Monday, July 30, 2012

a week of pictures

i've been on "summer break" since thursday, and have not studied one single bit.
it's almost weird because that's all i've been doing for the last year.
non. stop.
well, i did have about a 3 week break over Christmas...
but luckily, with going to school through the summer, 
i've kept pretty busy.
yes, luckily: because Time Is Flying!!!
9 more months of O C Tech, and the ADN program.

it's been nice not having to wake up at 5:00 am every morning.
it's been nice not having to drive an hour every day just to get to school.
it's been nice not having to do clinical paperwork...
it's been nice hanging out with my sweet hailee and not being distracted by school work.
it's been nice forgetting what day of the week it is
it's been nice having coffee every morning - i usually don't drink it during the week.

i've been able to work out almost every day!
this is my favorite ever workout video (VHS - yes, we still use a VCR too)


i usually see results fastest with this video.
because everyone knows: we're all about some instant gratification
even though you can work out really hard and not even notice a difference right away.
it will happen eventually.
i have the body type where if i DON'T work out,
it shows.

and i've been able to eat my favorite salad for lunches too!
it's not easy to pack a salad lunch while i'm in school
so i have been thoroughly enjoying them on this summer break!!


(random thought):
i didn't eat any of these while i was pregnant with hailee.
i was terrified of the whole - eating raw egg/giving her listeria thing.

i've also had time to start listening to some of eric ludy's sermons.
roger discovered him, i don't even know how, and he's pretty much changing our spiritual lives
for the better.


he's the pastor of a church called ellerslie
they're out in Windsor, Colorado - a very beautiful part of the country
*(and a very real future prospective home for our family)
i love the mountains.
sorry this picture is a little blurry...
you get the idea!


and ellerslie church is right at the foot hills of the colorado rockies.
so, yeah...

i've also had my 2nd go at being a wedding singer ;)


minus the whole 80's songs and "julia gulia"
it was a pretty wedding and a lot of fun!

hailee and i got to make her uncle brian a birthday gift and card.
the gift was a stepping stone
(that she wanted to keep for herself .lol.)
and this card we made.


it was a lot of fun.
she loves every opportunity where she gets to be artistic.

she got this new I-spy game for the wii that she loves!!
she has so many books that are search and find (like where's waldo)
we even have a few where's waldo books
they're her favorite!


i've played once with her.
but i'm not super great at the whole video game thing.

and oh, this sweet face...






goes perfectly with her sweet little voice...

i'm using my new Picfx app a lot.
here is a view of some of my favorite apps
just in case you were wondering...
and hailee has her own page of little apps
i gotta have the weather channel app for the Doppler radar!
LOVE the MyFitnessPal app
CNN to stay in the know...
facebook and instagram, of course...
i'm always using google
and photobucket to upload all my iPhone pics.
what are some of your favorite apps?
i'd love to know!!


we've played with her toys


so many toys...


these are her favorites:
my little pony's
lala loopsies
cabage patch kids figurines
the littlest pet-shop pets

so, she'll give me one and say, "you be the mama"
it brings back memories from when i used to get my mom to play with me and my barbies
i also remember thinking:
mom's just don't know how to play with dolls...
i wonder if hailee thinks the same thing when i play with her??
maybe she's not quite old enough to think that yet...

yesterday, we went to my aunt's house on lake murray.
hailee got to swim with a mermaid.
she loved it.


right now, my crock pot is cooking dinner :)
its a new recipe.
thank you pinterest!!
hoping its a good one...
and who knows...
maybe there'll be a side Caesar salad to go with it ;)

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

easy, easy, easy.
let's just hope its: yummy!

ok, hailee's officially down for her nap.
think i'll squeeze in a work-out and some eric ludy!!

i know there was a lot in this post.
a lot of random stuff.
and NOT MUCH having to do with nursing school ;)
i'm looking forward to another 2 weeks of pictures and creativity with my 3 year old.
i'm looking forward to new and different dinners i can cook my family.
i'm looking forward to getting more of my house cleaned up (baby steps..)
i wasn't going to show you, but I WILL... below is a pic of the kitchen BEFORE summer break.
it's now much better!
this is as bad as it gets
(the laundry has been caught up!)
i'm looking forward to listening to more eric ludy sermons


and not sure if you've noticed, but i made a new button for my blog.
if you want it, feel free to take it!!
i'm pretty happy with the way it turned out :)
the link is on the sidebar.


hope y'all have a great week
i know i will!!!


  1. what a cute little girl! happy week to all of you!

    1. thanks ;)
      hope you have a great week too!

  2. you weren't kidding about that pilates VHS!!!

  3. I have a few I switch between: Jillian michael's 30 day shred, & one from the firm.
    But the Pilates is def my favorite!!!

  4. My daughter Harper loves to play with my old 3Gs iPhone. Tozzle (puzzles!) and Monkey Lunch Box are two of her favorite apps. I bet Hailee would like them, too!

    And you should seriously consider Colorado. We are in Utah. It's beautiful in our part of the country, especially if you like to hike, camp, or just be in the mountains.

    1. i will definitely look those apps up!!!
      oh, i would most definitely move out to colorado.
      the only thing that would make me want to stay here in SC is all our family.
      they're all here.
      when i was younger, i wouldn't even hesitate to up and move {and i did too}
      but with hailee, just thinking about taking her away from my parents kills me.
      ya know? it would be hard, but i would so do it!!


say it with a smile.

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