Tuesday, July 3, 2012

link up: the dress code

all right.
i've never done a link up before so i'm not even sure if i'm doing this right...

hopefully, everyone now knows i'm a nursing student.

i'm in my 3rd semester (out of 5) in my school's Associate Degree Nursing program.

SO: my title is M.Venne, ADSN {associate degree student nurse}

we go straight through 5 semesters on our journey to becoming RN's

fall - spring - summer - fall - spring - pinning/graduation!!

i'm half way there :)
i will graduate may 2013
a lot of my classmates are gonna to keep going and get their BSN.
not me.
i'm good for the moment.
school is SO VERY consuming and my family is a bit pushed to the side
i don't really want to work in a management position anyway.

so, on to our dress code...


shirt and apron:
you might not be able to see the shirt, but it's all white and button up
the apron goes over the top and completes our student nurse look :)
those pocket: they hold tons of stuff and mine are usually BULGING!


pants: some clinical instructors allow us to get our own aside from our uniform shop's
as long as they don't have cargo pockets all down the side
i have just stuck with the ones i got on the 1st day of school
BUT when they tell you to get them with 'room' in them, DO IT!
i'm glad i did...

shoes: all white
there are a pair of new balance tennis shoes that are approved, 
but i heard everyone talk about how they feel like they're
walking on air with their dansko's
i wish mine felt like that
you DO have to have a pair of real live nursing shoes for all the formal ceremonies though
no tennis shoes for that.


watch: was supposed to have a 'sweeping' second hand
mine just ticks
a must for counting respirations, pulses/heart rates, and other things
i SO wanted one with indiglo {because that is cool to have a light on your watch}
ya can't really be pushin the indiglo button while your other hand is busy 
holding something like a wrist, or a foot, or a stethescope


stethoscope: this is what i chose
i love it.
i also have a cheapie one i used all of 1st semester that worked great too!
i was just scared of losing my littmann since it was so expensive
i've heard horror stories of people just walking off with someone else's stethoscope
i keep mine secured around my neck since it doesn't have a name plate yet 


Senior Pin: got this at the beginning of this summer semester
we are now seniors!!
supposed to wear this on the lapel of our shirt that sticks out from under our apron
mine hasn't quite made it that far yet
i really do want to start wearing it though...


my clipboard for keeping up with paperwork
last semester (and still now) we had so much paperwork that went along with clinical
it was hard to get it done and study for all our nursing tests at the same time
but i'm glad we had a lot of paperwork because i've learned a lot!

medication sheets...
patient information/history...
basic human needs assessments...
pathophysiology of our patient's diagnoses...


and here are a few of the name badges that i have to wear
because of The Lewis Blackman Act:
All clinical staff, students and MD’s will wear name
badges clearly stating their names, their
departments, their job or title
• Students, interns and residents will be clearly identified in terms that
the average person can understand
• Badges must be clearly visible


and then, there's all the stuff i have in my nursing bag
stuff i really couldn't live without ;)


BECAUSE i live an hour from school, 
i also have clinicals down there by the school and start time is 0630 AM.
lucky for me, i have a sweet aunt and uncle that are 15 min from the school
i stay with them the nights that i have clinical ohsoearly in the mornings


our nursing program at O-C Tech is super traditional and has been around for many years
{i just can't think of how many at this very moment}
we had to wear our caps for all the clinicals at the hospital for our 1st semester
 only 2 years ago did they stop having to wear these caps throughout 
all of the nursing clinicals
all 5 semesters
we wear them to all the pinning ceremonies
and to any other formal dress occasions


and here we are in formal dress for our senior "striping" ceremony
we got the black stripes on our white hats showing us as senior ADN students
it's a pretty big deal to us! 
there are 60 in my class right now.
we started our 1st semester with around 100.
nursing school is serious business
and it's pretty hard too.


and a little reading material when there is actually "down time"


so there you have it!
The Dress Code

happy 4th of july tomorrow :)


  1. Ok after seeing your apron, I will never again complain about having to wear white scrubs. WHY in the world do they make you wear an APRON???? You are so lucky that your program goes through the summer, I wish mine did!! We have 5 semesters also but no summers so it takes a year longer to finish, booo!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh you know tradition...
      Lol!! I think we were all more concerned with having to wear the cap & all white uniforms. We won't have to wear the apron for our graduation.
      Our uniforms are nit comfortable at all.
      I wish we could wear scrubs!!

  2. Great post!! But that uniform is just plain awful! LOL

    1. LOL!!! You're not telling me anything I don't know :) one day, a year from now maybe, JUST MAYBE, I'll be able to wear awesome, comfortable scrubs!! Super great nursing attire :)

  3. is it weird that out of all of this ... I most want the stethoscope?

    1. Hailee LOVED to listen to her "beats" with my stethoscope.

  4. Seriously.. that apron. Wow. I am so thankful I didn't have to wear a hat too. And people used to walk off with stethoscopes all the time at my old hospital. So rude! And you have to make sure you have the exact right size for the Danskos and prepare to wear them A LOT in order for them to be broken in and comfortable. That is the worst part about them. It took me a few tries to find the right fit but once I did I won't ever go back! Thanks so much for linking up with us!! :)

    1. Thanks!! I'm so glad I did the link up!!
      I too- have more alcohol pads in my home than ever before :)
      I'm hoping one day I'll find that perfect pair of working shoes too.

  5. This post is exactly what I envisioned when I thought of the theme for July's link up. :) You did it perfectly. I love how you broke it down into sections.
    Whoever thought white pants were a good thing for nurses?? But I see what you mean about the school being 'traditional' (with the apron and the hat and everything) :D When you're out of school, I hope you have the joy of working in a facility that allows colorful scrubs and shoes!
    I agree with Renee, the dansko's are worth it once they're broken in, but they were of the devil the first couple weeks. But I had spent so much money, I was worried I either needed to take them back or MAKE THEM WORK. I'm glad I have them now, but I also wear converse a lot too...
    Also, that target clipboard is perfect! I had no idea such a thin existed! I'm going to have to go shopping, I think. :) THANK YOU for linking up!!I'll look for you next month too!

    1. Nursing school has been so expensive! I only got the dansko's because I totally researched supplies on allnurses.com along with everything else I'd need. I saw a nurse at one hospital we work at with glittery silver dansko's.
      Yes. White for students isn't a great idea. I've already gotten stuff all over my uniforms. Thank goodness for shout laundry spray :)
      I loved doing the link up & look forward to more with y'all!!

  6. So glad I don't have to wear an apron or white scrubs. From now on I won't complain about my hunter green scrubs.
    I have danksos and while they definitely don't feel like walking on air they are comfortable and I don't have shin splints or anything at the end of 12 hour shifts. Did you break them in? Try working into wearing them for the entire shift rather then just wearing them all day the first day.
    I am jealous that you have so many ceremonies. We just have our final pinning and graduation and we don't even get a hat :(
    And wow you have a big class. We started off with 31 and we are down to low 20-something.

    1. oh, that wonderful nursing student uniform is as uncomfortable as it looks ;)
      i have maybe worn my dansko's a total of 1 month since i only had to wear them 5 times this semester, and only had clinical at the hospital once a week last semester. i'll be wearing them more in the fall, and hoping they do break in!
      the next ceremony we have will be our pinning.
      so far, our senior class is the biggest in our school's history.
      last year, there were 50 seniors.
      and again, this fall, they're starting out with another 100.
      we'll see how that goes!!


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