Saturday, December 29, 2012

out with a laugh.

so long 2012.
auf wiedersehen
good bye!!

i want to leave you with a few things that made me laugh this year.

from the mouths of babes.

or, rather from the mouth of Hailee...
i've been writing these down each time something new comes out of my preschooler's mouth.
Roger introduced Hailee to a friend of his named George.
Hailee: That's not George... George is a monkey!! {curious George, of course}

Jealous = Jell-O

"I have a idea...__________" only crazy, original hailee ideas follow this phrase...

After sitting at the dinner table for a WHILE ... because she is the slowest eater ever ... Hailee told me, "Mom, I give up."

Hailee was playing on my iPhone and i told her i needed to plug it in because it was going to die.
Hailee: Cell phones don't die... MEN die.

One day my legs weren't smoothly shaved and Hailee told me i had whiskers like daddy's beard on my legs.

I'm hiding TO you = I'm hiding from you

Hailee made a watermelon out of a paper plate at school and told me, "Mom, you don't supposed to eat the seeds" as seriously as she could.

While eating dinner one night, Hailee was trying to get a piece of broccoli on her fork and it kept scooting toward the edge of the plate. Then, she said, "I need a spoon for this job"

Me: Hailee, what do you want to name your new doll baby?

Preface: Hailee has a freckle at the bottom of her abdomen
She was sitting on the potty at Mimi and Papa's - got up - looked in the potty and saw a small black piece of dirt {I guess} and said, "OH, NO!!! MY FRECKLE FELL OFF!!"

She went through a phase where she was saying, "I hurt my feelings"

Hailee wasn't listening to Mimi, so Mimi threatened to spank her little hiney.
Hailee then told Mimi: "And my Momma will smack you!" *nope, i wouldn't dare smack Mimi*

We have Netflix - not regular TV.
We asked Hailee what she wanted to watch one day and she said "Mrs. Butters"
for days, we tried to figure out what the heck "Mrs. Butters" was.
then, one day, we turned on Myth Busters and Hailee jumped out of her chair... "MRS. BUTTERS!! MRS. BUTTERS!!!"
all figured out now : )

Roger told Hailee to go clean her room and if she didn't, he was going to come in with a trash bag and start throwing things away.
Hailee went into her room and a few minutes later, came out and said, "It's OK, you can throw them away. Just leave me a few to play with. I won't be sad."

Hailee: "We need to get new magnets, these are crappy" {thank goodness this is the worst thing she's said...}

I woke Hailee up early one morning {0630} to take her to my parents on my way to school. She sat up in bed and said, "I was pretending to be Princess Delustia" {dreaming??}

Hailee: "Daddy, I want some of your Spanish" {sushi}

Hailee: "Can we play pootie cootie??" {the game, Cooties}

Hailee: "Can you do me a flavor?" {Favor}

Hailee: "Everyone gets 2 hugs and 2 kisses, but, Daddy gets 3 hugs and 3 kisses!"

conversation with me in kitchen and hailee in her room:
Me: Hailee...
Hailee: WHAT??!!
Me: You're supposed to say, "Ma'am"
Me: No, Say, Ma'am...

preface: we have a land line phone because it was absolutely necessary when our internet was connected.
usually, it's not even plugged into the wall BECAUSE when it is plugged in, it will ring every day {telemarketers}
one day, it rang and i let hailee answer it.
this is what i heard...
"What your name is??"
"I'm Hailee!!"
"Is this Mimi & Papa??"
"Is this Mimi & Papa??"

Hailee tells random people standing behind us in line at the grocery store about her princess dress // shoes // and has even told them she's a princess {thanks Papa...}

Hailee: "I SO EXCITED!!"

I heard Hailee in her room, playing with her toys the other day, chanting:
March and Surgery - March and Surgery - March and Surgery - March and Surgery... over and over again...

Hailee one morning: "Mommy, you need to wash your breath"

Walking through the church parking lot, Hailee acted like she was about to let go of Roger's hand and take off running.
Roger squeezed her hand tighter.
She said: OUCH! You're gonna squish my bones out and then I'm gonna fall down like a turtle
me: what??
Hailee: because turtles are flat like pancakes.

If you ask Hailee to do a magic trick, she squeezes her eyes shut really tight, throws whatever is in her hand up in the air and says: I made it appeared!!

I asked Hailee if she wanted one of Daddy's smarties.
Hailee: Can I eat the whole bag?

We were driving to go swimming over at Mimi and Papa's. We pull into their driveway and Hailee said: AWW, I thought we were going to pick strawberries!!!
{I was wondering: Who said anything about strawberries???}

Hailee: "Dumb rys to Drums!!"
meaning: dumb rhymes with drums

Hailee got frustrated with something she was doing one day and said, "Oh!! I just want to go to middle school..."

Upon waking up one morning...
Hailee: Measure me!! Am I taller??

Hailee: "Cows poop out milk"

Hailee: "Boys are so, so handsome to me"

Hailee: "My tummy is hungry - corn would make it happy"

Hailee saw a brown {ripe} banana in Mimi's fridge she was saving for banana bread.
Hailee said: "Mimi!! You have a chocolate banana!!"

I like to ask Hailee what she did in school on our drive home.
She likes to tell me, "I can't tell you".

when she was learning the alphabet...
Hailee: "A B C D E F Jess"

Hailee: "OW!!! My boo-boo's blooding!! I need a band aid.

if we are in the store // at a restaurant // out anywhere in public where there are people...
if ANYONE smiles at Hailee, in the loudest voice she can muster {or so it seems} Hailee will tell me, "THAT MAN // WOMAN // GIRL // BOY SMILED AT ME!"

and just yesterday, THIS happened...
Hailee and I were in BiLo and she told me her panties were on crooked.
I turned around and saw her naked butt because her pants were down around her knees.
THANK GOODNESS no one else was on that isle with us...

can't wait to see what gems will come out of a 4 year old's mouth next year :)
have a happy new year.
see you in 2013!

Friday, December 21, 2012

buttons for a friend.

Beach family picture:

another option...

Merry Christmas Doc Momma ;)

i hope you like them!!

this site tells you how to do it if you want to make more.

12 things in 2013 link up

ok, so this says 12, but honestly, there are way more than 12 things i want need to accomplish in 2013
{I love these nurse link ups}

1. Finish Nursing School! in May. Take//Pass the NCLEX licensure exam. Become Misty Venne, RN. Start working in a hospital as a nurse and constantly learn new and exciting medical things!!

2. Financially. Pay off credit cards completely {there's not a whole lot but still...} and begin paying student loans. Beef up our savings account because not having one right now is just about to kill me!

3. Start Working Out Again!! {regularly} and stick with it. I did not have this problem before school started. Oh, to be in better shape again... and now that I've passed that 30 year old milestone, my metabolism is redonculously not what it used to be! Get back into Pop Pilates, because Cassey knows her stuff and has some KILLER work outs!!

4. Get Reconnected Spiritually. And get involved as much as i can in my church - grow more spiritually and establish new, lasting, genuine relationships with the ladies in my church family. LOVE calvary chapel so much.

5. Do More Together As A Family. Laugh together, play together, have more conversations together, make things together, go more places together, discover new things together...

6. Devote More Time To My Marriage and grow closer to my husband in the process.

7. Make More Things. Be more creative, learn new craft skills, and meet more people who like to make things.

8. Make Healthier Meals For My Family. Buy lots of fresh veggies and cook with more lean meats, involve them in the process. Oh, and make my husband put the grill to more use.

9. Blog More Consistently. I love all the support from fellow bloggers {especially nurse bloggers and nursing student bloggers}. Who knew it would be so much fun to keep up with everyone on here, not to mention... Inspiring ;)

10. Give More. 

11. Sing // Play my guitar // Write more songs. I really miss this. With nursing school, this has been put on the way back burner. 

12. Mail More Letters {snail mail} Who doesn't love getting letters in the mail? Hand written stuff is so much more endearing than email. You can be so much more creative with it too. And I want to be able to participate in some of the blog swap snail mail things that look so much fun!! 

well, there you have it.
just a few of the things i wish to accomplish in 2013.
i don't make new year's resolutions. 

thanks Rima for this great link up :)
hope to meet more people through this!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

what i've been studying lately...

in the light of such horrific events and deep sadness

i've held my daughter closer,
snuggled her longer,
bought her favorite "dippin cheese",
had more patience with her,
hung on her precious words,
savoring her sweet voice,
soaking up her joyful laughter,
and thank GOD more and more for the opportunity
to be her mom.

my heart breaks for the parents that had that opportunity taken away from them so suddenly
and so harshly.
it aches for them to hold their babies one last time.
to kiss their sweet cheeks,
to hold their tiny hands,
to answer their inquisitive questions,
because the love between a parent and child is like nothing on this earth.
and all children are amazing miracles in and of themselves.

instead of anything related to school at all,

this is what i've been studying: the life of my 3 year old in all it's wonder and joy.

so far,
we've taken our 1st ever trip to build-a-bear:

19E3CAB3-D9E5-4692-AE65-907DD4E88A44-426-000000228B9713EC, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

hugged her "Sweet Hello Kitty" the whole way home

EE4CB99D-2797-4C39-99C6-6921190D4658-1161-00000145D5B2570F, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

and she thoroughly loved the whole experience.

she wanted to get "Sweet Hello Kitty" {because that's her name} panties, shoes, a pocket book, and a car.
to that, i politely said, "Sweet Hello Kitty doesn't need all that stuff right now..."

then, she snuck off with my phone to take THIS picture

37D0F910-C7AF-458D-A7A7-7529A372A506-1161-00000142A273A0B3, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

not too bad hailee girl, not too bad ;)

they even have matching pajamas we have to put on "Sweet Hello Kitty" every night

24C08F62-6997-4DFE-9963-8D2370F2A0AB-4129-000003D0EEB81B15, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

... as if you needed proof...

she met Santa at the mall and told him she wanted a girl that had green skin and a house with cobwebs on it.
um... a zombie doll hailee??
not happening.
02A84519-4CB7-45D1-BD4C-FA7733154BD6-4891-000004EB4998F529, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

and we've played outside since it's been in the balmy 60's and 70's

0A2A3B76-8E54-4B38-8CFD-AF815FB3F0E4-4891-000004ECDFFD7C0F, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

the puddles in our driveway didn't even stand a chance

C0AC66D4-3C0C-47CA-8832-8850E075D12A-4891-000004EC74136842, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

and again.

41EF806B-845D-4DE1-9431-F0881935B891-4891-000004EC4857E611, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

she thought it was the best thing ever.
then, promptly asked to go inside and take a bath because she got dirty.

yeah, it was warm, but she made it a point to wear the jacket with the furry hat out at least once.
8657D58C-1881-474D-91CF-E5C97C5C10DC-4129-000003D0EF8ECF6B, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

and she picked out her own ensemble one evening...

C213192D-D670-48BC-9306-2A1770D55EDA-1961-000001C89F5800EE, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

and we've been coloring

C8E70939-5B2E-4780-BCB0-86ED81A63946-1961-000001C87B104980, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

i've found a fun new app to play with: Shapely
it just launched not too long ago.

C0A1045A-F6B9-4E4E-84A7-2EECD11E54C0-4129-000003D10E32D012, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

and i've also started this new online devotional called She Reads Truth.

i'm really loving it and journaling just ads that much more to it.

i've started instagraming them because there is a hashtag #shereadstruth to share with other ladies that are experiencing this devotional too.

some of them post the MOST inspiring things.

099EE7CC-5227-4FDA-8B1D-49F84039BECD-6042-0000067A850AA01F, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Hailee's even wanted to get in on the action.

6D4E4F5B-7095-41F5-8A39-6473FFDEC5F2-6042-0000067A7878940B, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

and today's

A6C28F26-D7F4-437D-A5A0-7FC3A0BC5682-6931-000007AA3E54DE42, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

we've been having so much fun, i can hardly handle it!!

48D8B1B2-F240-417E-9E94-6C6374592A38-6931-000007C3D3DC2173, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

she's changing so much.

she's growing up right before my eyes.

blink, and i'll miss it.

i'm SO SO SO thankful for these 3 weeks to catch up with my little girl.
{who is quickly becoming a little lady}
who told daddy the other night that she likes boys.
good grief, are we ready for this??

and i'm not even sad about starting back school in January.
YES, i'm thinking about it on break because it will be
me.. going into my VERY LAST SEMESTER!!!
oh, nursing school, it's been a nice run, but i'm ready to be
Misty S. Venne, RN

and here is my favorite of favorites Christmas song this year.
there's just something so beautiful about her version of silent night.

happy shopping, crafting, wednesday, wrapping, loving, snuggling, cuddling...
until we meet again.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

since everyone else is doing it...

since i usually don't have time to think about things that are my favorite things..

and since i am now officially on christmas break..

here are a few of my favorite things


1. Sweet Dreams tea - perfect choice for right before bed

2. Anatomical hearts on anything

3. Washi tape - ok, so i've only known about this stuff for about a year, but it's great! you can use it in scrapbooking, decorating things, and whatever else you want to use it for. Downtown tape is just one of many places you can find this. I've seen just a few in walmart, you can probably get it at any stationary store. I was first introduced to washi tape from Sue @ as it seems - a great blogger friend of mine!! p.s. she also designed my blog layout ;)

4. Sharpie ultra fine point colored markers are an absolute favorite. I'm pretty sure i have them in every color.

5. Thermal bag for those extra long days of nursing school lectures when you don't want to eat at a easy greasy peasy fast food restaurant.

6. Hand made anything. These are pillows made from a fellow blogger, Montana's etsy shop. When i'm able to {aka, officially a real nurse}, i would love to only buy gifts and stuff from hand made shops. I love supporting good talent!

7. Dawnelle's hand made calendar. Just started keeping up with her blog and she has so many cute, original ideas for crafty, DIY stuff. I love the calendar and i'm pretty sure she makes them for every month. i print mine out on card stock paper so it's good and sturdy!! i'm also using some of her ideas for hand made Christmas gifts for people this year...


8. There is no way i can go without mentioning my most favorite earrings ever, small post earrings from Sara at Tiny Galaxies. Again, handmade {with love and hugs} and beautiful, with super fast shipping and amazing customer service. I wear a pair every day!

9. I've said it before and i'll say it again... Erin Condren life planners are the most personalized, made to order planners - and if you like to stay organized and use a planner, these are simply drool-worthy!! They're also pretty expensive, so this will be a post-nursing school-graduation purchase;)

10. BIC Atlantis pens are my current favorite pens to write with. I do tons of writing with all the taking of notes and such in class - and writing my notes over is one of the ways i get all that nursing knowledge to stick before a big test.

11. Cricut - i would love to get into scrapbooking and crafty things after nursing schoolo - another post-nursing school-graduation purchase - i don't even have time to sit down and play with these kinds of toys for the moment, but LOVE the things that can come out of this machine!!

12. Essie nail polish has been my favorite type of polish thus far. It's good stuff!

now, something i just found last night that provided hours of entertainment for me and my girl are the free printables from this amazing blog,


** i may have had more fun coloring some of these than hailee **

bout to go make some chocolate covered pretzels with hailee
it's gonna get a little messy, i can already tell.
happy friday!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

lists and nursing school

from where i sit right now...

C3B29D63-3321-4B9D-8579-B6DD744264C9-1161-0000014AF01AAD50, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

there is coffee in my snowman mug
the grinch who stole christmas is playing on the tv for hailee girl
new hailee-made ornaments from her preschool christmas extravaganza are hanging on the tree
a completely finished 4th semester is in the books..
wait, what??

4th semester = done
and not a moment too soon!!

3CA8213A-BAEA-41A1-AD0F-CCE0CEF4A74C-1819-000001432C0D27DC, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

ok, i'm going to tell you a true story...
this semester was hard.
not hard like -nursing school in general is hard- but hard like:
i'm SO tired of spending all of my time studying.
i'm SO tired of living in a messy house because i don't have time to constantly pick up after everyone
i'm SO tired of not being able to have homemade meals for my sweet family every evening
i'm SO tired of all the incessant paperwork that takes more time than an actual day of clinical
i'm SO tired of running from my family just so i can find a quiet place in my house to study
it was hard in the fact that i had to make myself study and concentrate - forcing the study guides out instead of willingly jumping on them after a long, hard day of lecture...
i like school, but this semester, we're all feeling slightly burnt out.

maybe it was hard, too, because i know there is one. more. semester. to. go.
that's it folks!
then, hopefully life can get back to normal
** to all you that are already nurses out there, PLEASE tell me life gets back to normal after school!!!**
we will be a class full of registered nurses!!

16 months ago, when i started all this nursing school business, i had no idea what i was getting myself into
not even a clue.
and i'm happy with my choice to pursue a career as a nurse
but this road has been paved with ups and downs,
zigs and zags,
road trips, wrong turns, U-turns, about faces...
births, marriages, losses,
frustrations, drama, fun, laughter, games,
1st experiences, mistakes,
COFFEE and other caffeinated beverages,
candy, lots of gum, and vending machine meals,
youtube videos and facebook,
cold medicine, and Kleenexes
we have been through so much together as a class
and it will all be worth it in May.

this semester, i made an A in psych nursing,
an A in medical-surgical nursing,
an A on my pathology paper on GI bleeds,
an A on my well elder teaching project,
and passed both my ATI tests for psych and med-surg {kind of like NCLEX questions}
now, i get a 3 week break until we get back to it and finish STRONG!!
we have a class full of smart people and overachievers ;)

this semester has been all about "powering through it" as one of our instructors put it.
the last 2 weeks, the only way i got through it was one day at a time. literally.
nursing school has most definitely had an effect on personal relationships and our family's dynamic.
it requires  lot of you - more than some are willing to put up with.
it's expensive.
every time i turn around, i'm having to buy a new ink cartridge for my computer
and those are not cheap!
and paper {computer and notebook paper}

it has required so much time that i have not finished a single book {outside of school stuff} since starting school.
i stopped getting my magazines because there's really NO TIME to read them.
we haven't watched a single movie in the theater {only a few on Netflix}
any time i haven't been doing school work, there's no way i could even justify doing anything for myself.
nursing school is such a selfish thing that if there is "down time" of any sort, it has to go toward my family, my loves.
this next 3 weeks, its just going to be my girl and me during the day while daddy is at work.
i know he thinks that just because i'm home, the house will be spotless when he comes home from work - but just between you and me, i'm not making any promises ;)
i am going to enjoy my family and our south carolina weather.

i've learned so many things since starting nursing school, like:
how to iron clothes
how to find my way around the town of Orangeburg
what time i have to leave my home in the morning in order to get hailee to my parents' and get to Orangeburg before class starts {really early...}
how to moderate rewarding yourself with cupcakes for making good grades {i don't do this any more}
not putting books completely away after finishing a semester because chances are, you'll revisit them while doing research for something else
how keeping things organized is one of the only ways to survive nursing school
how all of my other classmates are struggling with a bunch of the same things i am outside of school, and i'm not alone at all.
that i miss my child fiercely when she spends the night away from us
don't put your jewelry in ANYTHING that could possibly get thrown way
getting your stuff ready the night before is a lot easier than trying to print out power points and find homework papers at O'dark thirty in the morning while everyone else is asleep {because i'm klutzy and no matter how quiet i'm trying to be, i always end up making more noise than i do ordinarily}
that i can't drink coffee after 4:30 pm, or i'll be up until after 1 am and that doesn't work very well with having to wake up around 5:30 am.
that no matter how much i need to stay up late and study the night before a test, after a certain point, none of it will stick in my mind any more
that dishes and laundry are both never ending - and the farther behind you get, the longer it takes to get caught back up
not to leave hailee alone with: glue, mod podge, glitter, scissors, markers of any sort, or any of my school supplies {she loves all of them}
that you can't argue with a 3 year old...
...and for that very reason, there's no reason to get frustrated with them
that sometimes, you just have to laugh through the stress of it all
that some of the people i'm in school with, i'm closer to than i could have ever imagined.
that we share something that can never be taken away from us.
that we spend more time together than we do most of our families - and that they are a second family to me.
and that i will miss them during these 3 weeks we're off
and that it hurts knowing that this far into our journey, we aren't going to finish with our entire class, we will still have some people that won't go on from this point.

i'm one lucky girl.
we have a big class - somewhere in the high 50's {not sure of the exact number that will be continuing on}
and yes, we don't all get along, but like a family, we always seem to pull together when we need to.
and yes, there are some we're better friends with than others, but at this point, we all want everyone to succeed and graduate.
we share inside jokes and secrets aren't secrets for long in our class.
everyone brings something different.
everyone has something special about them.
i love my class, my friends, my second family.
its been exciting learning how to be a nurse with them and i cannot wait for this last semester to start so we can put our count down for the days until our pinning ceremony on the board and then watch the days fly by...
i cannot believe how fast it's all gone.
i hope everyone has a safe winter break, filled with:
Merry Christmases 
Happy New Year's 
music and dancing
good food and drinks 
hugs and kisses
and fun surprises

see y'all next year :)
this is for you all...

Friday, December 7, 2012

a warm december

the weather has been WAY cooperative here in south carolina
there have been a good many 70something degree days
in december.

i'm not complaining at all.

  171FDE71-8A21-4F70-A025-638F1F117967-1819-00000142F2D59565, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App 

 we've gotten out and enjoyed nature
as much as possible

when is winter supposed to really start?
i love these mild days,
but i also love the brisk, cold of winter.
getting warm is much better than cooling off
but that's just my opinion.

  993CF3A5-2F1C-4F90-8BFC-A6EC7E3D48C7-1819-000001429F9DD72F, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App 

finding a bare spot of land
 in between the pines in our front yard.
seeking out adventure and exploring.

this little guy let me get so close.

  1374AA25-E057-45E4-A158-D5BA5DA9375A-1819-00000142E7C5552E, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App 

 and she found a tree to climb

  C98FBFAD-F162-4761-87A5-941E5F3EA170-1819-000001422352973E, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App 

 i don't know when or where this whole tree climbing business started.

E70C82FF-7D15-4763-88CF-E9209C669700-1819-000001417218A369, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Fearless, this one...
at least, when it comes to trees
but that's about as far as she goes.
bugs... a whole nother story.

  495FAE19-74AB-4A94-9FF1-0695B54923CB-1819-000001424C9AFCBA, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

76832D42-2CE1-45A8-8BA1-B36F60CB91FF-1819-00000142574E24BB, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App 

then she fell off the branch and scraped her side
you'd think it was a gash by the way she carried on...
i got to be nurse mommy for a bit.
i cleaned it up, but the dressing isn't my best work ;)
then, she wanted to go back out and climb trees again.


 this picture makes hailee laugh every time.

AB27C7E3-1384-482C-9C7C-A2981A0C209E-1819-00000141B267E2A5, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

she thinks it makes her look like her Mimi.

i love this little one to pieces!

CC8E2480-382B-4252-AA22-9346BADEDACA-1819-0000014180778C9B, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

school: one. more. week.
then 3 weeks of rest.
in january,
the last semester of nursing school starts.
i cannot believe i am almost there.

i'm not even sure how to study for finals
other than just look back over past
study guides and power points

powering through this last week.

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