Saturday, December 29, 2012

out with a laugh.

so long 2012.
auf wiedersehen
good bye!!

i want to leave you with a few things that made me laugh this year.

from the mouths of babes.

or, rather from the mouth of Hailee...
i've been writing these down each time something new comes out of my preschooler's mouth.
Roger introduced Hailee to a friend of his named George.
Hailee: That's not George... George is a monkey!! {curious George, of course}

Jealous = Jell-O

"I have a idea...__________" only crazy, original hailee ideas follow this phrase...

After sitting at the dinner table for a WHILE ... because she is the slowest eater ever ... Hailee told me, "Mom, I give up."

Hailee was playing on my iPhone and i told her i needed to plug it in because it was going to die.
Hailee: Cell phones don't die... MEN die.

One day my legs weren't smoothly shaved and Hailee told me i had whiskers like daddy's beard on my legs.

I'm hiding TO you = I'm hiding from you

Hailee made a watermelon out of a paper plate at school and told me, "Mom, you don't supposed to eat the seeds" as seriously as she could.

While eating dinner one night, Hailee was trying to get a piece of broccoli on her fork and it kept scooting toward the edge of the plate. Then, she said, "I need a spoon for this job"

Me: Hailee, what do you want to name your new doll baby?

Preface: Hailee has a freckle at the bottom of her abdomen
She was sitting on the potty at Mimi and Papa's - got up - looked in the potty and saw a small black piece of dirt {I guess} and said, "OH, NO!!! MY FRECKLE FELL OFF!!"

She went through a phase where she was saying, "I hurt my feelings"

Hailee wasn't listening to Mimi, so Mimi threatened to spank her little hiney.
Hailee then told Mimi: "And my Momma will smack you!" *nope, i wouldn't dare smack Mimi*

We have Netflix - not regular TV.
We asked Hailee what she wanted to watch one day and she said "Mrs. Butters"
for days, we tried to figure out what the heck "Mrs. Butters" was.
then, one day, we turned on Myth Busters and Hailee jumped out of her chair... "MRS. BUTTERS!! MRS. BUTTERS!!!"
all figured out now : )

Roger told Hailee to go clean her room and if she didn't, he was going to come in with a trash bag and start throwing things away.
Hailee went into her room and a few minutes later, came out and said, "It's OK, you can throw them away. Just leave me a few to play with. I won't be sad."

Hailee: "We need to get new magnets, these are crappy" {thank goodness this is the worst thing she's said...}

I woke Hailee up early one morning {0630} to take her to my parents on my way to school. She sat up in bed and said, "I was pretending to be Princess Delustia" {dreaming??}

Hailee: "Daddy, I want some of your Spanish" {sushi}

Hailee: "Can we play pootie cootie??" {the game, Cooties}

Hailee: "Can you do me a flavor?" {Favor}

Hailee: "Everyone gets 2 hugs and 2 kisses, but, Daddy gets 3 hugs and 3 kisses!"

conversation with me in kitchen and hailee in her room:
Me: Hailee...
Hailee: WHAT??!!
Me: You're supposed to say, "Ma'am"
Me: No, Say, Ma'am...

preface: we have a land line phone because it was absolutely necessary when our internet was connected.
usually, it's not even plugged into the wall BECAUSE when it is plugged in, it will ring every day {telemarketers}
one day, it rang and i let hailee answer it.
this is what i heard...
"What your name is??"
"I'm Hailee!!"
"Is this Mimi & Papa??"
"Is this Mimi & Papa??"

Hailee tells random people standing behind us in line at the grocery store about her princess dress // shoes // and has even told them she's a princess {thanks Papa...}

Hailee: "I SO EXCITED!!"

I heard Hailee in her room, playing with her toys the other day, chanting:
March and Surgery - March and Surgery - March and Surgery - March and Surgery... over and over again...

Hailee one morning: "Mommy, you need to wash your breath"

Walking through the church parking lot, Hailee acted like she was about to let go of Roger's hand and take off running.
Roger squeezed her hand tighter.
She said: OUCH! You're gonna squish my bones out and then I'm gonna fall down like a turtle
me: what??
Hailee: because turtles are flat like pancakes.

If you ask Hailee to do a magic trick, she squeezes her eyes shut really tight, throws whatever is in her hand up in the air and says: I made it appeared!!

I asked Hailee if she wanted one of Daddy's smarties.
Hailee: Can I eat the whole bag?

We were driving to go swimming over at Mimi and Papa's. We pull into their driveway and Hailee said: AWW, I thought we were going to pick strawberries!!!
{I was wondering: Who said anything about strawberries???}

Hailee: "Dumb rys to Drums!!"
meaning: dumb rhymes with drums

Hailee got frustrated with something she was doing one day and said, "Oh!! I just want to go to middle school..."

Upon waking up one morning...
Hailee: Measure me!! Am I taller??

Hailee: "Cows poop out milk"

Hailee: "Boys are so, so handsome to me"

Hailee: "My tummy is hungry - corn would make it happy"

Hailee saw a brown {ripe} banana in Mimi's fridge she was saving for banana bread.
Hailee said: "Mimi!! You have a chocolate banana!!"

I like to ask Hailee what she did in school on our drive home.
She likes to tell me, "I can't tell you".

when she was learning the alphabet...
Hailee: "A B C D E F Jess"

Hailee: "OW!!! My boo-boo's blooding!! I need a band aid.

if we are in the store // at a restaurant // out anywhere in public where there are people...
if ANYONE smiles at Hailee, in the loudest voice she can muster {or so it seems} Hailee will tell me, "THAT MAN // WOMAN // GIRL // BOY SMILED AT ME!"

and just yesterday, THIS happened...
Hailee and I were in BiLo and she told me her panties were on crooked.
I turned around and saw her naked butt because her pants were down around her knees.
THANK GOODNESS no one else was on that isle with us...

can't wait to see what gems will come out of a 4 year old's mouth next year :)
have a happy new year.
see you in 2013!


  1. LOL...I especially like the "whiskers like daddy's beard" comment and "" name.

    1. hahaha! it's amazing what kids come up with. they're such funny little people ;)

    2. These made me laugh out loud! Ian looked at me the other day and said Mom wouldn't this be epic? I said your 7 nothing is epic yet son.

    3. :) gotta love those phrases they say but know nothing about!


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