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getting in: A Link Up.

I'm linking up with anna and paige today.
THANKFULLY, Nursing school and I have about 5 more weeks together.
But here is my experience on getting in to nursing school:

I had a few schools I could choose from when considering where I wanted to go to nursing school. My #1 choice: Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College!!
I liked the program because it had a competitive entrance process and no waiting list.
First, I had to attend a health sciences meeting that told you all about the different health programs offered through tech, then at the end of the meeting, you picked up a manila envelope/packet of things needed to turn in to apply for nursing school.

A few months after that very first meeting, we were able to turn in our packets and were stressed to get them in early because it was a first come first serve process where if you had a good GPA and met all the requirements, you did not have to go into a pool of other applicants that were just.. OK ... and waiting for more, better applicants to come along.

In that packet, there was paperwork, and more paper work, and instructions.
I had to take the TEAS test that I had to pay for. I cannot remember how much I paid for it, but it was a placement test that tested you on math that you hadn't used since 8th grade. And Geology?? Really?? who cares what a cumulus cloud means?? Or what kind of rock is just below the sediment??
But I passed! and did not take it again.

I had to turn in transcripts from high school - which took them all summer to get because they were in archives (c/o 1999 y'all) and were doing construction on the school and no one knew where they were...
And I needed my transcript from my stint at Midlands Tech where I was working toward my X-ray tech degree.

A $50 background check.

I turned my packet in the very earliest date I could have them in. Drive an hour to Orangeburg, turn in my packet, then drive an hour back to Lexington.

Maybe 2 weeks after I turned in my packet, I got a call asking If I'd like to come in for an interview with the dean of nursing and some other staff... um, YES!!

Went out and got a new outfit to be presentable enough to do an interview in. Went down for the interview, was honest, talked about why I wanted to be a nurse, and answered their questions. At the end of the interview, they both hugged me and told me I'd be getting a letter in the mail soon regarding acceptance into the program, and wished me luck!

I got the letter not even 2 weeks later. I was in! After that, there was other stuff I needed to fill out and get done.
Another packet of paperwork.
I needed a complete physical from my doctor, I had to get my shot records and get up to date on any shots I didn't have. I had to start getting PPD's (yearly) to test for Tuberculosis...
We needed to get certified in CPR and Basic life saving First Aid...

That was probably in November 2010 - and school didn't even start until Aug 2011.
So, I spent that time getting ready.
I should have spent that time saving more money.
I had to go out and buy all my supplies I'd need for clinical.
Then, my 1st semester books cost around $1000.
Had to buy uniforms for clinicals: 2 aprons, 1 shirt, 1 pair of pants, 1 formal nursing dress, nursing cap.

And it's good to get as many prerequisite classes out of the way as you can before you officially start. I had to end up taking Psych 203 and Microbiology while in nursing school. I would not recommend it.
Its Hard To Keep Up with it all.

But as I said earlier, I have 5 more weeks!!!!
And it will be well worth everything you have to do to get into nursing school.
I cannot wait!

next up on my list...
NCLEX-RN licensure exam.


  1. 5 weeks?! that's nothing, you totally got this! :) I like the sound of having an interview with the nursing staff and I love that they were really friendly. I was lucky enough to work with a great staff who actually WANTED students to pass and I've heard too many stories of people who had really tough instructors and would fail students left and right.

    1. Our instructors are really awesome. They do genuinely want us to pass. Our class started with 100+ and we'll graduate with 58 - the biggest class yet. It is a very hard program, but they really want us to know our stuff when we get out.

  2. I think some of those stupid test questions, like the ones about clouds and rocks, are designed to make it harder to pass so that people have to pay to re-take it.
    How long were you at Midlands Tech? I graduated from there. Didn't care for it.

    1. I was at midlands from 2005 - 2008ish. I thought about going back into their nursing program, but when I heard about the waiting list, I decided it wasn't for me. I needed to get in and get out and start working!

  3. Replies
    1. and I am soooooo glad to be almost done!! but it still is a little scary because the 3 pt days are pretty much killing us as it turns out right now. I hope it gets easier!!


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