Thursday, August 9, 2012

so much.

i have been working on getting this post up for a few days now.
i didn't know what i wanted to "focus" on.
but then, i started thinking and you know what?
NONE of my posts have a plot.
none of them.
well, maybe the last one, but that was on purpose.
so, i was thinking about my husband.


and how much he does.
and how much he loves.
and how much hailee just adores him.
and how he leaves little messes around the house that bug the mess out of me.
and how hard he works.
and how far he has come.
and how much further he wants to take this life.
and how he can't talk and drive and concentrate on directions at the same time.
but eventually, we get where we need to go.
and how he protects our family.
and how he spiritually LEADS our family.
and how he needs me to "find" things for him that are obviously right in front of his face.


like this... {twas in the bathroom}
and how we laugh together.
and how well i know him.
and how passionate he is about what he believes.
and how willing he is to share with anyone who wants to listen.
he likes to talk.
i like to let him.
he has a lot to say.

so far,

our 1st years.
they were kinda rocky for a while.

then there was a change for the better.

and a baby...

did i mention how great of a father he was?


because he is.


and it shows.


and hailee is growing up so fast.


and being a parent is definitely rewarding.


and how much i love him.
so much.
and her.
they have my heart.


so, there was roger.
my husband.

now, on to more random stuff :)

hailee's corner.


so, i need to explain this picture.
i like to read other blogs, of other fun girls.
this gal, shaylynn, recently put up a post of a certain dolphin shower curtain.
well, i got the beach for that dolphin curtain hiding behind these frogs ;)


and this face.
all her faces!


i love our snuggle time.


and right now, she's super into building forts
and special corners of the room, all her own.


she makes up her own songs too.
{i shared this on facebook, but for those who aren't on facebook, here you go!}

these are some of my favorite things and some i don't really like to be without:
lip gloss
and hair bands
{the proverbial ultimate needs if i go to a deserted island}


and i can't see a thing without these.


funny, because there was once a time when i vowed NEVER to wear contacts.
i did not see any good reason that i should stick my finger in my eyes.
that is, until my vision started to get worse.
and i was tired of wearing glasses.
contacts are great.

i did this yesterday.

and i did this today.

my summer break is coming to an end.
its been nice, and i may regret saying this in a few months, but i miss studying.
monday morning, the madness of my 4th semester begins {out of 5!!!!!}
i'm sooooo cloooooose!!
but we've been told this is the hardest semester yet.
they've all been hard.
i'm just ready to get into it and get started.

and this drive...

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

i have not missed it one bit.
especially with gas prices on the rise again.

and this school.


my school.

i'm going to miss this so much:

i'll have to get in as much snuggle time as i can over the next few days.


hope everyone has a great weekend.
i'll be packing my book bag, organizing all my pens/markers/hi-lighters, printing out syllabus(s), and printing out power points, getting ready for school.
i'm excited to welcome the new class of freshmen!!
boy are they in for a wild ride!!
oh the joys of nursing school...


  1. My sister-in-law graduated from nursing school last May and I can't believe how hard it was! She was single and lived at home, too. I don't know how moms/wives do it. Good for you, though! At least the end reward is a good one.

    Hailee is darling!

    1. yes, it is way hard!
      when someone is in nursing school, the whole family is along for the ride.
      it has been pretty difficult at times, and i've had to step back from serving at church.
      that part is NOT fun.
      thanks! i think i tried to follow you, but it was on your older site.
      i love your blog!

  2. Wow those books sure look familiar as I have them all! Beautiful family! Good luck this semester!

    1. thanks! this is our 2nd part of med/surg.
      i've heard psych is pretty hard.
      guess we'll see!!
      good luck to you too in your semester!!
      10 more days for you...

  3. AH, good old mosby, i recognize them! Good luck this semester. Beautiful family, and love the mini nurse in training! :)

    1. i'm pretty sure we are all living by mosby :)
      thank you! it's so cute watching her take it all in.
      who knows, maybe one day, she'll want to be a nurse!

  4. so many great pictures! LOVE mike and ikes. we can be friends. good ones.

    1. jolly joe's and tropical typhoon are prob my favorite mike&ikes ever.
      i hope since ike ain't part of that equation any more that they don't decide to stop making them.
      i just don't know what i would do without them.
      i want some right now.
      i'm sure we'd get along just fine.

  5. Nice to see EVERYONE uses the same psych text book, yep I have the very same one on my bookshelf. Use the CD in the back it's priceless for NCLEX type testing

    1. yeah, we start that psych fun tomorrow!!!
      i think i'm more excited to see all the freshmen though :)
      i use ALL the resources... website, cd, NCLEX questions in the backs of the books {med-surg} and any workbooks that come with them.

  6. aw, I loved looking through those pictures! :) what a cute family you have.

    1. thanks! you and Mo have a cute little family of 2 too!!

  7. I found myself 'awww'ing aloud at the first part of this post. I laughed, because my boyfriend can never find things when they are right in front of his face too! Gesh! haha. Great photos I especially like the snuggle time one :)

    1. thanks!
      it's funny how things can literally be right out in the open and go totally unnoticed...
      she's a great little snuggler!

  8. How adorable is your family. Big hugs and good luck on nursing school. I salute anyone that is willing to help other people feel better. I am the doctor of laughter or do I hope.

    1. yes, you make me laugh.
      your posts are always interesting.
      thank you :)


say it with a smile.

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