Sunday, March 18, 2012

let panic mode commence.

it's our last official day of spring break :(
honestly, i don't feel like i've gotten enough done over the break.

tonight i will cram my brain full of gastrointestinal information - because the test is tomorrow.

as i type this, i am taking a break from writing on my nursing process paper - i have to finish my care plan section, then i think i'll be pretty much finished. CARE PLANS take TIME!!! the first one i ever had to do took me 3 hours to complete. just to give you an idea of what a care plan is ...
this needs to be filled out after everything has been thoroughly researched...
[i finally finished all 5 of them!!!! hopefully they won't be butchered too much when they get 'checked over']

i don't think anyone but my fellow nursing students understand just how ready i am to be completely done with this process paper. i have JUST THIS WEEK reached the point of being completely organized when it comes to all the paper work i've had to keep up with in writing this paper. i finally no longer have to go searching in 4 different places to find my detailed lab reports, full physical assessment, history and previous health problems, physician's plan of action and notes, list of pt medications, previously corrected and updated parts of my paper, normal lab values..... and so on and so on. i know where it all is just as i am wrapping up this paper.
i think right now we're all (all my class mates) a little bit chaotically scrambling around trying to get ready for the next 2 weeks - mentally and physically.
i think we're all slightly overwhelmed.
again - i love my class mates!! we are really trying to help each other out - with study guides and finding missing information and finishing these papers - it's been great being a part of all this nursing student camaraderie.

thumbellina is playing in the background and my child is incessantly asking me questions. [while i'm trying to furiously work on these care plans]

i really have enjoyed getting to spend more time with my family this week, but there was so much that needed to be caught up on and studied, that it wasn't really a "break".
  • our GI test is monday (still working on those study guides and it's making me crazy)
  • my clinical group's final 2 sections of the process paper are due monday for proof reading
  • our pharmacology test is wednesday (i missed that class last week b/c of stomach virus) and honestly - i won't even start studying for that until after the GI test tomorrow...
  • in my psych 203 class, i have to have my virtual child raised to 18 (or 16??) in 2 days (he's 10 now and that = answering questions and writing responses to other questions = time consuming)
  • and i don't even know what's going on in micro - since i missed the last class b/c of stomach virus.

my child is so funny. i laugh at her and the things she comes up with all the time.

she'll tell on me in a heart beat too - like how i screamed and we were chased into the house after a humongous bee wouldn't go away when we were outside the other day. [mommy's not very outdoor-sy]

the pollen is out and all over everything!
i'm pretty sure i've developed an allergy to it since turning 30...
NEVER has pollen bothered me before this year.
i'm all sorts of stopped up and sneezy but i don't feel like i have a cold so i'm pretty sure it's just allergies to the yellow stuff.

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craft time. i'm not very crafty, but hailee is into art stuff lately and i'm really trying to encourage it.

this started out to be "i love you daddy" in red glitter glue - she got a little carried away with the sequin stuff ;)

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this child loves being outside.
the rain has completely bypassed us here in lexington this weekend.
i've been watching and waiting for it - but sadly, it dodged us.

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reading one of the many magazines i haven't been able to look at due to my lack of "free time". why do i have magazine subscriptions?? i have a good mind to cancel them and start a subscription for some medical/nursing journals. they could be beneficial in the long run with all this research paper stuff - just not sure which ones would be good ones to invest in.

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it has been a windows open kind of week - minus the 80 something degree mid-afternoons... maybe that's why my sinuses are being so bad - but windows open just makes me so happy :)

did winter ever really happen this year? i don't think there have been enough cold days here to justify it. i'm not complaining though.
we grilled steaks/brats/corn on the cob last night and it was fabulous sitting out on our back porch, watching hailee run around in the yard.

now on to more school work. 7 more weeks once we get back from spring break - then we may get another week long break before summer semester starts! that will officially make us seniors :)
here's to hoping this time flies - uneventfully and pleasantly.

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