Thursday, June 21, 2012

flow of thoughts.

want to talk about random?
here is random.

- if my suntan lotion was in my bag (with the cap on), how in the world did it open and unleash tropical fury all over everything else in my bag. LOVE the way it smells - minus the foamy residue.

- after you get some sun (or in my case, a red, red sunburn) is it not supposed to dry out your skin? why did my skin erupt in crazy little red bumps like it did when i was 13? not fair.

- at summer camp when i was a teenager, we saran-wrapped a girl in her bunk bed and put toothpaste all down her arms. while she was sleeping. it was all in good fun. and we were teenagers.

- i was flossing the other day (which time? oh, that would be after lunch. because i could literally floss after i eat anything) and noticed the skin on my face doing this taught 'old skin' look. am i just noticing this because i'm 30 now and everything's different about my skin?

- good water pressure is very important; especially if you have a lot of thick hair (like me) and the hardest setting on the shower head just kind of 'sprinkles' out, NOT washing out all the shampoo. then, i get to walk around all day looking like a grease head. even in a pony tail.

- what could i take a picture of and post on instagram right now? my messy house? the mound of clothes that i've moved from the dryer to the bed? hailee's recent art with my high-lighters? all the papers OUTSIDE of my notebook that need organizing?

- my house will never be as clean as my mom and dad's.

- my mom told me she was bringing hailee to my house the other day before i would have been home from class: thus ensued a massive attempt to 'spic-n-span' anything in sight, shoving things in drawers that normally they don't go in, and even putting dishes in the dishwasher that MUST be washed by hand, just because i don't want them in my sink/on my counter.

- how hard is it to throw something in the trash? my husband [bless his heart] will open something, be it a piece of cheese, the freshness seal on the creamer, the plastic wrap on his hot sauce, the PLASTIC PEG around the bread - and leave it on the kitchen counter, NOT EVEN 2 feet from the trash can. i think he gets distracted.

- my child would much rather eat snacks than meals. it is a battle to get her to eat anything - except when it's not mealtime.

- i should really get back to my 'study guide' i've been trying to put together for the last week.

- is it normal to want to buy all these arts and crafts supplies, and not be good at arts and crafts? because that's me. i have stuff do get all crafty with, but don't know the 1st thing to do with any of it.
[feeling inspired and being artistic are 2 WAY different things;)]

- i really am too busy to be sitting here, typing all this, but sometimes, this is how i think.

- why does everything for the home have to be so expensive?
i wanted curtains in my living room. just curtains. then, i had to think about what curtain rods i wanted. then, i had to get 'tie backs' because every single window in my HOUSE is over a vent (smart idea? idk), then got home and realized we bought nothing to hook the tie backs to once they were on the curtains. THEN, was hanging the curtains and realized that one of them was not like the others... :) yes, we have 2 windows in our living room. my man picked up 3 LONG panel eclipse curtains, and ONE short panel window curtain.
i still hung them :)
it's still noticeable.
i don't care.
when the curtains are closed, it feels like our living room is a cave, because our walls AND CEILING is wood paneling.
roger would live in a dark, dark place if it was his choice.
he wants a room (cave) all his very own one day.
if we ever OWN a house.

- i have broken 3 - count em - 3 blinds in 3 different windows all trying to kill bugs. cheap blinds.

- fish poop a lot. or at least our big goldfish, Nemo does.

- we need more rain. it has been a while since we've gotten any, and IT'S SUMMER PEOPLE!! summer storms are absolutely THE BEST! and when there's nothing happening in the weather, i don't get to check my Doppler radar app as much on my iPhone ;)

- my child knows how to work my iPhone as good as (if not better) than i do. she can make it do things i didn't even know possible. like, when the apps all wiggle with an 'X' in the top corners of them - i STILL don't know how she does it.

- my fave iPhone game: bejeweled.

- my iPhone takes better pictures than my camera.
i would much rather use it than the camera.
where is my camera? i don't even know where it is right now.
when i graduate nursing school in 11 months, i will get one of those fancy DSL cameras.
i won't know how to use it.
but it will be fun to play with!

Saturday = grocery day pizza lunch.
never fails.
i get to the grocery store and cannot even fathom making lunch when i get home, no matter how much food i'm surrounded by.

- i have slammed the front (back) door on someone's face trying to keep an evil, flying, stinging BUG out of my house. not on purpose, it was a reflex.

- bugs tend to make me scream (on occasion) i fear my child has seen me scream at one too many bugs.

- i see some clouds trying to come up outside. yes, i just checked my Doppler app. the radar is clear. fear not = nothing is coming my way in the form of a storm.

- if i lived in a neighborhood, i just might start running. i miss running. i used to run. i don't live in a 'runner friendly' place right now. i would not run down Barr Rd if you paid me. it might make me sprain my ankles. both of them.

- Speaking of Barr Rd... it takes me 5 minutes to get from my house to the end of the road, leading to lexington ON A GOOD DAY! usually, what happens is, i get behind someone going 35 mph when the speed limit is 45. i drive a stick shift. 35 mph is RIGHT in between 4th and 5th gears.

- i'm trying to decide what i want to cook for dinner tonight. i have chicken, and i have pinterest. gotta go find something compatible with my picky 3 year old eater. she doesn't like 'sauce' on her chicken.
sauce = ketchup/bbq sauce/mustard/anything that remotely has flavor...

- wish i had more time for: bible studies, church ministries, blogging, hanging out with my family, working out, hanging out with friends, reading, pinterest, creating stuff, song writing/guitar playing...  2 more semesters to go...

- i could go on and on.

- but, my husband will probably be home soon and this house sho ain't gon clean itself.



  1. haha. I looove random. and I love good water pressure. you are right ... there is nothing worse. oh except for smelly well water. that's worse. trust me, I recently had to take about 6 showers in well water. I grew up with it, so I'm used to it ... but it's still awful.

    1. We have well water but it smells ok. Not crazy about the taste... We share the well with our neighbor. Once, he forgot about his electric bill & when they cut his electricity off - I was in mid shower. Our water was cut off since the well is in his yard. I had to dip freezing, gross water out the back of the toilet just to get the shampoo out of my hair!!!


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