Wednesday, January 25, 2012

what day is it again?

I just finished my 3rd week of the 2nd semester of nursing school.

this week flew!!!

My week ended today since my clinicals don't start until next week. I'll be praying for all my class mates that have clinical tomorrow and friday! I think we're all a little nervous about actually doing more than just the bed baths, but I really don't think it will be as dramatic and scary as we're making it.

You can say it's been a busy 2 weeks.
Coffee Helps. (but not past 4:30 PM, then it just keeps me awake)
Sometimes, it feels like I'm losing my mind a little bit.
Today is my long day. I'm learning stuff all day long.
I'm beyond exhausted when I get home. I walk into rooms and can't remember why? I try to put stuff in the cabinets that clearly don't belong there - milk?? & making a "mental note" of something probably isn't a good idea for me at the moment... If I don't write it down, it's gone.
Right after our Micro lecture, my head started hurting something fierce! Maybe it's the excess prostaglandins coursing through my system, maybe it was the lack of food I've haven't consumed today, either way, I still forgot to take ibuprofen until hours after being home. And why is it only 8:40PM? It feels like it should be around 11:30 pm (bedtime) hope that doesn't have anything to do with being in my 30's ;)

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So, lucky for me, my clinical days are on Fridays, not Thursdays.
If I had clinical on Thursday, I'd have my super long day of learning, ALONG WITH an hour or 2 at the hospital getting my assignment, then, home to look up all the drugs and diagnoses my pt has so I can do all my paperwork and have it ready for my instructor 1st thing in the morning (@6:30AM). SO GLAD for that break of just one small, open night, and part of the next day before having to cram my brain full of stuff again. It would definitely be do-able, but not what I'd want to do.

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My 1st 2 tests are out of the way...
NUR 111 - 97
NUR 161 - 98 (not sure how this happened...)

I do this a lot.
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Already had our 1st quiz and now, I'm studying for my 1st MICRO test next week and the NUR 111 test#2 on the Renal system the week after that - oh, and probably another Pharmacology test then too - haven't looked that far ahead.
I'm pretty much only doing one day at a time. Only as much as I can handle in one night. When my eyes start to cross, I'm done :) my contacts are drying out as I type this...


and again, with all this crazy confused weather...

It looked like this (or something very close to it) all day Tuesday i think?? my days run together sometimes. All day Tuesday, I thought it was Wednesday! So, yeah, with the 70 degree days here in January and 30 something degree mornings, my throat is a little scratchy. I know it's not because of that, but everyone else blames their colds on the weather, so I will too!

I made stuffed peppers for the 1st time ever this week and they turned out pretty fabulous. I've never really had peppers before. They were great! But, as you know, it's always something with my cooking - perhaps I should have cooked the rice a little before I stuffed it in the peppers along with the meat, cheese, tomatoes, onions, even though the recipe called for UN COOKED RICE. My Sweet Husband :) claimed they were the best he had. Said that the rice was supposed to be "al dente" - and that, made it all better, and made me laugh. He even asked if I was going to take a picture of them - i should have. Pretty sure he was only joking though...


princess shoes.
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family photo fun.

We got all our tax paperwork stuff, now it's just finding the time to do them. I'm not gonna touch them, myself. Think we'll leave that to the professionals - even thought they're relatively simple, if there's a way to mess them up, I'll surely find it!

Hailee's been saying all kinds of funny stuff lately. I really should be writing some of it down so I can remember and tell her when she gets older.
Here, recently, she's been into this "playing in a band" thing. She'll get her kitty keyboard that has an attached microphone for roger to play, her little guitar that she plays, and she'll want me to get my guitar and play.
She gets pretty serious about it, starts singing one song, usually the abc's then it turns into twinkle twinkle little star and eventually, the itsy bitsy spider, all in one.
I laugh.
She gets mad at me and yells, "don't laugh!"     ...yep, we're already there.
she's a trip! God knew best that this little girl would steal my heart :)
and to think I wasn't sure I wanted children at all... Thank you Jesus!!
she likes to do things all by herself. don't mind the bed-head ;)
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I'm pretty confindent this will be an early night in the Venne household. Gotta hit both Micro and Renal hard tomorrow. Studyguides and what not...
goodnight :)

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