Friday, December 14, 2012

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

since everyone else is doing it...

since i usually don't have time to think about things that are my favorite things..

and since i am now officially on christmas break..

here are a few of my favorite things


1. Sweet Dreams tea - perfect choice for right before bed

2. Anatomical hearts on anything

3. Washi tape - ok, so i've only known about this stuff for about a year, but it's great! you can use it in scrapbooking, decorating things, and whatever else you want to use it for. Downtown tape is just one of many places you can find this. I've seen just a few in walmart, you can probably get it at any stationary store. I was first introduced to washi tape from Sue @ as it seems - a great blogger friend of mine!! p.s. she also designed my blog layout ;)

4. Sharpie ultra fine point colored markers are an absolute favorite. I'm pretty sure i have them in every color.

5. Thermal bag for those extra long days of nursing school lectures when you don't want to eat at a easy greasy peasy fast food restaurant.

6. Hand made anything. These are pillows made from a fellow blogger, Montana's etsy shop. When i'm able to {aka, officially a real nurse}, i would love to only buy gifts and stuff from hand made shops. I love supporting good talent!

7. Dawnelle's hand made calendar. Just started keeping up with her blog and she has so many cute, original ideas for crafty, DIY stuff. I love the calendar and i'm pretty sure she makes them for every month. i print mine out on card stock paper so it's good and sturdy!! i'm also using some of her ideas for hand made Christmas gifts for people this year...


8. There is no way i can go without mentioning my most favorite earrings ever, small post earrings from Sara at Tiny Galaxies. Again, handmade {with love and hugs} and beautiful, with super fast shipping and amazing customer service. I wear a pair every day!

9. I've said it before and i'll say it again... Erin Condren life planners are the most personalized, made to order planners - and if you like to stay organized and use a planner, these are simply drool-worthy!! They're also pretty expensive, so this will be a post-nursing school-graduation purchase;)

10. BIC Atlantis pens are my current favorite pens to write with. I do tons of writing with all the taking of notes and such in class - and writing my notes over is one of the ways i get all that nursing knowledge to stick before a big test.

11. Cricut - i would love to get into scrapbooking and crafty things after nursing schoolo - another post-nursing school-graduation purchase - i don't even have time to sit down and play with these kinds of toys for the moment, but LOVE the things that can come out of this machine!!

12. Essie nail polish has been my favorite type of polish thus far. It's good stuff!

now, something i just found last night that provided hours of entertainment for me and my girl are the free printables from this amazing blog,


** i may have had more fun coloring some of these than hailee **

bout to go make some chocolate covered pretzels with hailee
it's gonna get a little messy, i can already tell.
happy friday!!


  1. Yay!!! Thanks for the little spotlight! You are too sweet!

    Just Dawnelle

    1. so glad i found you!! you really do have some great ideas :)

  2. I'm just starting to fall in love with Essie nail polish. Those calendars are a great idea! Perfect for starting the new year.

    1. you totally can't go wrong with essie!

  3. Love the heart cup!!! I too love anything anatomical. And washi tape is AWESOME!

    1. i like shirts with them in the right spot too! i came so close to getting some more washi tape today and had to stop myself :)

  4. Omg I get so excited when the kid brings home something to color. And my new Essie color is Little Brown Dress! My toes say awesome! Big hugs! I hope your holiday is wonderful.

    1. YES!! Coloring is so therapeutic. I will have to check out that Essie color!! I need a pretty brown color ;) hope you have a great Christmas. I've been thinking about you! Glad you had lots of success with your office giving tree!!


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