Friday, August 17, 2012

the 4th semester starts.

i've technically been a Senior {nursing student} since this summer.
it's been a little hard to swallow because i don't "FEEL" any different from say.. 2nd semester.

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we only have 9 months left on this journey!
it's like the time it takes to have a baby.
{but not like having a baby..}
that reality of being a senior finally set in monday.
that is when we welcomed 100 new freshmen.

there were a sea of faces;
some more familiar than others.
some more anxious than others.
some already completely stressed out by the 1st day.
{i can remember my feelings of being totally overwhelmed 1 year ago}
some more scantily dressed than others
{and believe me, they've already gotten a "talkin to"}
some younger than others {i've heard the youngest is 17 - way to get started early!!}

they were all packed into our old classroom, and we've been moved to the back hall.
i think we might have even scared some of them with our tales of terror from our freshman 1st semester.
but i hope not.
it {nursing school} is certainly DO-able.
you just have to want it.

CURRENTLY... we have the biggest senior class EVER at our school = 60 of us.
we are crammed into the classroom on the back hall like sardines.
every seat is filled.
it gets really hot.
and we've been there from pretty much 8am - 4pm on the days we had lecture this week.
it's a bit crowded, but i'm glad we haven't decreased in number any more.
it really is sad when people can't continue.
and sadly, the freshmen now, are going to see their class of 100 thin out by the end of this semester.

we finally got our new clinical rotation schedules for med-surg {still waiting on all the fine details with psych and med-surg}
i got the same clinical instructor from last year.
mrs. lucas.
*and JJ, stop yer hatin RIGHT NOW! don't be jealous ;)
for seriously though, i'm going to miss my group from last semester.
we were a special group.
but alas... this is a new group of people, and an opportunity to get to know them

i wouldn't be lying if i told you i'm still kinda anxious about psych clinicals.
we only had 2 days of psych clinical last semester, and i'd only actually count the one where i was on the acute adolescent unit as a real one.
the drug and alcohol unit - not so much.
my dad worked at the state hospital {psychiatric} when i was a baby, and he has some stories he could tell.
i'm sure it will be fine and i'm working it all up for no good reason
like i usually do.

i'm with hailee all day today.
we were supposed to be having our 1st psych clinical, but stuff fell through, SO...
hailee and i will be working on being a good girl today :)
here, lately, she's been totally testing her boundaries.
talking back.
it stops here.
we're trying a few things that are already promising.
and in september, she'll be going back to school and i think that structured day will help a lot too.
but until then, we'll be consistent in showing her how she needs to act.

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59347FEF-59FD-4586-8307-AA7F8B0B1D64-8270-0000081C2B8E9454, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

^ this is totally how she says the word marbles ^

6F324BE2-8863-4F3D-BE98-402860B0056C-8270-0000081C42716E34, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

with a hand full of little animals.
from the dollar store.
because the pets from the littlest pet shop can get down right expensive.
and these 3 only cost MAYBE $2 if i remember correctly.

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time to go start our day.
have a great weekend!
i got studying to do.

this is totally fitting for starting back school.


  1. Haha MarBALLS. Good luck with your busy schedule! 9 months left!

    1. yes, she says some pretty interesting things these days!
      thanks! hopefully these next 9 months will fly.

  2. Yay! 9 months is nothing, you got this!! :)

    1. 9 months + NCLEX.
      it almost makes me nervous because i don't feel any closer to being a nurse, and it IS right around the corner.
      hopefully, i'll have a great preceptor that will show me all i need to know OUTSIDE of nursing school...
      oh, and the blueberry allergy of my husband's: he got a really bad rash when he was younger.
      he could have grown out of it by now, but he won't try them.

  3. Sounds like we have a very similar semester mine starts on Monday... eeek!

    Have a great semester!


say it with a smile.

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