Tuesday, October 23, 2012

thinking about what i was thinking

in class, this morning, it was like a battle for me to concentrate.
there might be a touch of ADHD somewhere in this morning.
for some reason, when trying to pay attention, the will to be distracted was just too much.

too much.

so much so, that i started writing things down.

  • a down feather from someone's clothes just floated through the air next to me...
  • someone's tablet just made noises (totally happened twice ;)
  • the instructor is literally reading us the power points - i can't learn like this
  • someone is sleeping
  • a group of people are carrying on a conversation while the instructor is talking
  • i've messed with my hair so much because it's actually down today but now it's up because it was getting on my nerves
  • laptops are on everywhere - each one is on a different page
  • the pen i'm using was a freebie from our student nurse conference in september. it has one of those "get the little ball thru the maze" things on it and it is making a lot of noise when i write. it's still a great writing pen, so i will keep writing with it
  • i'm yawning. a lot. it's making my eyes water and nose run
  • just literally heard someone say the statement "people that don't have not respond to treatment" -shook my head
  • i see tons of caffeine drinks
  • the word... "Um" x65468
  • yawn
  • facebook stalkers... YEAH, you know who you are!! {me too hehe}

so, on the subject of concentration, while NOT concentrating,
i was thinking about all the things i think about when i'm not paying attention.
you will be happy to know that i am going to share...
all i was thinking about:
  • i'm supposed to be listening and taking notes.
  • but she's just reading the dang power points.
  • thank goodness most of her test questions come right off the power points.
  • ugh! i just realized i forgot to put my earrings on!
  • i'm so glad i found my eye shadow that has been missing for 2 weeks - in my purse
  • i don't ever use my purse anymore.
  • purse? pocket book? bag? which one sounds better?
  • all the stuff i need to study when i get home since mom and dad will have Hailee tonight.
  • this pen is making a lot of noise.
  • i shouldn't have eaten that bag of mini muffins this morning - thanks miriam!!
  • i wonder if my voter's registration will work with my old last name -* IF my old last name is now my middle name and is full on my driver's license??
  • what time is it??
  • what if something like the show Jericho really happened where another country drops bombs on all the major cities, leaving the U.S. completely in the dark - without electricity - and running out of gasoline - that would be horrible! would we cook canned things over fires? i'm not an avid camper and i would definitely have issues with that part.
  • will we get to watch Jericho on netflix tonight?
  • i'm so glad i've already been through my psych rotation. 
  • this lecture is familiar {schizophrenia // the seriously mentally ill}
  • i wonder if my clinical instructor will give me 3 patients to take care of this week. will i be able to handle 3 pts? 
  • how many pictures can you really take - of. yourself. really??
  • i don't want my child to be traumatized next week when i have to take her to the dentist for her 1st cavity to be filled.
  • did i feed the fish this morning?
  • i have not started any sort of study guide for these tests next week...
  • i think there's something in my eye messing with my contact - either that, or it's time to change them.
  • when was the last time i changed my contacts?
  • bacon would be GREAT right now.
  • there are bacon bits for my salad in my car for lunch today :)
  • bacon.
  • trying to remember where i put my wedding ring. i know i put it somewhere safe, and i did a really good job because now i can't even find it.
  • there are people wearing flip flops when it was pretty cold this morning. will they wear them thru the winter too?
  • my socks are lime green and do not match anything i'm wearing today.
  • i have to do laundry.
  • we're on the last page of power points!!
  • what time is it??
  • coffee would be great right now.

that was just from like 8:30 - 10:30ish.
that was psych class - NUR 214.

what did you learn today??

Thursday, October 18, 2012

simple things.

my helper this week:


and... this week has been flying by.
aren't vacations//breaks usually that way??

it's been nice :)

so, lately i've been thinking about simple things.
there is beauty in simplicity
there is comfort in the simple things
there are meekness and humility in the simple things
right now, when the simple things are all we have - all we can afford -
the simple things are more than enough
the simple things are blessings in the rawest forms
the simple things are getting us through life
and the simplicity of it all - is having to rely on God to provide for our family


i thought about not writing this, because i don't want to seem like i'm complaining, or asking for anything/ because i'm not! just giving you a peek into our lives at the moment; isn't that what this blogging thing is all about? it's MY space, and this is how I will use it ;)


this is the longest i've ever been without a "paying" job.
it would have been close to impossible for me to have a job while being in school
SO - for the 20 months that IS the ADN program at O-C Tech, we chose {as a family} for me to focus on school and work toward my career goal as a registered nurse.
for the 1st time, we have been a single income family living with minimal expenses and often times from one paycheck to another.
HOWEVER, this isn't really much different than it was before school.
the most expensive things we own have been given to us.
the things we hold most dear have been gifts.
and the support that we get from family {ALL OF THE FAMILY} is more than i could ever repay them for
the Pell grants that i qualified for (the 1st time ever in my life) have fully paid my tuition and student loans are covering my books and other expenses.

[can you say blessed??!! i can.]

nursing school is very expensive and i suggest if you're reading this, thinking about going to nursing school -
that you save up money to get all the supplies you'll need because it all really adds up.
at the beginning of my 5th semester // and final semester{in january} i'll have to pay a sum of money NOT covered by Pell/Loans that we don't normally just have laying around for:
graduation expenses, pinning ceremony expenses, applying to take the NCLEX licensing exam, and NCLEX prep programs to get us ready for that humongous test.
but i'm not worried about it.
i'm just thankful that throughout this whole experience, we have not gotten behind on any of our bills.
that's not to say there haven't been close calls and worries about where the money will come from,
and that is pretty much the only way i can explain how we've come this far.

6.5 more months and i will be finished with school!!! [lil excited here]
i'm still not completely sure where i want to work - definitely in a hospital, but not sure which one.
i'm starting to look around for options and there is also the possibility of working as a CNA {certified nurse's assistant} some of my last semester to get my foot in the door where i plan on working as a nurse.
again - i'm not worried about it.

even when i'm working as a nurse, we have no intentions of changing our lifestyle.
we don't have "regular TV" now - just Netflix - and i don't really want it after we graduate.
we plan on staying where we are as long as possible and both working - trying to get student loans paid of ASAP.
then, when hailee is old enough to start school - that will be another bridge we'll have to cross with big decisions too.
right now, she is growing, thriving, happy and such a joy to us.
roger keeps hinting at wanting another one, but i just want to finish this phase of our lives first.

nursing school is hard.
hard on families.
hard on spirituality.
hard on finances.
hard on making good choices.
hard on relationships.
hard on your lifestyle.
hard socially.

speaking of simple things, here are some of the only things i use/need and some, not even on a daily basis:


when i DO wear make-up, it's only powder and maybe a little something on my eyes.
i can't even find my eye shadow at the moment so obviously, that's not an every day thing.

nail polish - can only wear clear for clinical = don't usually wear it at all.
which reminds me, i promised a certain 3 year old little girl a manicure that i have yet to follow thru on.

perfume = don't wear it to school or clinical - just when i'm feelin pretty.

coupons = a must for money saving

lip gloss = who am i kidding??!! if i don't have something on my lips, they hurt.






and my newest little niece, madison was born october 16
i have not seen her in person - waiting until it gets settled
i can already tell she is absolutely beautiful!


and a special V-log {or 2} for your viewing pleasure.
the second one has an ABC remix.

i thought about doing another song, but just wasn't feeling it.

hope all my classmates are having a super great FALL break, and i will see y'all monday :)
to everyone else, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
the weekend is almost here.
so, here's to the simple things.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

fall break

gonna start this post with a sweet sunset over lake murray while driving over the dam.


i am officially on fall break.
for the past week, i've either been forgetting it's even here, or calling it spring break.
can you tell how much i need this break?
i can.

last week, we had a psych test {anxiety, defense mechanisms, anger//agitation, crisis and suicide} and a med-surg test {immune system and HIV//AIDS}.
i made a 97 on psych {for some reason, psych just comes easy to me} and a 92 on med-surg.
HOW that happened, i have no idea.
for sure, they gave us a ton of extra points.
i seriously walked out of that test shaking my head.
of all the stuff i studied, it didn't seem like half of it was on there, and instead all the things we "BREEZED" over were the bulk of it.
what the crap even is DiGeorge Syndrome??!!
wasn't that something she hopped and skipped through when she was reading us her notes??
well, you better be sure we ALL know what it is NOW:

DiGeorge Syndrome

What is DiGeorge syndrome?
The history of the syndrome, previously referred to as DiGeorge, includes the following discoveries:
  • In the mid 1960s, an endocrinologist named Angelo DiGeorge, MD, recognized that a particular group of clinical features frequently occurred together, including the following:
    • hypoparathyroidism (underactive parathyroid gland), which results in hypocalcemia (low blood calcium levels)
    • hypoplastic (underdeveloped) thymus or absent thymus, which results in problems in the immune system
    • conotruncal heart defects (i.e., tetralogy of Fallot, interrupted aortic arch, ventricular septal defects, vascular rings)
    • cleft lip and/or palate

so, there you go.
just in case you were wondering.
because now, as a class, we will never forget it.
i PRAY it is on the NCLEX.

here is a bit of what's been going on the last 5 or so days.


1. Hailee + sidewalk chalk = her drawing people.
2. Hailee + my iPhone camera = getting to see fun pictures like this while scrolling thru my pics.
3. Free time + Fall break = now i get to catch up on all the magazines i haven't been able to read since august.
4. Not trying to leave lexington at 7:00 am every morning + fall break = not gonna miss this traffic the mornings of this week.
5. Cooler weather {notice i didn't say COLD} + warm, cozy night gowns = happy hailee.
6. The only things that ever get ironed in my home. THIS is the only reason i bought an iron.
7. Hurry up quick breakfast before running out the house before school. BOILED egg, apple sauce squeeze things that hailee won't touch, the little bit of coffee left after roger makes his (can't drink a whole cup b/c i'd have to stop and pee at the rest stop on my hour long drive to school in the morning) bottled water (always).
8. This is the first time i've picked up my guitar in WEEKS. i've thought about picking it up several times, but there have been TOO many things to do.

guess what i'm making for lunch today??
the olive garden's Zuppa Toscana.
be jealous.
OR... just go get the recipe from my "family's favorite recipes" tab at the top of the page.
for what it's worth, it is my favorite soup ever.
and yes, there are garlic bread sticks to go with it.

roger was at our church's deep south men's conference friday night and yesterday until 4pm.
it was just me and my sweet hailee.
and we had some fun yesterday.
playing outside and lunch at the burger kind play ground.
she was a little bummed there weren't any kids on the playground.
i was a little glad i wouldn't have to step in when she decided to get into her bossy mode with other kids.
she loves to tell people what to do.
we have a natural born leader on our hands.
teenage years are NOT going to be fun in this household...





b u r g e r   k i n g




and, for my birthday, this is what i came home to.



roger put streamers up everywhere.
and i'm still finding random, shriveled up balloons behind chairs and hidden in hailee's room.
he had one of our friends who is in U-Turn for Christ draw a picture of hailee.
he also drew hailee at 1 yr too.
this guy is amazingly talented beyond comprehension.
my dad also had him draw my mom {one of his favorite pics of their youth} for her 50th birthday last year.

and guess what my sister in law got me for my birthday....
they are my favorite pair and i have worn them every day.
thank you so much cyn ;)
can't wait to get the girls together this week!

now, it is spring break fall break {yes, i honestly JUST typed that.} and i have school work that needs attention {another patho paper - this one, only 10 pgs, not 62 like the last one - and a well elder teaching assignment, as well as studying for my test on death // dying for med-surg, and clinical paperwork due Mon.}
i'm doing no school work.
i'm catching up with my family and loving every minute of it.

i will say that i'm actually gonna miss going to clinical this thurs//friday.
now, we do EVERYTHING a nurse does.
i'm learning so much, and feeling much more confident in my new skills.
i STILL have yet to master IV's, but that will come.
anyone wanna let me practice on them?? ;)
youtube can only take you so far.
hands on experience is the best.
OH, and update on my new shoes -- approved new balance all white leather tennis shoes -- they were FABULOUS!!
my feet were much happier with me after 2 days of straight clinicals.
ta-ta for now dansko's!!!
maybe we'll try another relationship on down the line.

happy weekend y'all :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

link up - a FALL experience

it's that time again. 
the october link-up with anna and renee. 
falls // or near fall experiences

i can't say that i've had a "Fall" experience in the hospital yet.
no total - bust it - in front of my pt's, classmates, instructor, nurses
HOWEVER... {and this is a huge however}

i am clumsy.
and i have weak ankles.
both of them.
all i have to do is look at a side walk the wrong way{or a crack in the road} and i twist my ankle(s).

i'm almost certain that my child has inherited this clumsiness, if that is even possible.
sometimes, its hard NOT to laugh at the situations she gets herself into.
i mean really....
how do you fall down the steps, while SITTING on them??!!
hailee's done it.

who am i to talk??!!
i trip going UP the steps.
like mother, like daughter ;)

now... let me introduce you to my nursing shoes.
white dansko's.


these are NOT cute.
not at all.
and mine aren't even that comfortable.
{maybe getting them in another color makes a world of difference ;)}
and they were super expensive.

and they have this chunky heel that is just taunting me.
IF i don't pay attention to exactly how i am walking in these,
i will go down.
and that day is coming.
it's inevitable.
these shoes are really going to put me out one day.
{put me back on crutches...}

i am really hoping this post isn't jinxing the whole "falling in my nursing shoes" situation.


you'll be happy to know that i have purchased the approved all white New Balance tennis shoes
that i will try out this week in clinical because last week,
those white shoes made my feet hurt so bad i wanted to scream.

now, i'm off {at 0600} to study for a test today
THEN, i'm gonna come home early and study for another test that is tomorrow!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

long long weekend.

in 2 days, i will be 31.


have i told you just how fabulous the month of october - and the season between spring and winter {fall//autumn} is?
out of all 12 months, i believe October is my favorite.
and not because it holds: my birthday, my brother's birthday, my father in law's birthday, my oldest niece's birthday, one of my uncle's birthday, Halloween, and a lot of other birthdays...

i love the colors


i love that the fair comes to town


i [used to] love the okra strut [our town, Irmo's yearly festival] even though i do not love okra


i love the smell of fall
i [used to] love the fall crisp temperatures - its still reminiscent of summer nowadays
i love thanksgiving

i love carving pumpkins


i love pumpkin coffee, pumpkin candles, pumpkin lotion, pumpkin pie..


i love opening all the windows in my house and having a slightly lower electric bill

 // just a few reasons to l.o.v.e. fall //

as mentioned in the beginning, my 31st year is RAPIDLY approaching and
i can feel it.
this weekend, we had our annual SNA-SC {student nurse's association of south carolina} conference, and i was quickly reminded of the ages between 18 - 22.
because of all the things that went on this weekend and since it was the town of Charleston, SC...
it brought me back.
far, back.
10+ years back.
ugh, when i say it like that, it even sounds old.

and, the fact that it is monday night, and i'm STILL exhausted from the weekend counts for something too.

this very long weekend is brought to you by...

Charleston, SC Convention Center, focus sessions, restaurant eating, nursing students, Tanger Outlet stores, spending lots of money, NO STUDYING!!!, drama, fun games, picture taking, free pens and notepads, navigation systems {which i will invest in soon... bu-bye mapquest}, cell phones, pinks vs blues, flip cups, dancing instructors gettin low, baby bird, late late nights, hurting feet from new shoes, house of delegates, operation tournament, T shirts, strict schedules and getting pages stamped, jeopardy, dunkin donuts' coffee and food in the morning, business casual attire, laughter, down town charleston - one way streets!!!, the smell of the city..., stop lights that never turned green, Nurse Life, Jamer P, boob shirts, someone's in the trunk, want to try a piece?, firefly, the Mark-Clark, Four Score and Seven Years Ago..., herding cats is hard work, paths to the castle, Britney Spears and the Cupid Shuffle, the diarrhea song!!???? really?, tag-a-longs, caucusing, more laughter, Dexter Ln, winners of the pop top collection, confusing spirit skits, fat pants, shopping sprees, missing our families

and... we are the future, Lead with your heart!

i have thoroughly enjoyed all the moments spent with these people this weekend.
it was fun and unforgettable.
it was a break from actual school work that we all needed.
it was a glimpse into the lives of our class mates outside of school - to see in what areas they really shined.
it was a chance to come together as a class and rally around the students that were running for an officer position on the SC-SNA board.
it was a time to laugh, form closer bonds, learn deep//dark//secrets, and to listen.

*this was just the tip of the iceberg of the weekend*

sunday afternoon =
i came home, dropped my bags, dumped my dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and took a nap with my sweet little girl.
i soaked all that i could up after being away from her for 3 days.
roger even had my favorite coffee made when i got home, but i just couldn't...
sleep's pull was stronger than coffee's ;)

i missed her.
hopefully i won't be leaving my family for a few days like this for a while!


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