Tuesday, September 18, 2012

i'm doing homework right now...

livers. gallbladders. and pancreas, OH MY!!

we had our second med-surg test of the semester, and let me say...
i've NEVER been happier to see a 'B' {86} in my LIFE!!
oh, it was brutal.
i was scared.
i'm just going to have to get better at those "select all that apply" questions.

so, this is my hand.
taking notes in class.

class, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

this week wraps up my clinical rotation through psychiatric mental health.
our last day is thursday, then it's off to medical-surgical land at +RMC in O'burg friday.

let me tell you how much of a difference there is between the 2 clinical experiences...
i have compiled a list!

i'm a little nervous.
i haven't worked in an adult hospital with medical patients since may.
we did pediatrics in the hospital this summer, but it just isn't the same.
i know it will all come back to me, but there will be lots of new things we'll be doing this semester.
with psych, it wasn't so much of the "task oriented" things, rather - "conversations"
i didn't think this clinical rotation was very eventful.
we did have 2 "situations" last week in clinical - i know, here at the end is when the excitement decided to happen.
but that is all.
and it's almost done.

tune in next week to see how the great transition goes.

JJ from my class found this little gem and i've already shown it to some of my nursing friends, but this site is so funny.
and a lot of it is true.

instagram is great.
on it, i found this way cute background for my iPhone.
and this is where she tells you how to do it.
ME?? oh, i just snapped the photo on my iPhone and cropped it up real good.
i skipped all the technical stuff.
the one on the right is my background.
it's a V


have you ever heard of this before?
erin condren {dot} com


i want one of those life planner deals!!
they look simply amazing.
there is no way i can justify spending $50+ on a planner right now.
so - i'll just start making notes of what kind of planner i want, how i want it, what options i want it to come with..
so that when i'm a NURSE, then i can have one :)


guys, they are personalized, to the "T"
in virtually any design you could want
that page of circle pictures ^^up there^^ - those are stickers you can put where ever you want in your planner
it can come with colorful pens if you wish {and y'all know my fascination with pens}
i want the one on the top right
i can totally start writing out all my favorite things/inside jokes now so that when it comes time to order one, i'll be ready!

roger is doing the dishes right now while i'm doing "homework"
no, really - i have about 2 journals left to type up for psych clinical paperwork
and 2 loads of laundry to do
and lecture notes to print out for class tomorrow
so i think i'm going to go finish it all while i'm still ahead.

this is going to be another very long week.


  1. Wow I live that site, now I may want a planner even if I can't justify spending $50 on a planner! I love the designs!

    BTW the day in ER should be fun, you'll get tons of chances to bone up on skills like IV's. Take full advantage and have fun!

    1. yes, i drool over those planners!

      and on the ER, i will go on Nov 29. hopefully, i won't be as nervous about it after more med-surg experience!

  2. Your career sounds exciting. And hard. And scary. And awesome. Seriously. All of that. I am so excited for you and no doubt you will keep getting those Bs (and probably a lot of As too). Keep up the good work study budy (although I am not studying at the moment ... but boy do I remember those days). You'll do great!!

    1. Geeeez. As an organizational freak, I should have also mentioned that I am obsessed with those planners.

    2. Whaaaaat???!! You have one? Is it as fabulous as it seems to be? And I'm still a little scared of the whole career thing too but it will be a good thing in 8 months or so...


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