Thursday, May 3, 2012

hardest. semester . ever!

i have to say... i had this already typed up [not saved, because it usually does it for me every few seconds] and photobucket froze, so i had to ctrl-alt-delete and lost it all :( starting over...

BY FAR - this semester was the hardest yet.
even including the semesters at Midland's Tech where I was getting my pre-reqs to get my X-ray tech degree. Hailee surprised us, and when it was time to go back to school, I thought I'd rather do nursing instead.

I made A's in everything... except Micro :\
I have never said this, but - I've never been so satisfied with anything lower than an A in my whole college career!
Micro is a monster!
HAD I only been taking Micro [and no other nursing courses] I would have made an A. But, all of the material in all of my classes was very tough, and one had to suffer more than the others.

i celebrated with a cupcake - don't judge :)
My GPA was good enough to get this sweet letter.
I will be a "marshall" in the senior's pinning ceremony tonight!
It really is an honor.
I get to wear a white sash, and hand out programs :)
We're finally getting our class picture taken in our formal nursing uniforms - cap and all!
definitely looking forward to that.

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We had a luncheon for the seniors last week [i think...] and these were the place cards on our tables.
we're not freshmen anymore.
Kinda crazy to go from a freshman to a senior, but with a 2 year program, that's how it works ;)


This was at the luncheon with 2 of our instructors and a few classmates.


Love them :)
I remember thinking back in August, when I first started school, our class is so big [100+], how are they ever going to learn our names?
they know our names...
they know our strengths and weaknesses...
and they know us :)
Their patience, and experince is helping us learn all the skills we will carry forward in becoming RNs.
I am so lucky to be part of a program where the instructors genuinely care about the students and are willing to help in any way possible to get us where we need to be!


I'm so glad to have gotten through this brutal week - what am I saying??
I MEAN, this brutal SEMESTER!
It has been tough.
It has been trying.
It has been exhausting.
It has been fulfilling.
I would not want to do it over again - but I also wouldn't trade the experiences I've had for anything :)

Some of our classmates will not be moving forward to the summer semester.
Its very sad that they aren't going to be around because these people are who we spend most of our days with.
We share laughs, we share struggles, we stress out together, and share accomplishments together.
We know about each other's issuses even outside of school [since we are together so much of the day].
Classmates are like a second family :)
It's not easy to not have them around any more.


this drink - COFFEE - helped me 'power through' this last week full of tests and hard core exams.
some of the exams -  i was VERY worried about.
When you have 2 very difficult exams the next day, it's not easy picking JUST one to focus on.
I am so ready to get all my NUR 111, NUR 161, PSY 203, and BIO 225 stuff together, and retire it to "the shelf".
Oh, and that 60 page process paper I turned in a month ago = 93/A

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I have been very preoccupied with school, trying to get this last week finished up.
Hailee played me some music one day to help me study.
her songs are the best :)

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here she is singing a little for me.


I was making breakfast one morning, not paying any attention to what hailee was doing and she kept trying to get my attention. She said, "LOOK MOMMY! The pony's are hanging on"
Yep, that's my child :)
You can never guess what her next move will be.
You never know what she'll say.
She's pretty unpredictable.
Just one of the many things I love about this sweet child of mine.

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for dinner one night, I made pot roast with carrots, potatoes, celery and onions.
She said, "mommy, this is the best dinner ever!"
My child usually turns her nose up at the things I cook.
She's just never really interested in eating.
I wish that was the case with me :)

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Roger got some stick on Mustache's for his 30th birthday.
We did some family shots wearing them.
Hailee picked out the hugest one for herself [i guess to match her personality].
We let her wear the Chaplin 'stache.
It fit her a little better!

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Hailee LOVED it!

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daddy daughter mustaches

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mustache family

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This was a fun little break where we all laughed together as a family amidst studying for exams.

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I found another app to play with.
It's "My Sketch"
not too bad!
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TONIGHT - is the senior pinning ceremony.
Tomorrow, is my last clinical for the semester.
Then, I get a week to breathe [aka, not study]
Foreign concept ;)

Guess I won't have an excuse to NOT get caught up on the laundry, my messy desk, the kitchen, cooking 'wholesome' meals for my family...

Roger is doing lots of fun stuff in the yard here lately, but it's hard for me to be outside so much [bugs...]
This week, the flies have started attacking us.
NEVER have I swatted at a fly and it came back to 'get' me!!
They must really be asking for it, huh!

Have I mentioned how much I love watching my husband working in our yard?
i do :)
He will always be a landscaper in his heart [thanks James & Dave, with Trinity Landscaping in Lexington, SC].
When Roger was going through his second phase [6 months] of U-Turn for Christ discipleship program, he worked for them, and has thoroughly enjoyed any type of landscape work ever since.

I'm at school right now, trying to pass some time before the pinning ceremony tonight.
with nothing to study.
the campus is quiet. for the moment...

Have a great week y'all!
I'll try to take lots of pictures and get all the Roger and Hailee time I can!!


  1. oh goodness, those mustache pictures are absolutely perfect, and her singing for you...precious!!
    xo TJ

    1. Thanks :) this child sings all day long. She's a mess! Awesome to find your blog too!! Thanks for stopping by.


say it with a smile.

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