Thursday, October 18, 2012

simple things.

my helper this week:


and... this week has been flying by.
aren't vacations//breaks usually that way??

it's been nice :)

so, lately i've been thinking about simple things.
there is beauty in simplicity
there is comfort in the simple things
there are meekness and humility in the simple things
right now, when the simple things are all we have - all we can afford -
the simple things are more than enough
the simple things are blessings in the rawest forms
the simple things are getting us through life
and the simplicity of it all - is having to rely on God to provide for our family


i thought about not writing this, because i don't want to seem like i'm complaining, or asking for anything/ because i'm not! just giving you a peek into our lives at the moment; isn't that what this blogging thing is all about? it's MY space, and this is how I will use it ;)


this is the longest i've ever been without a "paying" job.
it would have been close to impossible for me to have a job while being in school
SO - for the 20 months that IS the ADN program at O-C Tech, we chose {as a family} for me to focus on school and work toward my career goal as a registered nurse.
for the 1st time, we have been a single income family living with minimal expenses and often times from one paycheck to another.
HOWEVER, this isn't really much different than it was before school.
the most expensive things we own have been given to us.
the things we hold most dear have been gifts.
and the support that we get from family {ALL OF THE FAMILY} is more than i could ever repay them for
the Pell grants that i qualified for (the 1st time ever in my life) have fully paid my tuition and student loans are covering my books and other expenses.

[can you say blessed??!! i can.]

nursing school is very expensive and i suggest if you're reading this, thinking about going to nursing school -
that you save up money to get all the supplies you'll need because it all really adds up.
at the beginning of my 5th semester // and final semester{in january} i'll have to pay a sum of money NOT covered by Pell/Loans that we don't normally just have laying around for:
graduation expenses, pinning ceremony expenses, applying to take the NCLEX licensing exam, and NCLEX prep programs to get us ready for that humongous test.
but i'm not worried about it.
i'm just thankful that throughout this whole experience, we have not gotten behind on any of our bills.
that's not to say there haven't been close calls and worries about where the money will come from,
and that is pretty much the only way i can explain how we've come this far.

6.5 more months and i will be finished with school!!! [lil excited here]
i'm still not completely sure where i want to work - definitely in a hospital, but not sure which one.
i'm starting to look around for options and there is also the possibility of working as a CNA {certified nurse's assistant} some of my last semester to get my foot in the door where i plan on working as a nurse.
again - i'm not worried about it.

even when i'm working as a nurse, we have no intentions of changing our lifestyle.
we don't have "regular TV" now - just Netflix - and i don't really want it after we graduate.
we plan on staying where we are as long as possible and both working - trying to get student loans paid of ASAP.
then, when hailee is old enough to start school - that will be another bridge we'll have to cross with big decisions too.
right now, she is growing, thriving, happy and such a joy to us.
roger keeps hinting at wanting another one, but i just want to finish this phase of our lives first.

nursing school is hard.
hard on families.
hard on spirituality.
hard on finances.
hard on making good choices.
hard on relationships.
hard on your lifestyle.
hard socially.

speaking of simple things, here are some of the only things i use/need and some, not even on a daily basis:


when i DO wear make-up, it's only powder and maybe a little something on my eyes.
i can't even find my eye shadow at the moment so obviously, that's not an every day thing.

nail polish - can only wear clear for clinical = don't usually wear it at all.
which reminds me, i promised a certain 3 year old little girl a manicure that i have yet to follow thru on.

perfume = don't wear it to school or clinical - just when i'm feelin pretty.

coupons = a must for money saving

lip gloss = who am i kidding??!! if i don't have something on my lips, they hurt.






and my newest little niece, madison was born october 16
i have not seen her in person - waiting until it gets settled
i can already tell she is absolutely beautiful!


and a special V-log {or 2} for your viewing pleasure.
the second one has an ABC remix.

i thought about doing another song, but just wasn't feeling it.

hope all my classmates are having a super great FALL break, and i will see y'all monday :)
to everyone else, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
the weekend is almost here.
so, here's to the simple things.


  1. Madison is a doll! Your little helper is adorable ... and let's see what else ... oh happy friday and cheers to the simple things!

    1. ok, so i just met little madison in person, and am in love!! she is absolutely precious. and not a crier. yet.

  2. I don't think you sound like you are complaining. In fact, I think it's slightly annoying when bloggers act like they have totally perfect lives where every little is always exactly how they want it.

    1. thanks! such as life... definitely NOT perfect. i've been through so many different life changes, some of the edges have blurred. but i do have family members who wouldn't have a clue when it came to those "life changes". so, just wanted to put it out there - it's why i am who i am :)

  3. 6.5 months? You got this, you totally got this. Money, stress, it's every day life and it's ok to talk about, 100%. it's something we all have in common.

    1. sometimes, i wish they weren't part of life (money,stress..), but that might get boring. i'm SO hoping that 6.5 month flies!!

  4. God is the greatest provider of all. He tops any man (human I mean). Keep your faith in that my friend!

    You got this.

    1. Thank you for this :) it's so easy for me to lose my focus on what is really important right now. I must keep Him so close. Especially now.


say it with a smile.

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