Monday, July 2, 2012

summer stuff

right now, my mind is on summer break, or the week thereof...
it's hard to think in straight sentences
i am enjoying coffee in the mornings
and playing with my child!
the smallest things make her laugh, and that is a sound i love to hear!
roger's uncle steven made her a balloon airplane on a stick yesterday
for real, she has been playing with it non stop.
and the funniest thing in the world to her is watching me try to catch
her airplane as she twirls it around on the long balloon that it's tethered to.
her laugh is so precious
and sometimes, if you get her laughing hard enough,
she starts to hiccup
and has done it since she was an infant
i don't even know why or how it happens
but i can see it coming every time!


^ balloon airplane i chase around ^


^ roll-on body paint auntie mary ann sent hailee ^
this is why she wanted to take a bath so bad last night :)
she loved every minute of it!
thank you so much!


when i was in high school... 
16ish years ago...
i found some small earrings at a shop in 5 points [down town columbia,sc] called, Luna.
i have never seen anything like them in my life.
until recently :)

new favorite shop on etsy: tiny galaxies
here are just a few of sara's pretty earrings
find them on facebook


i DO love simple, sparkly earrings.
none of those fangly-dangly thangs.
they're just not my style.
but these are!

most of her earrings are around $15.
and are all gorgeous!
if i had the money, i'd buy them in every shape and color.
and wear them every day.
i love them that much!
i am by no means sponsoring these, she is a small business owner
{i haven't even bought any yet}
SO... spread the word!

and i really MUST mention this:

it's been a few weeks
{or maybe even a month}
since my blog layout got a 'makeover' by sue!!

i am SUPER happy about how it turned out :)
she gave me a sweet signature,
a little button to grab,
and a lexicon (the little emblem that shows on your tab/window by the address)
i love her blog as she is a military wife, living in Japan,
writing about her experiences,
and like far far away from her family;
soaking up all of Japan's beauty with her husband and cutie dog, twink!
she takes lots of cool pictures, & knows html language very well!!

she's my pen pal :)
and i'm one of hers too :)
i actually have a box sitting on my desk,
full of fun little things i hope she'll like,
its waiting to get to the post office and on to japan.

july is here.
here is july:


and just a sample of our heat wave.

believe me, this was not the hottest temperature it reached...
yesterday, we got a huge summer storm - hail and all!
YOU BETTER BELIEVE i was alllllll over my weather channel app :)
we may even get another summer storm tonight

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

here is me and my hailee girl
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
here is one reason why hailee loves her mimi so much! 
(she plays with her in the tunnel)
mimi's a trooper
{and in great shape too}


here is hailee on the big girl potty
this is much easier to deal with than having to clean the little potties.

honestly, i cannot remember the last time i bought diapers
and that makes me happy!

b7aaa01b, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

here is my favorite iPhone game, bejeweled. 

a07fca80, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

here is my attempt at mixed media while hailee is just kinda glued stuff all over the place
i love mixed media stuff.
i'm not good at it!!

here is another little etsy shop that i've bought from:
darkling woods
she is an amazing artist and i bought some mixed media prints from her for hailee's room
here they are:


alice in wonderland mixed media prints.
i actually haven't gotten the white rabbit print,
but i want it...
again, small business owner,
spread the word!!


here are my child's skint up knees because she is totally clumsy
and she totally gets it from her mama
who is admittedly totally clumsy herself
and my husband totally makes fun of me all the time for it.


here is my desk before i started my summer break
{more like: week of break}
right now, i've cleaned it enough so that i can actually see desk!
but, sadly, things have just gotten piled in another spot
any tidiness is better than all this clutter!


hailee loves playing with doll houses.
hailee and sammi at grammie's

i love walking by her room, and hearing her play.
she is super imaginative and creative 

and again...


hailee at mimi's
this is bigger than the doll house we have in her room.
i was a barbie girl, myself :)
i had BARBIE: 
house, red corvette convertible, box with accessories/clothes, pink corvette convertible 
pool/hot tub, and other stuff i can't remember right now


roger and hailee in the lake, attempting to jump out of his hands.


lake murray fun on the island float at grammie and poopa's 


my brave little swimmer and her pink swimmies!!


drawing with my sharpie gel hi-lighters.
sometimes, she does this while i study
those lines are supposed to be words.
not sure what it says, but i'm sure she could tell me


i know... pure sugar.

no wonder the kid loves them!

so, as i promised from last time, this one had lots of pictures!
definitely NOT all of the same thing, or the same day, or even of the same events
random pictures.
random fun.
more to come since 4th of july is 2 days away!

and another song i like...
mumford and sons: the cave

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