Tuesday, October 23, 2012

thinking about what i was thinking

in class, this morning, it was like a battle for me to concentrate.
there might be a touch of ADHD somewhere in this morning.
for some reason, when trying to pay attention, the will to be distracted was just too much.

too much.

so much so, that i started writing things down.

  • a down feather from someone's clothes just floated through the air next to me...
  • someone's tablet just made noises (totally happened twice ;)
  • the instructor is literally reading us the power points - i can't learn like this
  • someone is sleeping
  • a group of people are carrying on a conversation while the instructor is talking
  • i've messed with my hair so much because it's actually down today but now it's up because it was getting on my nerves
  • laptops are on everywhere - each one is on a different page
  • the pen i'm using was a freebie from our student nurse conference in september. it has one of those "get the little ball thru the maze" things on it and it is making a lot of noise when i write. it's still a great writing pen, so i will keep writing with it
  • i'm yawning. a lot. it's making my eyes water and nose run
  • just literally heard someone say the statement "people that don't have not respond to treatment" -shook my head
  • i see tons of caffeine drinks
  • the word... "Um" x65468
  • yawn
  • facebook stalkers... YEAH, you know who you are!! {me too hehe}

so, on the subject of concentration, while NOT concentrating,
i was thinking about all the things i think about when i'm not paying attention.
you will be happy to know that i am going to share...
all i was thinking about:
  • i'm supposed to be listening and taking notes.
  • but she's just reading the dang power points.
  • thank goodness most of her test questions come right off the power points.
  • ugh! i just realized i forgot to put my earrings on!
  • i'm so glad i found my eye shadow that has been missing for 2 weeks - in my purse
  • i don't ever use my purse anymore.
  • purse? pocket book? bag? which one sounds better?
  • all the stuff i need to study when i get home since mom and dad will have Hailee tonight.
  • this pen is making a lot of noise.
  • i shouldn't have eaten that bag of mini muffins this morning - thanks miriam!!
  • i wonder if my voter's registration will work with my old last name -* IF my old last name is now my middle name and is full on my driver's license??
  • what time is it??
  • what if something like the show Jericho really happened where another country drops bombs on all the major cities, leaving the U.S. completely in the dark - without electricity - and running out of gasoline - that would be horrible! would we cook canned things over fires? i'm not an avid camper and i would definitely have issues with that part.
  • will we get to watch Jericho on netflix tonight?
  • i'm so glad i've already been through my psych rotation. 
  • this lecture is familiar {schizophrenia // the seriously mentally ill}
  • i wonder if my clinical instructor will give me 3 patients to take care of this week. will i be able to handle 3 pts? 
  • how many pictures can you really take - of. yourself. really??
  • i don't want my child to be traumatized next week when i have to take her to the dentist for her 1st cavity to be filled.
  • did i feed the fish this morning?
  • i have not started any sort of study guide for these tests next week...
  • i think there's something in my eye messing with my contact - either that, or it's time to change them.
  • when was the last time i changed my contacts?
  • bacon would be GREAT right now.
  • there are bacon bits for my salad in my car for lunch today :)
  • bacon.
  • trying to remember where i put my wedding ring. i know i put it somewhere safe, and i did a really good job because now i can't even find it.
  • there are people wearing flip flops when it was pretty cold this morning. will they wear them thru the winter too?
  • my socks are lime green and do not match anything i'm wearing today.
  • i have to do laundry.
  • we're on the last page of power points!!
  • what time is it??
  • coffee would be great right now.

that was just from like 8:30 - 10:30ish.
that was psych class - NUR 214.

what did you learn today??


  1. I hated it when instructors just read the PowerPoints...why did we drive to the campus when we could just read them ourselves at home?

    1. I feel the same way. If I wanted to teach myself, I'd take an online class!!

    2. And, to top it off, when YOU have to give a PowerPoint presentation, you get points taken off for just reading the slides. That's how it's always been in my classes, at least.

  2. Can I just say wth is UP with the whole reading of the pp's??????? This semester has been THE WORST for that!! I agree with with you & Robin. If you're going to make this all pp's & then just read them, then do this class online!! Furthermore, I am NOT wasting an hour & a half driving back & forth to class, not to mention the gas $ to listen to you read the pp's that I can read myself. Seriously, whatever happened to actually TEACHING something?????????? Anyhoo, cute post, very funny.

    1. boring... AND i have a teacher that makes us open our books and reads it to us. my 1st semester, all the chapters she taught were almost completely highlighted. that's not teaching either..


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