Monday, August 6, 2012


The semester is coming to the end and I just figured out yesterday, ALL of the things that we have to do in the next 2 weeks. I think we’re all slightly overwhelmed {just like last semester} at everything ahead of us.
ALL of the tests we have to take in the next 2 weeks.
ALL of the studying we have to do in the next 2 weeks.
Here is what my next 2 weeks will look like.
It will all come to an end on May 4.
Then, I will have a week until it starts again. 


I think we're all about ready for the semester to end. All of these tests all clumped together are a little ridiculous. And I know they say to study "by and along the way" but seriously, I have so many tests here lately that I can only dedicate one day per test. I'm pretty good at memorizing things but after the test is over - that's it. It's hard to recall that info again.
I know my parents are willing to let hailee hang out over there more in the next 2 weeks but I'm gonna miss seeing my little pumpkin! It's hard being away from her.
Roger turns 30 Saturday :) I may have enough free time to make sure we have a birthday dinner as a family but then I gotta start cramming info in my head for my micro lab practical next week.
I just know these next 2 weeks are going to fly - because that's NOT what I want to happen. That just makes all these tests come closer & faster together.
So yes, these next 2 weeks are going to be very difficult. A cupcake may be in order when it's all said and done.

I was on my way to Orangeburg this morning and saw an 18 wheeler pulled over on the side of the road. I noticed all of the other 18 wheelers moving into the leftlane to give him some extra space (as they usually do for their own). As I wascoming up near the 18 wheeler, I saw the driver get out, look around, and takeoff running towards the back of his rig while the traffic was all in the leftlane.
Then, it happened.
I watched him trip.
He took a flying leap and landed on the ground at the back of his rig.
The (student) nurse in me surged with a flow of emotions.
It hurt my heart to see him fall. I wanted to turn around and make sure he wasOK. I wanted to make sure he made it out of the road before he fell.
But by then, I was already ½ mile away.

I’m going to be a nurse. It is most definitely a “right” decision



This is draw something. It's kinda like pictionary. I have spurts where I can play when I have time in between studying. It's fun!!

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Roger took Hailee up to the church to let me study one day a few weeks ago and on their walk up, he picked some "sour weed". I had never heard of it but I guess you just eat the bottom part of the plant? Anyway, Hailee's a pro at it now and she showed me how to eat sour weed.
I was sweeping sour weed up off the kitchen floor for a while.

here are a few more of hailee's little things she's left on my phone.
i will never get tired of seeing these.

I'm finishing this from my iPhone so I hope it turns out right.. This is pretty much the only time I'll be able to get on here & there are micro notes sitting in front of me- begging for my attention.
To all my sweet classmates: 2 more weeks & we'll be seniors. Ready for our week of break!!!!
Happy studying y'all :)


  1. whoaa! hun. i really pray you survive. :) kidding. but seriously. that's crazy. huge admiring thoughts being sent your way.

    happy wednesday friend!

    1. Thanks!!! I'm going to need all the prayers I can get for next week!

  2. Oh my goodness, your schedule looks ca-ray-zy! Good luck with all of it! Hopefully you can take lots of Draw Something breaks - I love that game! It totally cracks me up. And Hailee is super cute : )

    1. And I'm so glad that week is over :) not many draw something breaks. But I definitely will get caught back up on it now!!!

  3. Well bless your busy heart. bless the heck right out of it.

    Your Draw Somethings are classic, totally.

    1. oh geez!!!
      i was messing with my blog and somehow put this post at the top of my list, from april/may??
      this is literally how the end of EVERY semester is.
      my next semester starts monday.
      thanks for stopping by!!
      and by the way: i love stalking your blog :)

  4. oh man, you're getting so stinking close. Seniors!
    And I held my breath the entire time you were telling the story about the guy falling down. eek.


say it with a smile.

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