Monday, October 1, 2012

long long weekend.

in 2 days, i will be 31.


have i told you just how fabulous the month of october - and the season between spring and winter {fall//autumn} is?
out of all 12 months, i believe October is my favorite.
and not because it holds: my birthday, my brother's birthday, my father in law's birthday, my oldest niece's birthday, one of my uncle's birthday, Halloween, and a lot of other birthdays...

i love the colors


i love that the fair comes to town


i [used to] love the okra strut [our town, Irmo's yearly festival] even though i do not love okra


i love the smell of fall
i [used to] love the fall crisp temperatures - its still reminiscent of summer nowadays
i love thanksgiving

i love carving pumpkins


i love pumpkin coffee, pumpkin candles, pumpkin lotion, pumpkin pie..


i love opening all the windows in my house and having a slightly lower electric bill

 // just a few reasons to l.o.v.e. fall //

as mentioned in the beginning, my 31st year is RAPIDLY approaching and
i can feel it.
this weekend, we had our annual SNA-SC {student nurse's association of south carolina} conference, and i was quickly reminded of the ages between 18 - 22.
because of all the things that went on this weekend and since it was the town of Charleston, SC...
it brought me back.
far, back.
10+ years back.
ugh, when i say it like that, it even sounds old.

and, the fact that it is monday night, and i'm STILL exhausted from the weekend counts for something too.

this very long weekend is brought to you by...

Charleston, SC Convention Center, focus sessions, restaurant eating, nursing students, Tanger Outlet stores, spending lots of money, NO STUDYING!!!, drama, fun games, picture taking, free pens and notepads, navigation systems {which i will invest in soon... bu-bye mapquest}, cell phones, pinks vs blues, flip cups, dancing instructors gettin low, baby bird, late late nights, hurting feet from new shoes, house of delegates, operation tournament, T shirts, strict schedules and getting pages stamped, jeopardy, dunkin donuts' coffee and food in the morning, business casual attire, laughter, down town charleston - one way streets!!!, the smell of the city..., stop lights that never turned green, Nurse Life, Jamer P, boob shirts, someone's in the trunk, want to try a piece?, firefly, the Mark-Clark, Four Score and Seven Years Ago..., herding cats is hard work, paths to the castle, Britney Spears and the Cupid Shuffle, the diarrhea song!!???? really?, tag-a-longs, caucusing, more laughter, Dexter Ln, winners of the pop top collection, confusing spirit skits, fat pants, shopping sprees, missing our families

and... we are the future, Lead with your heart!

i have thoroughly enjoyed all the moments spent with these people this weekend.
it was fun and unforgettable.
it was a break from actual school work that we all needed.
it was a glimpse into the lives of our class mates outside of school - to see in what areas they really shined.
it was a chance to come together as a class and rally around the students that were running for an officer position on the SC-SNA board.
it was a time to laugh, form closer bonds, learn deep//dark//secrets, and to listen.

*this was just the tip of the iceberg of the weekend*

sunday afternoon =
i came home, dropped my bags, dumped my dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and took a nap with my sweet little girl.
i soaked all that i could up after being away from her for 3 days.
roger even had my favorite coffee made when i got home, but i just couldn't...
sleep's pull was stronger than coffee's ;)

i missed her.
hopefully i won't be leaving my family for a few days like this for a while!




  1. I hope your having a faboo birthday. This is also my grandparents anniversary. I knew you rocked! Big hugs!

    1. thanks ;) it was a nice, low-key birthday with breakfast for supper and all!!

  2. Those pictures are the best. I love your little family. Happy early birthday to you! I hope it's your best ever!

    1. thank you!! it was a great birthday with much needed rest. i'm loving your pics of colorado! they are beautiful.


say it with a smile.

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