Tuesday, September 25, 2012

say what...

oh my gosh.
is it really ONLY tuesday {evening}?

i don't know what it is - maybe it's this crazy 4th semester of nursing school - but the weeks are SO incredibly LONG!

just this week, i've already had 2 tests, we are now 2 lessons in to the 4th test, {immune system is going to be the death of me... IgM, IgG, IgE... ugh.} clinical paperwork due {and i didn't even do all of it}, dinners to cook, clothes to wash, a 3 year old to entertain, and it is only tuesday.

this is what i've been doing...

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this weekend is the SNA state convention {student nurse's association} in Charleston, SC - a good 2 hours from home.
SO... i will be nursing it up with 59 of O-C Tech's greatest student nurses {and others around SC}, as we embark upon a world of delegates, and focus sessions, spirit luncheon's, and who know what else ;)
we are behind Trident Tech in having the biggest class of nurses.
fun will be had.
i hope.
we all sure need it about now.

it's been YEARS since i've been in Charleston.
say... 2002... yep.

let me tell you a little something about my friend Megan, in nursing school with me.

// backstory //
Orangeburg, SC... {um, maybe more correct in saying Bowman, SC} 1970 -ish}
my dad, and megan's dad went to high school together at Bowman Academy.
they were buds.
megan's dad went to medical school - my dad went to school for activity therapy.
{then, later dad went to USC for his masters in counseling}

some time passes.
i was born.
megan's brother was born.
megan was born.
my brother was born.
our parents eventually lived down the street from each other in... IRMO, SC.
we played together a few times as children.
i remember her house - still.
they moved.
her dad was our doctor for a stint.

// current day //

2011, Orangeburg, SC
Megan and I started nursing school together, at Orangeburg-Calhoun Tech.
i saw her last name and just had a feeling i knew who she was.
i was right.
the place our dads moved away from, and there we were - their daughters back in Orangeburg, SC.
and the rest is history.
and we'll be roomies in Charleston for the convention.
and again, FUN will be had.
more on THAT when we come back!!

a few nights ago, i watched a bit of the walking dead, TV show {on netflix}.
then, i had to sleep with 2 night lights in the bathroom, and  i STILL had a dream about it.
i was trying to avoid "walkers"
there were tons of them just laying on the ground - and then, one SAT UP because it could hear us talking.
i was running through the mall, and my old high school.
then i woke up

and i'm still clinging to this little "cold" that just doesn't want to go away.
i just sound like i'm talking out of my nose and sometimes, my nose doesn't know whether it wants to run, or stop up.
thank goodness for sudafed.
but i don't feel bad.

and my 1st day of med-surg clinical last week // started off a bit rocky {i was on the phone with IT for the first half hour, re-establishing my username and password}, but ended MUCH smoother than i could have ever imagined.
i had 2 patients.
one had TONS of meds, the other = just aspirin.
i did IV and PICC care, pushed IV meds over 1 minute, reconstituted and hung IV antibiotics...
a lot of firsts.
and that day is coming when i have to actually GIVE someone an IV.
that will be a little scary.

we had big fat greek omelets tonight for dinner.
oh, they are pretty good if you haven't tried them before.
i'm not even a huge fan of feta cheese, but it MAKES this omelet.


i advise you try it.

so, on my test today is psychiatric nursing, i made an A.
not sure about monday's test on mobility: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, lupus, multiple myeloma, osteosarcoma, gout, fractures, amputations, SO MUCH STUFF.
i think it's safe to say we're all dying to know how that test went.

needless to say, i haven't slept very good in the last 3 or so nights.
ya know, because of all the stuff with school and such.
tomorrow is my short day.
i will sleep tonight.

good night.


  1. I will try...sounds yummy! I'm a new GFC follower :)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by & following :) it's hard to have plain breakfast omelettes once you have this one!!


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