Thursday, January 5, 2012

i really should be cleaning up.

4 Days until my 2nd semester starts and I'm sick.
It started brewing in my sinuses a few days ago and now, it's moving on down to my chest.
This morning, I found that I can't taste or smell anything.
I'm not feeling horrible, just worn down and if I'm not taking sudafed/mucinex, I can't breathe. I am drinking all the water I can stand, because that helps too.
I've blown my nose so much that the skin is raw underneath.
Let's just hope this runs it's course over the next 4 days and moves on out...

Went down to the bookstore yesterday and got my books for this next semester. 2 hour round trip [102 miles] for 20 minutes in the bookstore.

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I'm pretty sure I was the one standing in line with the most books. I just put them on the ground in front of me and scooted them along in the line. O-C Tech's bookstore is not that amazing, so I didn't really get anything other than books. Guess I'll hit up walmart for all the other things I need.

Back to constantly checking my campus cruiser account.
I had my first 2 assignments for PSYCH 203 yesterday. They were easy so I just figured, get them done early. I can only hope the class will be as easy as it seems to be now.

In one of our first assignments, it was an icebreaker about being sent to a deserted island for one year and which ones of these [cd, book, movie, teacher] you would take with you. So far, almost all of my classmates listed The Bible the book to take. That is encouraging!! I did too :)
The one thing that has been hard for me in reading/responding to their answers is when they don't use the right you're, your, their, there, they're... WOW, I never thought I'd be such a stickler!! Guess you notice it more when all you can do is type and read other people's responses since it's an online class. It's the first on-line class I've ever taken.

I'm printing stuff out for Micro [study guides I've already been emailed] as we speak and putting my notebooks together. I still need to get the 1st two study guides from someone - only have the last 4. I'm now wishing I took this previously...

We already have an assignment to read Ch's 51-55 for NUR 111. I guess I'll jump on that when I get a little extra time. Hopefully Hailee will take a good nap today because I NEED THAT TIME!

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She loves her baby dolls! I love watching her play like a little mama.

We got a new snow globe to replace the one she dropped on the floor and shattered. She's mesmerized by it. Maybe it will be a Christmas tradition to get a new snow globe every year. I thought about doing the ornament thing but we haven't really gotten into that yet.

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The other day, I was at the computer doing something for school and behind me, I kept hearing pages turning. I turned around slowly and found her reading a book. Then, she noticed I was watching her and that changed..


She's such a ham.

I got a pomegranate the other day. They're a lot of work. I will only buy the juice next time. I had to google how to open it and eat it. If somethings that complicated I think I'll just let it be.
I'm slowly starting to drink my coffee without sugar and cream. So far, I'm down to a "splash" of milk because drinking it black is going to take some getting used to. We also started drinking green tea. THAT, I can drink with nothing else in it. All a part of trying to be healthier.

The wintry weather is creeping in! I'm not sure how long it's supposed to hang around though because we're supposed to hit 70 again by next week. Our auxiliary [emergency] heat kicked on the other night. I woke up and it was 66 in our little house! We don't have the best insulation since it's such an old house, but our heating/ac unit is a beast!!

cycling at mimi and papa's all mittened up

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She came out of her room the other day wearing this and pushing her shopping cart full of stuffed animals.

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This is Hailee's shopping list. I was making one and she decided to get in on the action herself :) hers is a bit more colorful than mine and I'm sure it had better things on it too.

I'm REALLY looking forward to getting back to school and seeing everyone. We'll all be on the same journey until May 2013 and we're really getting to know each other since we spend so much time together with these nursing classes. Facebook helps too ;) It's more of a personal thing where you can see them in every day life and not just as a student. Because, believe it or not, we all have crazy, interesting lives outside of school!!
I'm also looking forward to getting to know more of the people in my class since our class size is slowly dropping and condensing. I think we're around 70 now. That includes the LPNs that are joining us since not having to go through the fundamentals class we all had to take.

I tried the whole Twitter thing, and never really got into it. Oh well, I won't have time for any of it in a few days.. Ready to get going and do this thang

I think I'm finally figuring out my iPhone. It's great!
I know I'm not using it anywhere near it's potential, but I'm getting there.
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I use my instagram app like crazy and THAT is fun!
I don't really like taking pictures of myself because it's always the same pose.

Ok, gotta get off here and play with my girl for a while before it's time to make lunch.

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