Friday, July 20, 2012

1 more week.

we're rounding that proverbial bend
coming up on the last week of the summer semester
3rd semester done out of 5
and i have to admit,
i'm a little scared.

BUT- only because i know how stressful it's gonna be for the next few days
(until wednesday afternoon)
not scared that i'll fail.
as of now, i have a 92 in NUR 212: nursing care of children

there has been so much paperwork here recently with 
clinicals, IV documentation, service learning..
and i have 1 more video to watch in the media center
{who really has extra time to watch all those videos??}
and like every semester before this one...
i try to start off the whole "video watching thing" strong,
but always end up having to cram in hours in the media center at the end of the semester
watching all those outdated videos 

Monday = NUR 212 test 8
Tuesday = NUR 212 cumulative final exam
Wednesday = pediatrics ATI testing


service learning is officially done
camp kemo was such a huge success!


our presentation yesterday went much better than i expected!
along with our presentation, we made these peanut butter stuffed bugles dipped in chocolate.
everyone loved them.
i'm not a big fan of bugles though
roger kept trying to get them while i was making them
not cool!
it's such a tedious process.
when i started, i had 14 goody bags to fill.
my 1st goody bag ended up with 40 bugles.
after that 1st bag, i changed my mind.
10-15 was more than enough
and just about enough to keep my patience in check :)


now, we're just waiting on our grade

i'm getting the house cleaned all up
roger cleaned the kitchen last night and made it sparkle and shine :)
that man was certainly speaking my love language!
hailee will be on her way home from the beach in about an hour!
i'm so ready for her to get back.
this week has seemed like the longest ever.


we got a couch for $25 from the U-Turn for Christ thrift store
hailee's gonna be so surprised :)
finally, we can all sit together as a family when we watch movies!
and of course, it doesn't match
nothing really does ;)
he started getting a little frustrated putting it together,
hence "the look" he gave me!!!


and now... some myrtle beach fun!!

so, my parents finally jumped feet first into the texting age
and kept sending me sweet pics of my baby while they were at the beach :)
roger and i would gather around my phone every time i got a picture message from them!
hailee's growing up so fast.
almost too fast for my liking. 
and she's into mermaids.
my parents took her to see the pirate's voyage
and all she could talk about was wanting to see and hug a mermaid






^pirate's voyage^


i have totally missed this little chick.
i know she's had fun, but 1 week is a long time!
no doubt, she'll be saying new things when she gets home.
i really need to get some studying in before she gets home too


found this other pic from our senior pinning ceremony
 2 more semesters to go
i think i'm gonna try this for dinner
"forgotten chicken"
i'm always looking for new chicken recipes!
we'll see how it turns out...


  1. good luck with all those tests!! and I think that's awesome you did goodie bags. :) your peers will love you forever.

    1. Lol thanks! This is how it always tends to go. And by this time I'm usually so burnt out from studying. It needs to go by very fast :)

  2. Hey! thanks for following my blog :)

    I'm a nursing student too... I can totally sympathize! Good luck with the rest of your semester! :)

    1. I noticed you were a nursing student too! I'm always looking for fellow nursing student blogs :)


say it with a smile.

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