Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Link Up - get to know me.

wanna get to know me a little more...

i'm in my next to the last semester of nursing school.
my program is a 2 year associate degree nursing program
and it's super traditional.
and i like that about it.
my husband doesn't know this yet, but eventually i do plan on getting my BSN in nursing.
just not right now, i've had about enough of school for the moment.
 i'm still not close to feeling like an actual nurse.
but i do think i'm really gonna like being a nurse.
clinicals now are way interesting because we are doing EVERYTHING a "real" nurse does.
i love being able to help people.
i love learning about all things medical.
i guess that's a good thing because for my entire career, i will continue to learn new things.
i always wanted to do something medical, but never even considered nursing.


my husband used to complain about me being on my iPhone a lot.
then, he got one. 
now, he knows.


our [fake] Christmas tree is up.


i've even started working on making a few Christmas presents.
we love Christmas.


i love editing pictures on my phone.
and i love finding new photo editing aps.
here's my eye.
some of the apps i use:
Instagram (of course)
PS Express (photoshop)
Phonto - for writing on pics
*i used to have one for making collages, but erased it.
what are some of your favorites?


we don't watch TV.
we have Netflix instead.
i do miss watching the news, though.

i love reading blogs.
{when i have time}
it's hard for me to keep up with my blog right now because of school.
i don't really try to promote it BECAUSE of my lack of time.
but this is my favorite Link-up so i will keep doing it as long as i can!!


i have a friend who has written a children's book and is requesting help via instagram pics.
she has a blog Doc Momma
this is what she needs, if you wanna go through your instagram pics and see if you have any...
its as simple as putting the hashtag #morethanphoto behind the pics she's looking for.
i totally photobombed her the other day when i was looking thru my instagram pics to see if there were any she could use.
sorry lindsay!
cleaning up is NOT my favorite activity.
neither is doing the dishes.
or the laundry.
but... alas... it is never ending.
i love writing .
music, blogs, letters, taking notes.
as long as i have a good pen, i'm set.
yes, i'm way picky about my pens.
i AM my father's daughter.
i am so much like him, it's crazy.
i am a Stroman through and through.
i love my parents.
i couldn't do nursing school without them.
i love music and finding new artists that aren't so mainstream.
my CD player stopped working in my car - bummer.
i love trying new recipes.
i don't really go on pinterest that much anymore.
i don't like scary movies or TV shows.
the 1st time i watched that show "the walking dead" {on netflix} i had nightmares.
i blush very easily.
i have to have chap stick or lip gloss on my lips. always.
i know my husband better than i've known anyone in my whole life.
it's comforting.
we went to the same high school, but definitely did not know each other.
i'm 6 months older than him.
and he was a bit of a rebel without a cause in high school.

and this is him now.
BIG changes in this man 
thank you Jesus!


i do not like being in the center of attention.
i love my 3 year old more than i thought it was ever possible to love someone.
and she's growing up so fast.
she is the reason i started blogging.
i wanted to remember.
because a lot of my past is a blur, i felt the need to get this stuff in writing.
then, just so happened that i started nursing school.
now, i blog because it's a good way to get things out there.
besides that, i've met a bunch of awesome people out there in blog world.
there is so much encouragement from people i've never formally "met" but feel like i know them through here.
anything else?


  1. That is so cool you are studying to be a nurse! I have a few friends who went through nursing programs and saw through them how tough it can be. Blogging has been a great way for me to meet awesome new people and get stuff out there in writing too. I appreciate this little blog land so much. I love that you have Christmas tree up! Fake or real it is a pretty one!

    1. :) thanks! i am WAY ready to be finished with nursing school... end of april/beginning of may cannot get here soon enough!
      yep, we shall celebrate Christmas for a full 2 months!

  2. hey! i am a nurse, too! it's definitely stressful at first, but so rewarding. i'm starting to really enjoy it. i highly recommend getting your bsn...it will definitely pay off in the long run. good luck with the rest of school!

    1. thanks! i think i found you through a nursing blog link up!
      i love to find other nurse's blogs. it shows me what i'm getting myself into ;)


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