Thursday, December 13, 2012

lists and nursing school

from where i sit right now...

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there is coffee in my snowman mug
the grinch who stole christmas is playing on the tv for hailee girl
new hailee-made ornaments from her preschool christmas extravaganza are hanging on the tree
a completely finished 4th semester is in the books..
wait, what??

4th semester = done
and not a moment too soon!!

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ok, i'm going to tell you a true story...
this semester was hard.
not hard like -nursing school in general is hard- but hard like:
i'm SO tired of spending all of my time studying.
i'm SO tired of living in a messy house because i don't have time to constantly pick up after everyone
i'm SO tired of not being able to have homemade meals for my sweet family every evening
i'm SO tired of all the incessant paperwork that takes more time than an actual day of clinical
i'm SO tired of running from my family just so i can find a quiet place in my house to study
it was hard in the fact that i had to make myself study and concentrate - forcing the study guides out instead of willingly jumping on them after a long, hard day of lecture...
i like school, but this semester, we're all feeling slightly burnt out.

maybe it was hard, too, because i know there is one. more. semester. to. go.
that's it folks!
then, hopefully life can get back to normal
** to all you that are already nurses out there, PLEASE tell me life gets back to normal after school!!!**
we will be a class full of registered nurses!!

16 months ago, when i started all this nursing school business, i had no idea what i was getting myself into
not even a clue.
and i'm happy with my choice to pursue a career as a nurse
but this road has been paved with ups and downs,
zigs and zags,
road trips, wrong turns, U-turns, about faces...
births, marriages, losses,
frustrations, drama, fun, laughter, games,
1st experiences, mistakes,
COFFEE and other caffeinated beverages,
candy, lots of gum, and vending machine meals,
youtube videos and facebook,
cold medicine, and Kleenexes
we have been through so much together as a class
and it will all be worth it in May.

this semester, i made an A in psych nursing,
an A in medical-surgical nursing,
an A on my pathology paper on GI bleeds,
an A on my well elder teaching project,
and passed both my ATI tests for psych and med-surg {kind of like NCLEX questions}
now, i get a 3 week break until we get back to it and finish STRONG!!
we have a class full of smart people and overachievers ;)

this semester has been all about "powering through it" as one of our instructors put it.
the last 2 weeks, the only way i got through it was one day at a time. literally.
nursing school has most definitely had an effect on personal relationships and our family's dynamic.
it requires  lot of you - more than some are willing to put up with.
it's expensive.
every time i turn around, i'm having to buy a new ink cartridge for my computer
and those are not cheap!
and paper {computer and notebook paper}

it has required so much time that i have not finished a single book {outside of school stuff} since starting school.
i stopped getting my magazines because there's really NO TIME to read them.
we haven't watched a single movie in the theater {only a few on Netflix}
any time i haven't been doing school work, there's no way i could even justify doing anything for myself.
nursing school is such a selfish thing that if there is "down time" of any sort, it has to go toward my family, my loves.
this next 3 weeks, its just going to be my girl and me during the day while daddy is at work.
i know he thinks that just because i'm home, the house will be spotless when he comes home from work - but just between you and me, i'm not making any promises ;)
i am going to enjoy my family and our south carolina weather.

i've learned so many things since starting nursing school, like:
how to iron clothes
how to find my way around the town of Orangeburg
what time i have to leave my home in the morning in order to get hailee to my parents' and get to Orangeburg before class starts {really early...}
how to moderate rewarding yourself with cupcakes for making good grades {i don't do this any more}
not putting books completely away after finishing a semester because chances are, you'll revisit them while doing research for something else
how keeping things organized is one of the only ways to survive nursing school
how all of my other classmates are struggling with a bunch of the same things i am outside of school, and i'm not alone at all.
that i miss my child fiercely when she spends the night away from us
don't put your jewelry in ANYTHING that could possibly get thrown way
getting your stuff ready the night before is a lot easier than trying to print out power points and find homework papers at O'dark thirty in the morning while everyone else is asleep {because i'm klutzy and no matter how quiet i'm trying to be, i always end up making more noise than i do ordinarily}
that i can't drink coffee after 4:30 pm, or i'll be up until after 1 am and that doesn't work very well with having to wake up around 5:30 am.
that no matter how much i need to stay up late and study the night before a test, after a certain point, none of it will stick in my mind any more
that dishes and laundry are both never ending - and the farther behind you get, the longer it takes to get caught back up
not to leave hailee alone with: glue, mod podge, glitter, scissors, markers of any sort, or any of my school supplies {she loves all of them}
that you can't argue with a 3 year old...
...and for that very reason, there's no reason to get frustrated with them
that sometimes, you just have to laugh through the stress of it all
that some of the people i'm in school with, i'm closer to than i could have ever imagined.
that we share something that can never be taken away from us.
that we spend more time together than we do most of our families - and that they are a second family to me.
and that i will miss them during these 3 weeks we're off
and that it hurts knowing that this far into our journey, we aren't going to finish with our entire class, we will still have some people that won't go on from this point.

i'm one lucky girl.
we have a big class - somewhere in the high 50's {not sure of the exact number that will be continuing on}
and yes, we don't all get along, but like a family, we always seem to pull together when we need to.
and yes, there are some we're better friends with than others, but at this point, we all want everyone to succeed and graduate.
we share inside jokes and secrets aren't secrets for long in our class.
everyone brings something different.
everyone has something special about them.
i love my class, my friends, my second family.
its been exciting learning how to be a nurse with them and i cannot wait for this last semester to start so we can put our count down for the days until our pinning ceremony on the board and then watch the days fly by...
i cannot believe how fast it's all gone.
i hope everyone has a safe winter break, filled with:
Merry Christmases 
Happy New Year's 
music and dancing
good food and drinks 
hugs and kisses
and fun surprises

see y'all next year :)
this is for you all...


  1. I can only imagine how I am going to feel come 4th semester. I think I will be chomping at the bit so hard to be done. Thank God we don't have summer to wait in between, that would make me totally, 100% insane. Graduating in the spring is the best! Unless of course your program runs throuhg the summer, unfortunately ours doesn't. I totally relate to how you feel about your classmates, I'd say we're pretty much just like that. There are a few that you just totally avoid, but for the most part you want everyone to do well. So, have you thought about what kind of nursing you want to do when you're done?

    1. it will be here before you know it!!
      until then, its just getting through it all.
      i'm pretty sure the only thing i know right now about what kind of nursing i want to do is:
      1. hospital
      2. medical-surgical
      that's pretty much it..
      hope you had some great clinicals this semester.
      it just gets better from here!

  2. Wow, nursing school sounds demanding.

    I like how you included unicorns in the list of things you want for people during the break. :)

    1. hahaha!! it's not fun until there are unicorns involved...

  3. Way to go girl! I'm sure it will be worth it, all my nurse friends are passionate and feel rewarded by their careers. Love the long post! :) happy holidays!

    1. thanks! i'm really looking forward to life as a "real nurse". hope you and your guy have a great holiday season too!! love, love, love your christmas wish list!!

  4. I couldn't sum it up any better! I totally agree with everything you wrote. This has been one of the most emotionally draining semester ever! One more to go, one more to go...we can do this!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    PS, totally love NKOTB!

    1. this whole semester, all i could focus on was getting through it. and things came up so fast that i was doing everything at the last minute, not even trying to procrastinate!!
      one. more. to. go!!!!
      then, we celebrate.
      the NKOTB song popped right into my head when i was writing this!


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