Friday, May 18, 2012

picture ID's and who you are.

I have 3 - count em - 3 different ID badges right now.
I'm kind of a big deal.

I have my OC Tech ID badge [of course]
I have my +RMC ID badge
and this morning, I got my Palmetto Health Richland ID badge.
I've never had so many plastic cards with my picture/name on them at one time!!
I'm not horribly crazy about all the pictures, but whatever.

1st week of 3rd semester is over.
Oh, and what a LONG week it has been!
Most of this week, I had to double check what day it was - throughout the day.
2 days this week, I was in school basically from 8:30 am until 7:30 & 8:30 pm.
Recertification in CPR and Basic life saving First Aid.
I came home both nights and almost immediately went to bed.
Our 1st test is Tuesday, so maybe I should really get to studying this stuff...
10 weeks left in the semester!

This morning, we had our orientation to psychiatric nursing [pediatric style] and I got home around 12:30 pm, with all intensive purposes of having a cup [or 4] of coffee.
It was gone.
No coffee :(
I haven't had any all week - and coming home to an empty coffee container made me sad.

I got some good time in last week with Hailee before classes started back.

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she is all about painting and creating stuff.
no complaints here.


I love to watch her get all serious about something.

and, we went to the Riverbanks Zoo with aunt Cynthia and Sammi.
The girls loved it.


and got to run out a lot of energy


I loved that ;)


and there was a little bird feeding going on.
I took pictures from a safe distance.

Something triggered a reflecting moment in me the other day.

NORMALLY - I listen to WMHK, a Christian radio station, when I'm in my car.
The only thing about that station is they tend to get on kicks, playing the same songs [which I love - at first] relentlessly. I find myself singing to them, not even realizing I'm doing it - like, mechanically or something.
So, I decide to switch it up a little and see what's playing on the other stations when a song comes on that plays at least once every time I get in my car.
I turned to WARQ - a station I used to listen to 3 years ago - but kind of stopped listening to it when everything started happening with Roger, and U-Turn, and getting involved in playing worship for the church.
WARQ & WNOK... was phased out of my life slowly.

The song that was playing on WARQ [the rock alternative] made me feel - different - than it used to.
I was much more aware of the words, and how they were against everything I now stand for.
It wasn't a good feeling. I wondered why I used to like listening to that [and Marylin Manson, and Nine Inch Nails, and Rage Against The Machine] so much in the past.
[I can see and feel that my heart has changed toward things like music, movies and TV shows.]

I don't usually just casually flip through the stations either, but I kept it on there for a little bit longer and the DJ came on and started talking - doing what DJ's do best - and was broadcasting LIVE from a strip club.

and..... another not so good feeling came over me.

Definitely NOT what I want to be listening to around my 3 year old.
Don't get me wrong, I do still listen to some secular music, but for the most part, what I find playing on the old radio stations I used to listen to is not something I'd want Hailee to listen to now or when she grows up.
Children are so perceptive to what they hear and see.
They soak it all up like little sponges.
I'm not trying to be overly protective of my daughter, but I want to guard her precious heart.
and I want her to take things that enter her mind, and ears seriously, because:
"Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." -Matthew 12:34
what you choose to listen to and watch REALLY DOES affect the way you live your life, and the things you are comfortable saying.

And that is one of the reasons I don't listen to those stations any more.
WMHK - the Christian station - is literally one I can listen to and not have to worry about them saying anything I wouldn't say Myself, around Hailee.
The music is good, but I would Love for them to have more of a variety out there because I can't stand hearing songs get "played out"

We don't watch regular TV either. We have Netflix - mainly for the kid shows.
I don't have time for TV.
I don't miss it either.
I have a doppler radar app on my phone and that's pretty much all I need...

And Another Thing - you don't know how people see you unless they bluntly tell you.
I am NOT the same person I was 3 years ago.
I am very much a different person [still fully flawed, but trying, nonetheless].
I don't say curse words, I don't talk about people, I don't even watch movies and TV shows that I wouldn't want my 3 year old to watch.
It all affects who I am as a person, a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister...
and people notice that.
I'm in class with my friends for very long periods of time.
We are with each other more than we are with our families.
We know each other very well [some more than others].
and they know me as sweet, and quiet.
I surprise them when I lose my patience with people and say things that I normally don't and shouldn't.
not so sweet and innocent anymore huh...
Then, I feel bad about it because that's not really who I am.

I'm supposed to love everyone.
Because that's what I belive.
In loving God, you have to love people.
Everyone is known for something.

This is just what I've been thinking about the last few days.
Now, off to study guides and my little pony's.
Hailee's about to wake up from her nap and I gotta get this house clean before Roger gets home from work ;)


  1. My husband is going into his junior year of nursing school... I have to hand it to you... having a family and going through that program is tough! I hope it will all be worth it in the end! Your daughter is adorable!

    1. Yes it is very tough. We've had many arguments because of nursing school. It's stressful on the whole family. I hope things aren't too crazy for y'all right now :) I'm hoping summer will be a little more laid. Back.

  2. I have a bunch of IDs too and I look AWFUL in every one of them. For some reason i never smile 100% when being photographed for an id card. Awkward. I hate to have to use them!

    1. Honestly, I don't think I've ever had a good one either :) I just don't look at them much...

  3. hang in there with your program. and seriously, i swear they TRY to make IDs as unflattering as possible. ha found you via the wiegands :)

    1. I love reading Casey's posts!! Thanks and im definitely gonna hang in there. 1 more year & I'll be a RN :) I still am not completely sure what part of nursing I'll persue but I have time.


say it with a smile.

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