Saturday, December 3, 2011

short and sweet.

2 more weeks of school left.

well, if you REALLY want to get technical, 7 days.

8 tests!!

when i think about that, it makes me want to throw up a little.

1. DCT test #6
2. Nutrition test #6
3. Nursing Fundamentals test #6
4. Nutrition FINAL EXAM
5. Nursing FINAL EXAM
6. Nutrition ATI exam [computerized test]
7. Fundamentals ATI exam [computerized test]
8. Critical Thinking ATI [this is the only one that won't be graded, but used as a baseline for when we take it again our senior year...]

so far, i have all [both] A's!!!

has this semester flown by or what?
our class went from around 100 to around 75 and may even be smaller when we come back in January!
by now, i pretty much know everyone's names, even if i don't know them know them. it's still sad to see people go. next semester is going to be a beast for me, but right now, i can't even think about that.
:) all i can think about is EVERYTHING i need to be studying and NO TIME to study it all.
i think all of us are about as overwhelmed right now as we were at the beginning when we didn't know how/what to study, except this time, it's a cumulative thing. we know what to study, but it's about retention, and remembering everything we've learned thus far.

i had my last hospital clinical of the semester oh-so-early this morning and i'd have to say, it was my best so far! i had a moment where i actually thought, "i really feel like a nurse" today.
i can do this!!!
i'm gonna be a RN :)
i worked with a senior today [a senior is technically 1 year ahead of me.. 2 year associate degree program] and she was so totally confident in everything she was doing.
next semester, we'll be doing much more than just bed baths and i'm still nervous about that - but she made it look easy. caring for people is a pretty natural thing for me, so hopefully, everything else will be too!

i have been one lucky girl to not get "sick" this semester. i've had my moments of a fleeting cold, but nothing that stopped me from going to class. i even felt like i had something coming on for the last week, but nothing really developed - thank you JESUS! there is literally no time to be sick.
i'm making study guides, reading study guides, back and forth through all my PowerPoint's, listening to recorded lectures [thank you austin for letting me borrow your voice recorder - that thing has been super!] blah blah blah... i've told my child "in a minute!" so many times, she's telling ME that now!!

did i mention how much i LOVE my husband? he's great! he's a better father than i could have ever imagined for our sweet little girl and is solely and completely compatible with me in every. which. way. he's my best friend. God certainly knew what He was doing when He brought us together - even though it wasn't in the best circumstances, He uses everything for His good and for His glory!!
i love my husband :) hopefully he'll take hailee somewhere outside to play for the next few days and give mommy some time to study ;) - but even if he doesn't...

-got stuck on top of her play kitchen in her room and had to call me to come get her down. tonight.
-drew all over her leg (pictures on FB). one PERSON she drew was actually pretty good! tonight.
-licked her finger and touched her 'where's waldo' book - roger told her not to do it and she promptly responded "it's just my lick-it daddy!" tonight.
-has THE BEST memory and i'm constantly being surprised by it.
-took every single toy out of her toybox to find her play cell phones then told me how much of a mess it was in her room.. i'll clean it up later!! tonight.
-i was s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g the things my mom and dad got hailee for Christmas so i could "tell" roger with hailee in the room - and that smart child looked at me said "i need that! get me a-b-c's..." and then attempted to spell what i was spelling!! "go get a-b-c mommy!! i need it!" tonight
-puts on her dorothy [ruby red sparkly] shoes whenever they are anywhere in close proximity.
-LOVES "dippin cheese" - tortilla chips with mild cheddar dip - we really don't do this very often, but every once in a while, i get it..
-LOVES when i find her a "lick a stix" - that powdered candy with the white dipping stick, the dollar store used to have them, but i haven't seen them in a while..
-loses squinkies all the time and i find them in the most random places (shoes, bookbags, purses, cups)
-forgets about the #5. she says " 1 2 3 4 6 7 8.."

have a great weekend! you know what mine will consist of :)

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