Sunday, August 26, 2012


setting the scene:
my little space...

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it's dark.
i'm just about ready to shut down for the night.
and as i sit here on this quiet night,
i'm supposed to be studying for 2 tests coming up this week.
but for the last few days, i've been thinking about my new classes.

..mainly, psych..

and i am thanking GOD for my family's mental health!
because on the other side of the mental health contimuun -
{moving more toward the mental illness side}
it can be bad.
it can be scary.
it can be unpredictable.
it can be unstable.
it can be un-done.
it can be misunderstood.
it can be sad.

i am blessed in more ways than i can count.
however, recently - i've had the chance to step into a world of varying degrees of mental health.
and just like with medical illness, you can't FIX every mental illness.
but they are people, none the less.
and they are a part of families.
and they have personalities (some multiple...)
and they occupy places in our lives.

i've started my semester of psychiatric mental health nursing.
these 1st five weeks, i'm strictly doing clinicals in a psychiatric facility.
from this week, i've learned that it's not as scary as i originally thought.
i've learned that not everyone in a psychiatric mental facility fits the stereotypical societal view of mental illness.
i've learned that these facilities are being downsized due to spending cuts; despite the need for these patients' placement for treatment.
i've learned that music is a universal language and even in a state of mental illness, it speaks to and through them.

this is going to be an interesting semester.
the paperwork for these clinicals is grossly time consuming.
the busy work can be more than necessary.
but these experiences are going to be like none other and i'll probably never get to work in this type of setting for the rest of my life.
so i will soak up all that i can.
and i will learn things i've never thought possible.
and i will spend time with people that may never be fully "well" - at least as our culture defines it.
but i doubt i'll ever be a psychiatric nurse.

it really makes me think about things differently.
because i could never fully get why someone would want to take their own life,
or how someone could think its normal to have voices telling them to hurt themselves or others - then follow through with those threats,
and i may never understand what makes someone consistently lie about anything and everything.
but i know that there is such a thing as mental health.
and mental illness looks as if it can be severely debilitating.
and maybe, just maybe, i'll get to see someone go from the mental illness extreme to a state of mental health while i'm in clinical this semester.


  1. Psych is, if you ask me, the hardest component of nursing and the most valuable. I hope you get your wish and do get to see someone make the transition, it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced. It sounds like you are well on your way to acing this part though!

    1. it's such a whirlwind of information right now. it makes sense, and i've never thought about the way i talk as much as am now, since we're studying it. oh, and i love your favorite things. never thought of using dry shampoo, but ya know, those 12 hour shifts ARE long. and my greasy hair needs to be washed every day too ;)

  2. This is fascinating stuff. The human mind is so tricky. I just declare myself nuts so nobody has to guess about it.

    1. oh, you're nuts alright!!
      but your nuts are pretty funny girl ;)
      and, "tricky" is a great word when describing the mind.


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