Friday, February 3, 2012

learning curves ;)

today was my 1st day of clinical this semester.
ready or not, there we were!!!

our clinical group went to the hospital the day before and got our "assignment" room number.
We learned everything we could about our patients, researched their charts, and had to fill out a medication sheet with LOTS of info. Mine ended up being 6 pages for 8 meds ;)

So, I'll admit - I was slightly terrified this morning (hence the mere 3 - 4 hours of sleep last night)
I got to the hospital at about 5:30 AM to make sure I had everything I needed - and that nothing changed from the night before.
We had to take vitals 1st thing. With a dinamap - those machines that do it all in one: blood pressure, temp, pulse, oxygen. I'd NEVER used one before in my life.
I laugh now, but when I asked my instructor what to do, she said, "just turn it on" ohmygosh!!!! If it seemed that easy, I wouldn't have asked. [btw, so far, love my instructor, she's great!]

I get in my patient's room and run the dinamap into anything that's remotely in it's way (they are not small machines), then I fumble around with the BP cuff, trying to screw the thing together while my patient is just sitting there holding their arm out... yeah, super new at all this...
I put the oxygen saturation meter on the wrong finger. But that doesn't matter, because it wasn't even plugged into the machine anyway.
I couldn't get the temperature probe to go into the plastic throw-away cover (so I probably didn't even get an accurate temp)
Then, I had to do respirations for a whole minute - without her knowing I was doing them, because who can breathe normally if someone tells you they're counting how many breaths you're taking a minute?? So, that was ALSO awkward... I mean, I was just staring at her. (counting how many breaths she took...)
My 1st blood sugar stick - let's just say I was incredibly glad my instructor was right there with me.

We checked vitals, gave meds, started doing head to toe assessments, assisted with ADL's - activities of daily living, sat with them, talked with them, charted on the computer... We were all running up and down the halls looking for this or that.

It's pretty safe to say that as the day wore on, I became more in my element and started getting comfortable doing it all. I could take vitals with confidence (I found the "on" button ;)
Taking blood sugars was pretty easy too.
Assessment was very interesting too - there's so much involved, that I know I didn't get all the info I should have, but that skill will come with time.

I had an amazing patient who was super understanding and I hated to leave at the end of my shift!

It was an exhausting day.
My feet were on fire.
Drove home in 4:30 Friday traffic (in a daze from being so tired)
Got home, showered the hospital off me.
Made some soup for myself (hailee wanted breakfast, which was easy) because I didn't want to stand there and prepare some lavish meal.
Spent some time with the loves of my life, and hoping this night comes to a close rather quickly.
Pretty sure I won't have any trouble falling asleep tonight.


our photoshoot in her messy room. my child keeps me laughing.

School is really getting REAL now. Someone told me from here on out, we have at least one test every week. I know of 3 JUST next week.
1. Renal
2. DCT (I think)
3. Pharmacology

and our process paper due the end of March (done in APA format)
Along with all the paper work we have to do before and after our clinical every week.

My sweet sweet husband had ALL the dishes done when I got home. There were lots. And the microwave was immaculately clean :) thanks honey! Means the world to me when I get home from a long day and just want to get off my feet. Oh yeah, and the laundry was done too.

this is one of hailee's favorite songs at the moment. We had fun this night (note: the same clothes as in the photoshoot above)

Looking forward to a weekend full of studying!

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