Thursday, June 28, 2012

not knowing enough about the news.

summer break: thank you so much for finally getting here!!!
even if you are only for the next 10 days.
oh, but sweltering heat minus any rain, you really don't have to hang around.

i want to have a smart blog update, i really do...
in light of all the drama going on with the new health care mandate...

but, honestly:
1. since being in nursing school for the past year, i have had a disconnect from all news/media information and do not know nearly enough to talk about it on here.
2. it also doesn't help that we don't have cable or TV channels (only netflix and that, we don't watch the news on) and have no way of seeing everything going on (i don't really have time to watch it anyway)
3. now that we live on my husband's income alone, and barely make it from paycheck to paycheck, i can see from the side of someone that is struggling enough financially and medicaid is the only option for health insurance. that would be what i'm trying to get for my child - FOR ONE YEAR - until i finish school and get a RN job that has health benefits. because: we don't have the money to drop on emergency visits to the doctor should something go wrong. we have to make it a point to put aside money for the doctor's appointments and monthly prescriptions that we do have, because right now, there's not so much left after bills have been paid and groceries have been bought. OH, yeah, and won't even mention gas... (since i drive an hour to school then an hour home a few days a week).... only 1 more year... (gotta keep telling myself that)
4. if i could afford health insurance for my family, you better believe i would have it.
5. i don't have a strong enough opinion on political stuff to want to dedicate a blog post to it. [i voted for McCain last election]
6. all this craziness/wars/rumors of wars/freak weather issues/governmental mumbo-jumbo has all been predicted as to what was going to happen by a pretty reliable source (the Bible:) and just means we're that much more closer to Jesus' return (maranatha!)

- i don't know what all this will mean for me wanting to be a RN, if it means anything at all.
- from what i've seen, i don't think it will go into effect until 2014, and by that time, i will be out of school, working, and *hopefully* be able to provide health insurance for my family.
- ok, as for the "tax penalty" for the people that choose not to get governmental health insurance: will it make more people decide not to do their taxes at all?? ~ because believe it or not, some people just DON'T file.
we do, but i know some that don't.

i don't have any fun pictures from this week since it's been a little busy.
i'll work on that next week since i'll be with my sweet hailee all week!!!
instead, here is a song :)

james vincent mcmorrow - we don't eat.

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