Tuesday, October 9, 2012

link up - a FALL experience

it's that time again. 
the october link-up with anna and renee. 
falls // or near fall experiences

i can't say that i've had a "Fall" experience in the hospital yet.
no total - bust it - in front of my pt's, classmates, instructor, nurses
HOWEVER... {and this is a huge however}

i am clumsy.
and i have weak ankles.
both of them.
all i have to do is look at a side walk the wrong way{or a crack in the road} and i twist my ankle(s).

i'm almost certain that my child has inherited this clumsiness, if that is even possible.
sometimes, its hard NOT to laugh at the situations she gets herself into.
i mean really....
how do you fall down the steps, while SITTING on them??!!
hailee's done it.

who am i to talk??!!
i trip going UP the steps.
like mother, like daughter ;)

now... let me introduce you to my nursing shoes.
white dansko's.


these are NOT cute.
not at all.
and mine aren't even that comfortable.
{maybe getting them in another color makes a world of difference ;)}
and they were super expensive.

and they have this chunky heel that is just taunting me.
IF i don't pay attention to exactly how i am walking in these,
i will go down.
and that day is coming.
it's inevitable.
these shoes are really going to put me out one day.
{put me back on crutches...}

i am really hoping this post isn't jinxing the whole "falling in my nursing shoes" situation.


you'll be happy to know that i have purchased the approved all white New Balance tennis shoes
that i will try out this week in clinical because last week,
those white shoes made my feet hurt so bad i wanted to scream.

now, i'm off {at 0600} to study for a test today
THEN, i'm gonna come home early and study for another test that is tomorrow!!!


  1. Oh girl! Until you break danskos in GOOD they are killer but I promise once you do you will never wear anything else! And I can't tell you how many times I have done the roll over on my ankle in danskos. I'm a fellow clumsy! ;)

    1. i don't wear them enough to really break them in good. i do dread the day i fall - because you know, the roll over leads to the fall!!

  2. I have rolled my ankles so many times in those dumb Danskos! However, they are super comfortable, and in the end they were all I wore until I was a preggo nurse... and then I wanted to be close to the floor and steady, so I adopted old tennis shoes. Find out what works for you!

    1. i'm thinking the reason they kill me so bad is the color... (j/k)
      i really SHOULD be wearing them around the house to break them in, but i don't want to trek "hospital" all over my house, what with MRSA and VRE all crazy out there...

  3. They remind me if the 70s nurses shoes. I would fall on my face in these. Good luck on studying. I admire people that always continue to make themselves better and follow their dreams.

    1. thanks dusty!!
      my husband loathes nursing school.
      he considers it an affair.
      but I WILL BE A NURSE in 7 months if i pass my great big test.
      thanks, and i'm soooooo done studying for the night.
      already took some benadryl and heading to bed!!

  4. I always twist my ankles in my Danskos, but I keep wearin' em! Crazy right?!



    1. lol. i'm thinking maybe i should try to stay closer to the ground, me being a fall risk and all...

  5. Isn't it strange? we put ourselves through this rigorous process of breaking those babies in (and it seems to take forever!) and in the meantime, we're risking injury to our lower limbs... :)
    I ALSO hope you don't jinx yourself!

    1. :) yes, well - those white dansko's will be taking a backseat in my closet from now on!! hope you had a great time in L.A. and that recipe you had for your guest post looked totally drool worthy!!


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