Sunday, March 25, 2012

pushin on through.

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and this, my friends, is my finished nursing process paper on acute renal failure :)
all 60 pages of it. [+ 4 printed medical journal articles]
done. and done.

honestly, i didn't print it out as soon as i finished it. i'm pretty sure i went over it again and again, like 5 times - citing the ever living daylights out of it (because in APA style, you cite A-H-N-Y-TH-I-NGA that is not your original thought or idea).

then, with a little reluctance, i did it.
i pushed print!! and i am not looking back.

this paper has been a month in the making. i hope i don't have to write another one like this for a loooooong time. i've learned more than i've ever known about kidney failure.

today, while i was putting the "finishing touches" on my paper, i gave hailee an assignment she squealed with joy over :)
painting some sun-catchers :) she really puts her ALL into art projects. it's serious business y'all!!

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and the finished products [which she cannot keep her little paws off them]
she was so proud of them. especially the unicorn!!


this semester is absolutely flying.
one more year and we'll be done. Registered Nurses. there are some people in my class going on for their BSN [and one day, maybe i will too] but for right now, RN is great for me :)

is it wrong that my husband and i are already talking about taking a trip to disney world when i graduate next year?? i think not! hailee will be 4 by then and able to enjoy it. it will be our 1st family vacation. and a fun graduation present after all this time spent in the books and distanced from my precious family!!

back to reality -
i have to raise my virtual child [psych 203] to 18 by wednesday.... teenagers.... ;)
there's a lot of stuff going on in that class too - really trying not to get behind in everything.

it feels so good to retire my nursing fundamentals book [from 1st semester] back to the shelf in my closet, along with the medical dictionaries and other books i've had cluttering my desk while writing this paper. don't get me wrong, my desk is still a disaster area - just with a few less books hanging out.

now i can focus on the cardiac test that is next. i dont' even know when my next MICRO test is.
i DO know that there's 6 more weeks until summer :) then, i think there's at least a week of no classes before we start our summer semester - pediatrics!!!! kids are great :) old people are too :)

just playin around - she was singing me the pages of her strawberry shortcake book - not reading them, singing them. (B.B.B.B.B.Berry) and didn't realize i was taping her at first.
silly girl. she grabbed my phone and watched the video over and over, laughing hysterically every time! she says, "HERE, i'm about to wiggle here!!!


clinicals are going wonderfully well!!
i'm learning tons!
and it's tough stuff.
long days.
swollen, aching feet. i think some one's even lost a toe nail ;)
lots of paperwork (not this week - only nursing paper due).
gross stuff (which does NOT bother me as much as i thought it would - really).

all the people in my clinical group (there's 6 of us) are the best. we get along better and get to know each other more every week. i love being around them. they make me smile :) there's always someone there, willing to lend a hand when it's needed, and that's just awesome! we're all learning this stuff together and it really helps when there are great people around you, making you laugh the whole way...

and just throwing this in there - my love of editing pictures - even though i'm not the best at it.
the difference a filter makes :) instagram is fun!


hailee's got a lorax mustache!!! she wasn't very thrilled.
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these are the kinds of pictures that show up on my iPhone when hailee plays the barbie fashionistas app. i don't even know if she knows what she's doing.

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i need to start on my cardiac system study guide questions (i've got the 1st question typed up - not the answer yet), but really needed this break to unwind from that paper and laugh at my silly girl.
she tried to wake us up at 6 AM this morning - i pulled her in bed with us and she slept for about another hour and a half.
if momma don't have to wake up early - we sleep :) and momma has to wake up early a lot!!

i even started working out again [if you can count 3 days in the last 4 - i'm doing good! not quite "I work out and I know it" good] but my body appreciates it. it's gotten a little "soft" since starting nursing school. not happy about that - trying to fix it.

Oh, the dishes are calling my name. [i'm ignoring them]
there's clothes in the dryer. [they've been there for the last 8 hours - they're not going anywhere]
i tried a new crock pot recipe today that totally failed - and  i gotta go clean THAT up.
and i need to get myself prepared for tomorrow - another day of school :)

and with that - the weekend comes to an end.
have a great week y'all :)


  1. wow.... 60 pages?! god bless!!!

    love the lorax mustache!

    1. Thanks :) my clinical instructor's paper was close to 100 pages when she was in school. Just so glad it's a hurdle jumped! & the lorax app was a free app - putting the stache on a pic was the only thing it did.

  2. My husband's in going to school for his BSN right now, so I know where you're coming from :) It's a lot of work!!! You should totally go to Disney World when you graduate... get a massage... breathe a sigh of relief! You have a little artist in the making :)

    1. It's A lot of work! I'm enjoying it because I love to learn but I will be glad when it's over. 3 semesters to go & then a welcomed break :)


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