Wednesday, January 25, 2012

what day is it again?

I just finished my 3rd week of the 2nd semester of nursing school.

this week flew!!!

My week ended today since my clinicals don't start until next week. I'll be praying for all my class mates that have clinical tomorrow and friday! I think we're all a little nervous about actually doing more than just the bed baths, but I really don't think it will be as dramatic and scary as we're making it.

You can say it's been a busy 2 weeks.
Coffee Helps. (but not past 4:30 PM, then it just keeps me awake)
Sometimes, it feels like I'm losing my mind a little bit.
Today is my long day. I'm learning stuff all day long.
I'm beyond exhausted when I get home. I walk into rooms and can't remember why? I try to put stuff in the cabinets that clearly don't belong there - milk?? & making a "mental note" of something probably isn't a good idea for me at the moment... If I don't write it down, it's gone.
Right after our Micro lecture, my head started hurting something fierce! Maybe it's the excess prostaglandins coursing through my system, maybe it was the lack of food I've haven't consumed today, either way, I still forgot to take ibuprofen until hours after being home. And why is it only 8:40PM? It feels like it should be around 11:30 pm (bedtime) hope that doesn't have anything to do with being in my 30's ;)

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So, lucky for me, my clinical days are on Fridays, not Thursdays.
If I had clinical on Thursday, I'd have my super long day of learning, ALONG WITH an hour or 2 at the hospital getting my assignment, then, home to look up all the drugs and diagnoses my pt has so I can do all my paperwork and have it ready for my instructor 1st thing in the morning (@6:30AM). SO GLAD for that break of just one small, open night, and part of the next day before having to cram my brain full of stuff again. It would definitely be do-able, but not what I'd want to do.

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My 1st 2 tests are out of the way...
NUR 111 - 97
NUR 161 - 98 (not sure how this happened...)

I do this a lot.
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Already had our 1st quiz and now, I'm studying for my 1st MICRO test next week and the NUR 111 test#2 on the Renal system the week after that - oh, and probably another Pharmacology test then too - haven't looked that far ahead.
I'm pretty much only doing one day at a time. Only as much as I can handle in one night. When my eyes start to cross, I'm done :) my contacts are drying out as I type this...


and again, with all this crazy confused weather...

It looked like this (or something very close to it) all day Tuesday i think?? my days run together sometimes. All day Tuesday, I thought it was Wednesday! So, yeah, with the 70 degree days here in January and 30 something degree mornings, my throat is a little scratchy. I know it's not because of that, but everyone else blames their colds on the weather, so I will too!

I made stuffed peppers for the 1st time ever this week and they turned out pretty fabulous. I've never really had peppers before. They were great! But, as you know, it's always something with my cooking - perhaps I should have cooked the rice a little before I stuffed it in the peppers along with the meat, cheese, tomatoes, onions, even though the recipe called for UN COOKED RICE. My Sweet Husband :) claimed they were the best he had. Said that the rice was supposed to be "al dente" - and that, made it all better, and made me laugh. He even asked if I was going to take a picture of them - i should have. Pretty sure he was only joking though...


princess shoes.
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family photo fun.

We got all our tax paperwork stuff, now it's just finding the time to do them. I'm not gonna touch them, myself. Think we'll leave that to the professionals - even thought they're relatively simple, if there's a way to mess them up, I'll surely find it!

Hailee's been saying all kinds of funny stuff lately. I really should be writing some of it down so I can remember and tell her when she gets older.
Here, recently, she's been into this "playing in a band" thing. She'll get her kitty keyboard that has an attached microphone for roger to play, her little guitar that she plays, and she'll want me to get my guitar and play.
She gets pretty serious about it, starts singing one song, usually the abc's then it turns into twinkle twinkle little star and eventually, the itsy bitsy spider, all in one.
I laugh.
She gets mad at me and yells, "don't laugh!"     ...yep, we're already there.
she's a trip! God knew best that this little girl would steal my heart :)
and to think I wasn't sure I wanted children at all... Thank you Jesus!!
she likes to do things all by herself. don't mind the bed-head ;)
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I'm pretty confindent this will be an early night in the Venne household. Gotta hit both Micro and Renal hard tomorrow. Studyguides and what not...
goodnight :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 1 is behind me

and with that - the 1st week of my 2nd semester of nursing school is...... DONE!!

we celebrated by making a batch of cupcakes :) my helper is the best!

Our 1st test of the semester - NUR 111 - is Tuesday! Gotta love starting the semester by jumping right in!
My study guide is made, everything is already transferred into the notebook that keeps all the finished units we do, and now, I just need time to study.
Our test is on the reproductive systems of both men and women and all the problems that go along with their lovely parts. I'm learning stuff I've never even seen/heard of before. Interesting stuff.

We have to write a process paper this semester too that will be a minimum of 10 pages. HOWEVER, with all the information that will be going into it, that paper will be WELL OVER 10 pages.
In APA format.
With references and in-text citations.
And headers/footers.
I haven't written a paper in years.
This is going to be so much fun.

We met with our clinical instructors the other day and our group is starting the week after everyone else because our instructor is getting married and will be out of the country. SO, at the end of the semester we will have to make-up those clinical days when EVERYONE ELSE will be done and studying for final exams. joy.
We'll be doing all kinds of stuff this semester. We have to go to the hospital the night before our clinical and get our assignments. There will be an overabundance of paperwork that we'll be filling out with all the history and diagnosis stuff and medications ...
We'll need to be at the hospital, ready to report to our instructors by 6:30 am.
We'll give bed baths if needed, give medications at their scheduled times, trach/ostomy/catheter care, help with feeding if needed, take their vital signs, start head-to-toe assessments, and chart EVERYTHING!
I'm pretty sure I've left things out because it's so much more than we did last semester.
Oh, and the naked thing - the part I was most worried about - I didn't even remember to be embarrassed. No big deal. They need my help with anything, and that's what they'll get.

My on-line class, PSYCHOLOGY 203 [human growth and development] is off to a good start. Once I finally got mydevelopmentlab up and running, I started myVirtualChild.
It's a boy!!! I named him Aiden. (That would have been Hailee's name if she was a boy.) The assignment was to raise him to 3 months and then wait for the next assignment - it goes along with our book. All it is = answering questions pertaining to how you would raise a child; and since I HAVE a child, I'm pretty much putting all I've done with her up to this point. So far, keeping that class up to date. My head was killing me before it was all over. Things were not going smoothly with registering online - so I turned it all off and walked away. When I came back to fuss with it some more, it all just magically appeared and was how it was supposed to be!

MICROBIOLOGY - the teacher is great. But I have a feeling I'll have to read the book in order to study for the class. I was told that if you go by his PowerPoint's/class notes, you will fail. So, I'm going to make my own notes from the book. We'll see how that goes. Our first MICRO test isn't until the end of January so I've only done a little bit of work on that. My focus is on the Nursing courses at the moment. But, I've got tons of note cards for all the bacteria/viruses/blah blah blah that I've got to memorize.

PHARMACOLOGY = memorization. NUR 161. I have a quiz next week on the syllabus. As if there weren't enough things to study, now we have to study the daggum syllabus.

Got off from school and went to pick up Hailee from mom and dad's the other day. I snuck up on them and this is what I found ;) peeping over the fence with mimi.

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She did a little garage kayaking too...

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So, I'm sure y'all know already, but my husband has been through the U-Turn for Christ program at Calvary Chapel Lexington. I would MOST CERTAINLY recommend it to anyone who is going through any kind of problem or addiction. We didn't even know about it until the last minute and what an absolute blessing it was for Roger's family to find it.


He's had such an interesting journey thus far.
Watching him go from a drug-using, self absorbed athiest to a surrendered Christian man, and the leader of our family, has been nothing short of amazing. It's proof that with God, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!  There are many men and women that come out of this program and continue to live the life they've learned is pleasing to God. They develop relationships that are genuine friendships and love serving people in any way they can. But there are those that finish the program, (graduate) and move out - back into the real world, and sometimes their past addictions have a stronger pull than their new convictions. It's sad to see people fall away from God, and revert back to the very thing that made them decide to make a u-turn for Christ in the 1st place.

This is always in the back of my mind, because with me in Nursing school, my involvement with the church has been put on hold for a season. And as a very sweet friend once said, it's important that nursing isn't more of a career, than it is my calling. Right now, my focus has the tendency to be more on school than it is on God, and that will just lead to more stress and aggrivation than if I were to let God just be in control of things and seek His will first. My prayer this semester is for me not to forget my 1st love because with all the work I'll be doing, it will be so easy to just get consumed in it.

"3 and you have persevered and have patience, and have labored for My name’s sake and have not become weary. 4 Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love."
- Revelation 2:3-4

unfortunately, this happens. But I don't want it to...

this book is from the founder of U-Turn of Christ, and is a very inspiring read :) miracles do happen.

Now, for a few random things...

I'm not very crafty. DIY projects scare me. Give me a song, and I can more than likely play it and sing it right back to you, but give me some gorilla glue, beeds, and a round magnet, and THIS happens.
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Hailee and Sammi at Grammie's bird-bath. There was actually ice in it. These 2 are the cutest together. It will be fun to see them grow up together!!
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hanging out on the big bed - LOVING my new instagram app. if you have the app, find me on instagram: mistyvenne . I just can't seem to take enough pictures!! It will be hard, but I'm gonna keep trying to get them every moment I can.
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some of Hailee's favorite toys at the moment.. zhu-zhu babies and a lala loopsie doll. We recently got Lala Loopsie a friend Hailee named Tinky. We'll add another to the bunch next week.
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I gotta go study for my test now and get Hailee down for her nap. Hopefully she will sleep this time. We had such a busy day yesterday, that she actually put herself to bed last night. I like those nights.

Looking forward to a great 4 day week!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

here we go...

and the fun starts allllllll over again.
2nd semester [out of 5]

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my study area so to speak...

the intensity has been kicked up by quite a bit - mainly in the way of reading and preparing for all of these classes.
my notebooks have already began to take shape.
my planner [that i just got like 2 weeks ago] is filling up with test dates/ paper due dates/ hospital orientations [more involved this semester as we are inputting all that we are doing into the computer system]/ yet to be determined clinical assignments/ lab practicals...

i have to purchase a 'virtual child' for my human growth and development online class. i have no idea what THAT is going to entail. i'm sure it'll be interesting seeing as how i have a 'real child' already.
i am going to try to stay ON TOP of everything. [adding to my 1st study guide this very moment.]

when i got home from school the first day and had about a million things to do, the exhaustion started sleepily making it's way across my field of vision.
to remedy that - at 4:30 p.m., i decided to make coffee.

never again will i do that.

sure, i had the energy to stay up and finish all that needed to be studied and typed up - but when bed time rolled around - i layed there for hours, feeling my heart beat fast as my mind kept running through the day, NOT sleeping.

i KNOW what coffee does to me and i KNOW not to drink it after a certain time.
i DON'T KNOW why i thought that yesterday would be any different.

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hailee getting in on the table waxing action.
since the table is rarely ever cleared off, this only happens every once in a while :)

"It's Coming On..."

let's see if this shows up - it was a little dark.
She makes me smile :)
i have no idea what language she's singing in - but it sure ain't english.

i will be at school every single day this week. rough.
my first test is next week - right after mlk day holiday.
there is so much information floating through my mind right now, hope some of it sticks before the test.

here's to a new semester - may the slight anxiety only push me to work harder, not pull my hair out :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

i really should be cleaning up.

4 Days until my 2nd semester starts and I'm sick.
It started brewing in my sinuses a few days ago and now, it's moving on down to my chest.
This morning, I found that I can't taste or smell anything.
I'm not feeling horrible, just worn down and if I'm not taking sudafed/mucinex, I can't breathe. I am drinking all the water I can stand, because that helps too.
I've blown my nose so much that the skin is raw underneath.
Let's just hope this runs it's course over the next 4 days and moves on out...

Went down to the bookstore yesterday and got my books for this next semester. 2 hour round trip [102 miles] for 20 minutes in the bookstore.

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I'm pretty sure I was the one standing in line with the most books. I just put them on the ground in front of me and scooted them along in the line. O-C Tech's bookstore is not that amazing, so I didn't really get anything other than books. Guess I'll hit up walmart for all the other things I need.

Back to constantly checking my campus cruiser account.
I had my first 2 assignments for PSYCH 203 yesterday. They were easy so I just figured, get them done early. I can only hope the class will be as easy as it seems to be now.

In one of our first assignments, it was an icebreaker about being sent to a deserted island for one year and which ones of these [cd, book, movie, teacher] you would take with you. So far, almost all of my classmates listed The Bible the book to take. That is encouraging!! I did too :)
The one thing that has been hard for me in reading/responding to their answers is when they don't use the right you're, your, their, there, they're... WOW, I never thought I'd be such a stickler!! Guess you notice it more when all you can do is type and read other people's responses since it's an online class. It's the first on-line class I've ever taken.

I'm printing stuff out for Micro [study guides I've already been emailed] as we speak and putting my notebooks together. I still need to get the 1st two study guides from someone - only have the last 4. I'm now wishing I took this previously...

We already have an assignment to read Ch's 51-55 for NUR 111. I guess I'll jump on that when I get a little extra time. Hopefully Hailee will take a good nap today because I NEED THAT TIME!

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She loves her baby dolls! I love watching her play like a little mama.

We got a new snow globe to replace the one she dropped on the floor and shattered. She's mesmerized by it. Maybe it will be a Christmas tradition to get a new snow globe every year. I thought about doing the ornament thing but we haven't really gotten into that yet.

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The other day, I was at the computer doing something for school and behind me, I kept hearing pages turning. I turned around slowly and found her reading a book. Then, she noticed I was watching her and that changed..


She's such a ham.

I got a pomegranate the other day. They're a lot of work. I will only buy the juice next time. I had to google how to open it and eat it. If somethings that complicated I think I'll just let it be.
I'm slowly starting to drink my coffee without sugar and cream. So far, I'm down to a "splash" of milk because drinking it black is going to take some getting used to. We also started drinking green tea. THAT, I can drink with nothing else in it. All a part of trying to be healthier.

The wintry weather is creeping in! I'm not sure how long it's supposed to hang around though because we're supposed to hit 70 again by next week. Our auxiliary [emergency] heat kicked on the other night. I woke up and it was 66 in our little house! We don't have the best insulation since it's such an old house, but our heating/ac unit is a beast!!

cycling at mimi and papa's all mittened up

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She came out of her room the other day wearing this and pushing her shopping cart full of stuffed animals.

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This is Hailee's shopping list. I was making one and she decided to get in on the action herself :) hers is a bit more colorful than mine and I'm sure it had better things on it too.

I'm REALLY looking forward to getting back to school and seeing everyone. We'll all be on the same journey until May 2013 and we're really getting to know each other since we spend so much time together with these nursing classes. Facebook helps too ;) It's more of a personal thing where you can see them in every day life and not just as a student. Because, believe it or not, we all have crazy, interesting lives outside of school!!
I'm also looking forward to getting to know more of the people in my class since our class size is slowly dropping and condensing. I think we're around 70 now. That includes the LPNs that are joining us since not having to go through the fundamentals class we all had to take.

I tried the whole Twitter thing, and never really got into it. Oh well, I won't have time for any of it in a few days.. Ready to get going and do this thang

I think I'm finally figuring out my iPhone. It's great!
I know I'm not using it anywhere near it's potential, but I'm getting there.
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I use my instagram app like crazy and THAT is fun!
I don't really like taking pictures of myself because it's always the same pose.

Ok, gotta get off here and play with my girl for a while before it's time to make lunch.

Monday, January 2, 2012


this year is different.
last year was different.
and, the year before that was different.

ever since this sweet, brown-eyed, blond haired, ball of energy came into our lives, our priorities have been so different.


we took on roles as mom and dad.
no more of the frivolous, think-only-about-ourselves, our actions don't matter, behaviors.
well, every once in a while something will sneak through because no one's attained perfection ;)
but we try, and it isn't always easy. i lose my patients, keeping up with an almost 3 year old can be exhausting, and i tend to go with easy meals, especially since starting school in august. and that's not always fair to my family. they are precious to me, so i should treat them as such!

i got this the other day and have been devouring it [along with the pringles that were sitting next to me].


a lot of it is common sense, and a lot of it was familiar from the nutrition course i took last semester. almost NONE of this is being practiced in our household.

now, we don't make new year's resolutions, because we believe, as followers of Christ, that we're always supposed to live above reproach, and always putting forth effort to maintain a real, seeking relationship with God. And when your relationship with God is right, everything else will be too.

so, this isn't a resolution, but a realization.

i need to start feeding my family better, cleaner.
this isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle.

i went to Publix a few days ago [because their produce is amazing, even though their prices aren't] and got lots of fresh fruits, veggies, raw (unsalted) almonds, walnuts, cashews, dry oats (for plain oat-meal), tons of eggs to boil, milled flax seed...

we still have junk food in the house we're not supposed to have, and that makes it harder to NOT eat it. i won't be buying any more of the bad stuff. no amount of complaining about our bodies is going to change them. i know working out will make a huge difference too, but last semester, i studied and spent so much time in the books, that i didn't have the energy to work out. it could have been because of the way i was eating too...

so, here's to making healthier meals and getting back on track!


it didn't even feel like new year's eve this year.

we went to our saturday night church service because kevin and i were leading worship.
after we got home and settled down, around 9:30PM, i was so exhausted, it was all we could do to get hailee in the bed and get ourselves in bed very soon after.

new years day, we went to my parent's house to eat the good old traditional new years day meal - ham and pork tenderloin, black-eyed peas, collard greens, and she threw in corn, twice baked potatoes, little green peas, cornbread, and crescent rolls. i stayed away from the bread and potatoes, even though they're usually my favorite part, and didn't have any desert :(
i just loaded up on the veggies, and was fine.
afterward, they brought this out...


she loved it! unfortunately for her, it's staying at mimi and papa's.

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on the way home...

i thought she was going to conch out and take a nap after that wonderful lunch, but no nap for this little tyke. instead, bedtime was at 9pm. [and that's early for her!!]

i'm probably going to start rounding up all my school stuff for this coming semester.
one more week of rest, then, it's full steam ahead!!
i get to pick up my books from the bookstore in a few days, and all my new school supplies.
i love school/office supplies :)
i've missed school, but this break has been AMAZING!!!
roger is going to start taking online classes probably some time starting in feb/march and work towards getting a theology degree. it's something he's wanted to do for quite a while, and i think he's really going to enjoy it.

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with all the water i've been drinking, sometimes a little bit gets left in the bottom, sitting on the end-table. guess who's little hands found it and shoved squinkies and sequins into it??

THEN, she took it in her room and had a tea party with it.
water was e v e r y w h e r e.


she's wearing her princess dress today. again.

hope everyone had a safe and happy new year. the best is yet to come.
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