain I've ever experienced.

Yet - yet...

I've been told that this is a pain that is easily forgotten the very moment that mom holds her squirming, crying child, covered in all the things that protected it those 40 weeks {ultimately 10 months} while she nurtured it in her womb.
and it sets in -
And I did hear the mom's utter this very phrase to those tiny bundles wrapped in their arms.

Now, we're going to transition to the second day.
The mama I followed All Day Long.
Who pushed and pushed and pushed.
I talked to her soothingly and worked her through countless excruciating contractions (pre and post epidural).
I rubbed her arms, fed her ice chips, rubbed her legs, told her she was doing GREAT!! and told her to relax her whole body through the contractions...

We did this for a while.
We did this after all but one {another who was with the the whole time} in my clinical group got to go home.
We did this while the certified nurse midwife was there, trying to deliver that sweet baby.
We did this when she had to call the Obstetrician for a consult because push as she might, that baby would not MOVE {rotate} through the birth canal.
I could see the baby's head deep in the mother.
BUT - but....

We had to prepare mama for an emergency C-Section.

Oh. My. Goodness.
From there, things just got crazier and crazier.

It seemed like time flew and stood still at the same time.
I fumbled through placing a urinary catheter in preparation for the C-Section.
Everyone was running around trying to get everything ready and keep it all sterile for the immediate surgery that was to follow.
It was like I was holding my breath in anticipation for what this mama had to go through, so unprepared, so skewed from her original birth plan.

I stayed by her side and usually with {the bane of my existance} THE MASK {you know, the one you wear over your mouth and nose w/ surgeries and around sick people} I get sick, it did not phase me.
Not one bit.

This emergency section turned CRAZY, quick.
Mom had to be completely sedated.
Put. Under.

All we could do was stand on our stool at the edge of the operating room, watching the doctor pull miracles out of her sleeves - literally elbow deep into this woman.

Oh, it was amazing.
and beautiful.
and scary, and messy.
But I was WITH that mama the whole time.
I held her hand.
I talked her through it.
What a privilege.

and she had a healthy, beautiful baby girl.
and she woke up from the surgery.
and that is all I know.


Oh, this has been long.
and the only picture is of me and my C-section baby.

But those 2 days on Labor and Delivery were amazing.

And I learned stuff I've never known before.
And I got to perform my nursing skillz like CRAZY!!!

Sorry I didn't put my postpartum experience up here.
It was a good one too!!
It was THE REASON I want to be a Postpartum nurse.
The nurses on the Postpartum section were AH.Mazing.

And made me feel welcomed, and taught me, and Made me realize THAT is what I want to do!!!



It is officially SPRING BREAK!!!!

And I celebrated by taking my {almost} 4 year old on a date to get fingerprinted for the NCLEX-RN and then to the mall for Build-A-Bear and lunch.
By the way, the new bear's name is "Cherry".
She is pink with snowflakes on her and has a dress, panties, shoes, bows, and if Hailee had her way, ... a bed, a car, and a headband..
But we stopped at the bows.

I feel like I'm finally getting caught up!!!

More later on the transition to the halfway point in my FINAL SEMESTER of nursing school!!!!

I'm gonna be a nurse y'all ;)


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful experience!! The moms are always so grateful to have us around (at least in my experience) & it's always so memorable. I definitely won't forget my first birth!

    1. Oh it was great!!
      I nearly cried at all of the births!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, it sounds like the
    best experience for a nurse to have!

    1. I really enjoyed my time in L&D - unfortunately, some of my classmates had boring L&D experiences just because no one was having any babies!!

      Oh, and natural cheeto's - the white cheddar ones - yeah, I could handle that whole bag too!!

  3. Last semester! Woohoo!
    The complication of the birth experience makes me wonder how some people can casually pop out kids the way they do - I know I've mentioned this before, but it's sad when some people take the process so lightly.

    1. Yay!! I am so ready for this semester to be over!!
      I know - and with the whole complication of birth parts, it's a wonder that there are so many flawless births then some can be extremely unpredictable and hard.
      The 1st two I saw were totally mom's pushing 2x in 5 minutes and BAM!!! there were the babies.

  4. I'm so excited to start my L & D rotation after spring break. All of my friends that have been in it have loved it so much & I hope that I do too. So far I haven't really loved anything yet. What a great experience you had, it sounds exciting. Yay for Spring break!! Hope you have a great time & so excited for your NCLEX! Soon you will be a Real Nurse (RN) :)

    1. Oh, I'm excited for you and your L&D rotation!
      I hope you have a great one!!
      I'm pretty excited about getting my last little bit of med-surg in before I graduate so all the skills will be nice and fresh before I start working as a Real Nurse ;)
      And I'm going to admit, it still scares me a little that I'm gonna be turned loose to just nurse on people!

    2. Lol ok that last line was funny.

    3. hahaha! gotta keep it in perspective, huh!!

  5. First off, I adore nurses!! Second I too had a C section. I didn't want one but was in a car accident a few days before my due date so we all thought it would be best. But next time I am going for a VBAC. I just can't stand needles lol!!

    1. oh my gosh i'd be scared out of my mind if i were in a car accident so close to the end!!!
      I cannot WAIT to be a nurse.. not much longer now ;)
      I'm ok with needles, it's the sticthes i'm not to crazy about.

    2. In my opinion, the best thing about hospitals aren't MDs but are the nurses who take care of and love the patients. It takes a special human being to really dote on people are are going through pain. I adore nurses even despite disliking hospitals. You gals ROCK.

  6. What a blessing you were, I'm sure, to those momma's! I didn't see the nurses much with my first birth (hours and hours of natural labor). With my second babe, the nurse actually delivered that quick little thing! She was such a blessing to me that she honored the way that I wanted things done! What a beautiful opportunity!

    1. aww, thanks! It was a huge blessing for me to be part of those births!


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