Tuesday, January 10, 2012

here we go...

and the fun starts allllllll over again.
2nd semester [out of 5]

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my study area so to speak...

the intensity has been kicked up by quite a bit - mainly in the way of reading and preparing for all of these classes.
my notebooks have already began to take shape.
my planner [that i just got like 2 weeks ago] is filling up with test dates/ paper due dates/ hospital orientations [more involved this semester as we are inputting all that we are doing into the computer system]/ yet to be determined clinical assignments/ lab practicals...

i have to purchase a 'virtual child' for my human growth and development online class. i have no idea what THAT is going to entail. i'm sure it'll be interesting seeing as how i have a 'real child' already.
i am going to try to stay ON TOP of everything. [adding to my 1st study guide this very moment.]

when i got home from school the first day and had about a million things to do, the exhaustion started sleepily making it's way across my field of vision.
to remedy that - at 4:30 p.m., i decided to make coffee.

never again will i do that.

sure, i had the energy to stay up and finish all that needed to be studied and typed up - but when bed time rolled around - i layed there for hours, feeling my heart beat fast as my mind kept running through the day, NOT sleeping.

i KNOW what coffee does to me and i KNOW not to drink it after a certain time.
i DON'T KNOW why i thought that yesterday would be any different.

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hailee getting in on the table waxing action.
since the table is rarely ever cleared off, this only happens every once in a while :)

"It's Coming On..."

let's see if this shows up - it was a little dark.
She makes me smile :)
i have no idea what language she's singing in - but it sure ain't english.

i will be at school every single day this week. rough.
my first test is next week - right after mlk day holiday.
there is so much information floating through my mind right now, hope some of it sticks before the test.

here's to a new semester - may the slight anxiety only push me to work harder, not pull my hair out :)

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  1. Haha! She is so funny! Good luck in your 2nd semester of nursing school! :)


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