Friday, December 21, 2012

12 things in 2013 link up

ok, so this says 12, but honestly, there are way more than 12 things i want need to accomplish in 2013
{I love these nurse link ups}

1. Finish Nursing School! in May. Take//Pass the NCLEX licensure exam. Become Misty Venne, RN. Start working in a hospital as a nurse and constantly learn new and exciting medical things!!

2. Financially. Pay off credit cards completely {there's not a whole lot but still...} and begin paying student loans. Beef up our savings account because not having one right now is just about to kill me!

3. Start Working Out Again!! {regularly} and stick with it. I did not have this problem before school started. Oh, to be in better shape again... and now that I've passed that 30 year old milestone, my metabolism is redonculously not what it used to be! Get back into Pop Pilates, because Cassey knows her stuff and has some KILLER work outs!!

4. Get Reconnected Spiritually. And get involved as much as i can in my church - grow more spiritually and establish new, lasting, genuine relationships with the ladies in my church family. LOVE calvary chapel so much.

5. Do More Together As A Family. Laugh together, play together, have more conversations together, make things together, go more places together, discover new things together...

6. Devote More Time To My Marriage and grow closer to my husband in the process.

7. Make More Things. Be more creative, learn new craft skills, and meet more people who like to make things.

8. Make Healthier Meals For My Family. Buy lots of fresh veggies and cook with more lean meats, involve them in the process. Oh, and make my husband put the grill to more use.

9. Blog More Consistently. I love all the support from fellow bloggers {especially nurse bloggers and nursing student bloggers}. Who knew it would be so much fun to keep up with everyone on here, not to mention... Inspiring ;)

10. Give More. 

11. Sing // Play my guitar // Write more songs. I really miss this. With nursing school, this has been put on the way back burner. 

12. Mail More Letters {snail mail} Who doesn't love getting letters in the mail? Hand written stuff is so much more endearing than email. You can be so much more creative with it too. And I want to be able to participate in some of the blog swap snail mail things that look so much fun!! 

well, there you have it.
just a few of the things i wish to accomplish in 2013.
i don't make new year's resolutions. 

thanks Rima for this great link up :)
hope to meet more people through this!


  1. You have some great goals listed. I wish you luck with all of them.
    Fresh veggies are good, but I like frozen ones most of the time...they're a great time-saver.

    1. thanks robin!!
      duh... i didn't even THINK about the frozen veggies - they are pretty great too!
      and just as good as the fresh ones, minus all the prep work that's involved, huh?

  2. Ironically my list would be nearly identical.

    1. Rachel, how awesome is it that we found each other on here, are at the same spot in our programs, and are way similar people??!!
      imagine if we were in class together!
      that would be so much fun.


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