Monday, February 13, 2012

process paper


It is the middle of February - already.
I'm in the 6th week of my second semester - already.
There is a LOT going on - already.

I'm just now starting a process paper that will ULTIMATELY be due the end of March, but the 1st dates to turn things in to be proof read by my instructor is Wednesday. 2 days from NOW!

I've been sitting here for the last 2 hours and have managed to get out 3 pages so far on the 1st 2 sections (out of a total of 14 sections). I don't even know if I'm doing it right.
I guess that's the purpose for the whole "proof read" thing.

This paper is giving me heart burn, headache, anxiety, and I've only been at it for 2 hours.
I wish I didn't have to write it - or any paper for that matter...
OR maybe I just wish it would write itself :)

There are tons of other things I could be doing at the moment....
1. I need to get caught up on my lectures/notes from the respiratory system - that test is MONDAY
2. I need to go over Micro - that test is MONDAY too - and as of today, everything my professor said in class sounded like he was speaking in another language- not good. Genetics and such are not my cup of tea...
3. I need to study Pharmacology because that test is going to be the hardest one yet - NEXT WEDNESDAY
4. I need to get caught up on the laundry that's been shifting from my bed to the dryer in what has been 2 failed attempts at putting the clean clothes away.
5. I need to clean the kitchen because it's just a mess. Who am I kidding???? It's always cluttered in there!
6. I need to pick up all the Squinkies my daughter has on her bedroom floor among other tiny sharp things that really hurt when you step on them. She doesn't grasp the whole "clean up your room" thing yet...
7. I need to stay on top of my online Psychology class - right now, there's a surprising silence online with no assignments due currently, but that could change at any minute
8. and least important because it's just repetitive math stuff - I need to practice my DCT (dosage calculations) for that test in 2 weeks - but you lose it if you don't use it - am I right or am I right!! Simple math - but I had to re-teach myself this semester because I didn't do it over the break and forgot how!!!

I just had to take a minute and write it all down because next week is going to be brutal with those 3 tests.
In order to get this stuff done, I need silence.
With an almost 3 year old - that is pretty hard to come by. She's at my parents' tonight because this process paper absolutely couldn't wait any longer. Not that I'm putting it off or anything, but this semester is fast and furious. It's going to be way too easy to get behind in things - and once that happens, recovering those things that have fallen behind is a battle.

Clinical is going great :)
I'm learning so so so much and was more comfortable this time around. I do have to admit, I had my 1st clean-up-poop experience (3 times) Friday, and was fine with it. HOWEVER, for reasons unknown to me, while cleaning my daughter's out of her little potty the other day, I gagged twice. Not normal. let's hope that doesn't happen any more!!
All my clinical paperwork was finished last night - I have to turn it in tomorrow.
My feet weren't as sore this time, but I did FIGHT to keep my eyes open past 9:30 pm Friday night. Lost that battle before Hailee even went to bed.

I haven't even had time to take pictures this week.

Okay, I really gotta get back to writing this paper. I'm heading into the caring interventions section and have NO CLUE what I'm about to write.

There is paperwork all over my desk and it's spilling over to the glider beside me - oh yeah, it's on the floor behind me too.
I could be here a while.

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