Sunday, March 25, 2012

pushin on through.

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and this, my friends, is my finished nursing process paper on acute renal failure :)
all 60 pages of it. [+ 4 printed medical journal articles]
done. and done.

honestly, i didn't print it out as soon as i finished it. i'm pretty sure i went over it again and again, like 5 times - citing the ever living daylights out of it (because in APA style, you cite A-H-N-Y-TH-I-NGA that is not your original thought or idea).

then, with a little reluctance, i did it.
i pushed print!! and i am not looking back.

this paper has been a month in the making. i hope i don't have to write another one like this for a loooooong time. i've learned more than i've ever known about kidney failure.

today, while i was putting the "finishing touches" on my paper, i gave hailee an assignment she squealed with joy over :)
painting some sun-catchers :) she really puts her ALL into art projects. it's serious business y'all!!

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and the finished products [which she cannot keep her little paws off them]
she was so proud of them. especially the unicorn!!


this semester is absolutely flying.
one more year and we'll be done. Registered Nurses. there are some people in my class going on for their BSN [and one day, maybe i will too] but for right now, RN is great for me :)

is it wrong that my husband and i are already talking about taking a trip to disney world when i graduate next year?? i think not! hailee will be 4 by then and able to enjoy it. it will be our 1st family vacation. and a fun graduation present after all this time spent in the books and distanced from my precious family!!

back to reality -
i have to raise my virtual child [psych 203] to 18 by wednesday.... teenagers.... ;)
there's a lot of stuff going on in that class too - really trying not to get behind in everything.

it feels so good to retire my nursing fundamentals book [from 1st semester] back to the shelf in my closet, along with the medical dictionaries and other books i've had cluttering my desk while writing this paper. don't get me wrong, my desk is still a disaster area - just with a few less books hanging out.

now i can focus on the cardiac test that is next. i dont' even know when my next MICRO test is.
i DO know that there's 6 more weeks until summer :) then, i think there's at least a week of no classes before we start our summer semester - pediatrics!!!! kids are great :) old people are too :)

just playin around - she was singing me the pages of her strawberry shortcake book - not reading them, singing them. (B.B.B.B.B.Berry) and didn't realize i was taping her at first.
silly girl. she grabbed my phone and watched the video over and over, laughing hysterically every time! she says, "HERE, i'm about to wiggle here!!!


clinicals are going wonderfully well!!
i'm learning tons!
and it's tough stuff.
long days.
swollen, aching feet. i think some one's even lost a toe nail ;)
lots of paperwork (not this week - only nursing paper due).
gross stuff (which does NOT bother me as much as i thought it would - really).

all the people in my clinical group (there's 6 of us) are the best. we get along better and get to know each other more every week. i love being around them. they make me smile :) there's always someone there, willing to lend a hand when it's needed, and that's just awesome! we're all learning this stuff together and it really helps when there are great people around you, making you laugh the whole way...

and just throwing this in there - my love of editing pictures - even though i'm not the best at it.
the difference a filter makes :) instagram is fun!


hailee's got a lorax mustache!!! she wasn't very thrilled.
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these are the kinds of pictures that show up on my iPhone when hailee plays the barbie fashionistas app. i don't even know if she knows what she's doing.

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i need to start on my cardiac system study guide questions (i've got the 1st question typed up - not the answer yet), but really needed this break to unwind from that paper and laugh at my silly girl.
she tried to wake us up at 6 AM this morning - i pulled her in bed with us and she slept for about another hour and a half.
if momma don't have to wake up early - we sleep :) and momma has to wake up early a lot!!

i even started working out again [if you can count 3 days in the last 4 - i'm doing good! not quite "I work out and I know it" good] but my body appreciates it. it's gotten a little "soft" since starting nursing school. not happy about that - trying to fix it.

Oh, the dishes are calling my name. [i'm ignoring them]
there's clothes in the dryer. [they've been there for the last 8 hours - they're not going anywhere]
i tried a new crock pot recipe today that totally failed - and  i gotta go clean THAT up.
and i need to get myself prepared for tomorrow - another day of school :)

and with that - the weekend comes to an end.
have a great week y'all :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

let panic mode commence.

it's our last official day of spring break :(
honestly, i don't feel like i've gotten enough done over the break.

tonight i will cram my brain full of gastrointestinal information - because the test is tomorrow.

as i type this, i am taking a break from writing on my nursing process paper - i have to finish my care plan section, then i think i'll be pretty much finished. CARE PLANS take TIME!!! the first one i ever had to do took me 3 hours to complete. just to give you an idea of what a care plan is ...
this needs to be filled out after everything has been thoroughly researched...
[i finally finished all 5 of them!!!! hopefully they won't be butchered too much when they get 'checked over']

i don't think anyone but my fellow nursing students understand just how ready i am to be completely done with this process paper. i have JUST THIS WEEK reached the point of being completely organized when it comes to all the paper work i've had to keep up with in writing this paper. i finally no longer have to go searching in 4 different places to find my detailed lab reports, full physical assessment, history and previous health problems, physician's plan of action and notes, list of pt medications, previously corrected and updated parts of my paper, normal lab values..... and so on and so on. i know where it all is just as i am wrapping up this paper.
i think right now we're all (all my class mates) a little bit chaotically scrambling around trying to get ready for the next 2 weeks - mentally and physically.
i think we're all slightly overwhelmed.
again - i love my class mates!! we are really trying to help each other out - with study guides and finding missing information and finishing these papers - it's been great being a part of all this nursing student camaraderie.

thumbellina is playing in the background and my child is incessantly asking me questions. [while i'm trying to furiously work on these care plans]

i really have enjoyed getting to spend more time with my family this week, but there was so much that needed to be caught up on and studied, that it wasn't really a "break".
  • our GI test is monday (still working on those study guides and it's making me crazy)
  • my clinical group's final 2 sections of the process paper are due monday for proof reading
  • our pharmacology test is wednesday (i missed that class last week b/c of stomach virus) and honestly - i won't even start studying for that until after the GI test tomorrow...
  • in my psych 203 class, i have to have my virtual child raised to 18 (or 16??) in 2 days (he's 10 now and that = answering questions and writing responses to other questions = time consuming)
  • and i don't even know what's going on in micro - since i missed the last class b/c of stomach virus.

my child is so funny. i laugh at her and the things she comes up with all the time.

she'll tell on me in a heart beat too - like how i screamed and we were chased into the house after a humongous bee wouldn't go away when we were outside the other day. [mommy's not very outdoor-sy]

the pollen is out and all over everything!
i'm pretty sure i've developed an allergy to it since turning 30...
NEVER has pollen bothered me before this year.
i'm all sorts of stopped up and sneezy but i don't feel like i have a cold so i'm pretty sure it's just allergies to the yellow stuff.

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craft time. i'm not very crafty, but hailee is into art stuff lately and i'm really trying to encourage it.

this started out to be "i love you daddy" in red glitter glue - she got a little carried away with the sequin stuff ;)

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this child loves being outside.
the rain has completely bypassed us here in lexington this weekend.
i've been watching and waiting for it - but sadly, it dodged us.

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reading one of the many magazines i haven't been able to look at due to my lack of "free time". why do i have magazine subscriptions?? i have a good mind to cancel them and start a subscription for some medical/nursing journals. they could be beneficial in the long run with all this research paper stuff - just not sure which ones would be good ones to invest in.

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it has been a windows open kind of week - minus the 80 something degree mid-afternoons... maybe that's why my sinuses are being so bad - but windows open just makes me so happy :)

did winter ever really happen this year? i don't think there have been enough cold days here to justify it. i'm not complaining though.
we grilled steaks/brats/corn on the cob last night and it was fabulous sitting out on our back porch, watching hailee run around in the yard.

now on to more school work. 7 more weeks once we get back from spring break - then we may get another week long break before summer semester starts! that will officially make us seniors :)
here's to hoping this time flies - uneventfully and pleasantly.

Monday, March 12, 2012

a week with my girl.

March is definitely in full swing!
Windows have been opened to let in all the fresh air.
Time outside has been spent exploring. And Hailee brings me flowers each time we go outside. It takes me back to when I used to get my mom and grandmothers flowers every time I went outside. Happy spring memories!

I'm welcoming spring break. My husband was like "I wish I got a week off..."
yes, I will not be driving an hour down to Orangeburg every day this week, but there is much to be done.
My 4th nursing test on the Gastrointestinal system will be THE MONDAY we get back. And it's a big test. There are still 2 lectures I need to look over on our mediasite website that were recorded for us because we all missed a lecture.

Side Note:: All of us nursing students attended a funeral of one of our semi-retired nursing instructors, Mrs. "D", who had been with O-C Tech's nursing program for many many years as an instructor. She was an amazing woman and so much fun to be around. We were all in our Full Formal Nursing uniforms with caps and all to honor her at her funeral. We all took up about one half of the church.

I also need to finish my nursing process paper. I am so glad my clinical instructor gave us dates to turn our papers in to be checked a few sections at a time. I don't really have a whole lot to do on it - just tweaking some sections, adding some details, correcting a few citations, and maybe just one section to write. It's already 22 pages!!! But there are some clinical groups that weren't required to do what we did - and they haven't even started on their papers. [Did I mention the papers are due March 27?]  To them, I say, Good luck!! and hopefully it won't take the better part of their spring break working on that blasted paper. I'm just ready to be done with it. I still need to find 2 journal articles to reference in my paper - MAY NEED SOME HELP HERE FELLOW CLASS FRIENDS - it seems like it's been 10 years since our media center lecture on that certain website and I dont' remember a thing!! So, kindly email me if you're reading this and remember where to find it - or just to remind me where we can get our journal articles from. I know they can't be over 5 years old. Thanks! Mean it :)

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Ok, in my previous post, I filled yall in on my bout with the Norovirus - which I may or may not have published - but I finally did end up making it to school Friday for the EKG workshop. I was struggling through the 1st part of it because my strenght was not all there.
I thought I was good because Saturday was symptom free. But Sunday morning (yesterday) I was supposed to keep nursery at my church, and dang if that norovirus didn't try to make it's way back into my system!! I couldn't stay out of the bathroom, but Thank Goodness I wasn't throwing up. Not quite sure how I would've handled that!!

This has been my 1st cup of coffee since getting sick. And I was only able to have one cup.
My stomach is still super tender and I don't have much of an appetite at all.
But this is not what I had in mind when I said I wanted to lose some weight.


impromptu game of hide and seek with daddy...
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you found me!!!

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new life.
Hailee planted her Chinese forget-me-nots in the tiny pot and they are sprouting! Daddy already told her not to touch them - and that's ALL she wants to do...

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Shopping at the Family Christian Bookstore. She pretty much can't keep her hands off anything. Super curious nowadays :)

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Found a book to read while we were browsing.

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She let me do her hair in pig-tails one day last week and it lasted a few hours. She cannot stand for anyone to mess with her hair. She's obsessed with someone's hair being 'down'. When I talk to her on the phone, the 1st thing she asks me is "you got your hair down?" and it's the first thing she looks for when she sees me. Unfortunately for her, my hair is almost never down. I'm not a big fan of it being in my face, so I'm a pony tail kinda girl. She's not.


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Enjoying some Sunday rest time with daddy.

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There's a balloon up there - she got it from "chick-a-lay". The next day, the balloon was on the floor. She was not happy.

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here's one of the flowers she picked for me :) [weed]

Playing with TOYS!!

Goodness knows the girl has enough toys. I'm so ready to go through that toy box and just start pitching everything she doesn't play with. But that would be a full day event. I have not had time for anything like that since starting this semester.

I was just changing her sheets on her bed and had her pillows on the floor. I turned around to find she had lined up all her "lala loopsie" dolls, and a mommy and a dog from her loving family play set. They're all holding hands too :)

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2 loads of laundry done.
Living room picked up a little bit.
Gonna start on our bedroom floor and the kitchen - just can't figure out what I want to do 1st.
Waiting on it to warm up a little more then going to hang outside for a bit.

Yay for Daylight Savings time and longer, sunnier days ahead :)
To all my fellow classmates, hope you find time to enjoy your spring break. I'm gonna try too!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Tuesday - I studied pretty much all day long for this micro test I (was supposed to have) Wednesday.
I went to bed after an otherwise normal day, around 11pm - ready to get up at 5:30 a.m. and conquer that test!!

my body had other plans...

at about 2 a.m. it started.
the stomach virus that has been absolutely VIRAL for a while now. I don't even know where I got it from. Over the last few weeks, I know of at least 5 people in my family that have had it, I've seen things on the news about it [the norovirus] and have heard rumors about nursing homes and hospital wings being on lock-down trying to contain it.

Y'all, this has been a sickness like no other.
In 24 hours, I lost 8 lbs.
Everything that was inside of me, all came out - violently.
I didn't sleep at all. I couldn't - I'd be up getting sick again, like 15 -- 20 minutes later.
I think around 6:30, there was nothing left in me to throw-up. But that nauseous feeling wouldn't go away for another 24 hours. So I lied in bed. Any sort of activity or smell would send me reeling!
On top of all this, my legs wanted to cramp up every time I moved them.
I was just praying I wouldn't get dehydrated to the point that I'd have to go to the hospital - no health insurance...

10 hours into the sickness.

i missed my micro test & a DCT test. I've never missed a test or a day of school in my college life.

My child hasn't been home in 3 days - I miss her like crazy, she's been hanging out at mimi & papa's.
I have NO appetite. Orange Gatorade is about all I can drink.
It took all the energy I had to take a shower, and wash/change my daughter's sheets on her bed.
It's 8:00 p.m. and I am Fo Real about to get in bed.

Gotta get up at 5:30 a.m. to go to an EKG workshop in Orangeburg in the morning. Lord I pray I make it through it...
It will be spring break. [couldn't this sickness have waited just a few more days to strike??]
But I'm not getting much of a break. I have to finish my nursing process paper and study for my test on the GI system [digestive].

my little snuggle bunny.

good night.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

making it work.

Once you say something, you can't go back and UN-say it. It's out there, like it or not.
It changes things and alters other things - like feelings, and points of view.

Basically, I love nursing school.
I'm exhausted by nursing school.
My life is nursing school.
OUR ARGUMENTS are nursing school.
Our finances revolve around nursing school [and this skyrocketing of the gas prices...]
I laugh when I'm in nursing school.
I've definitely cried during emotionally drained, stressful moments of nursing school.
My child knows when "mommy is studying"
Nursing school is like nothing I've ever done in my life.
I would recommend nursing school, BUT, I would also recommend being completely ready before attempting it.


I've met some amazing people since starting classes at O-C Tech.

Nurses are [supposed to be] compassionate, caring, involved, knowledgeable, systematic, open, always ready to learn...

3 years ago, almost to the day...
I was in a very dark place.
I was 9 months pregnant, and virtually alone. 
I made some crazy stupid decisions that pretty much paved the way - and my family was completely unaware since I was doing a good job of hiding it. But somehow, someway, God always uses things [both good and bad] for the good His ultimate plan.

In all the bad decisions I made, leading up to the ultimate revealing of everything I had done wrong, there was this little life inside of me that depended on everything I did just to survive.
It was then that God spoke to me in a decision that would bring me full circle, back to where I needed to be in order to give my daughter a life where I could provide for her without any assistance from a father that I wasn't even sure I wanted to be in the picture at all.
I love my sweet little girl with everything in my heart so I made a choice.
I chose nursing school. AND I will continue to choose nursing school because I'm feeling LED to be a nurse.
In the midst of finally getting set on the right track, Hailee's daddy made the best decision of his life by choosing GOD - something I never even considered was an option. He was against everything that had to do with Christianity and was NOT afraid to voice his opinion on Christians - ever.
It still took us a year and a half to work out all our issues and join together as a family. He wasn't there for her 1st year of life. My parents taught me how to raise my daughter because I didn't know the first thing about being a mother.
He wasn't there for all the long nights when Hailee wouldn't sleep.
He wasn't there the first time she got really sick and I had to stay up all night rocking her because when I'd put her in her crib, she'd get all stopped up and not be able to breathe.
He wasn't there to see her 1st smile, to hear her 1st coos, to watch her take her first steps, and I could go on, but I won't because in all actuality, he was right where he needed to be. Getting his life straightened out so he could be her father. And he is a wonderful dad. [who would've thought...]

Again, I love nursing school and I will finish nursing school, but there are times when it rears it's ugly head and tries to come between us.
I have been the best mother and wife that I can possibly be these last 7 months.
I haven't stayed on top of the cooking & cleaning and have failed in having patience many times.
And it kills me after losing my cool because I'm trying to do so many things at the same time, something is always going to be pushed aside.
Having a very independent [almost] 3 year old, who is learning and growing at such a fast pace adds something special to the mix.
In teaching, nurturing, and disciplining her, my husband and I don't always do things the same way.
Trying to do all this in nursing school [which is very consuming in itself] often leads to arguments where nursing school is to blame.

and yes, it is worth it because I'm right where I need to be - Learning a skill where I can help others that cannot help themselves. And I WILL use it to glorify God.
Missionary work is not out of the question...

Hailee has 2 parents that love her and want to teach all the right things.
The dishes and laundry may not get always get done in a timely manner.
A good deep-clean on the house may only happen once a month.
And I know for a fact that arguments over nursing school will continue until I'm done - spring of 2013.
But I will be a RN and doing something I love, and serving people that are hurting, and it's only a year away... that's it.


guess who pulled all her toys out of her toybox just so she could get in there. guess who put them all back??
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