Thursday, December 22, 2011

not a creature is stirring...

Is 11:00 PM too late for a 2andahalf year old to go to sleep?
I think so.
BUT, tell that to my 2andahalf year old. It gets very hard when Roger and I go to sleep/wake up at the same time as our daughter. The only quiet time we have is when Hailee is napping. [sometimes a 2 hour stretch]

This all started in the beginning.
When Hailee was born, I was working a 2nd shift job, going in at 3:30 PM and not getting home sometimes until 1 AM. So, I WANTED her to sleep as late as she possibly could - so I could too!! She still never slept completely through the night. I nursed her until she was 11 months old, so we'd wake up sometimes at least 2x a night.
But now, with me being in school and having to wake up with the chickens, I just can't hang out all late like I used to! Maybe it has something to do with turning 30 too...
This morning, my "inner alarm clock" woke me up around 6:30 am. It's now 8:15, and Hailee is still sleeping. But I've gotten to do tons of quiet stuff this morning!! I've had quiet time, drank 2 FULL mugs of coffee (my big snow man mug:), scoped out the Kohl's add ahead of time because that's where we're headed today, picked up all the Squinkies off the living room floor, put in my contacts (I CAN SEE!!!), moved some of the dirty dishes off the counter... and to think, I almost wanted to wake up Hailee early so she'd take an early nap!!

All Right, Christmas is now 3 days away.
I WILL finish Christmas shopping today - i think - which might include a trip to a grocery store deli for some baked goods since I'm pretty much failing at every attempt to bake so far.
Last night was no different from any other of my previous baking experiences. I followed the recipe EXACTLY for "molasses sugar cookies" and wouldn't you know, I burned the bottom of like 4 whole batches!! YES, I did end up turning my oven down because it's old and cooks things faster than most ovens. I got so mad and was just, done. I threw away the last 1/3 of dough because I just couldn't.

of the whole batch, this is all that made it through. not enough for 6 families...

I'm trying to be all crafty this year too. It's funny because we all know, I'm NO Martha Stewart, no matter how much I want to be :) How is it that she is SO GOOD at EVERYTHING??!! I'm domesticated enough, but she encompasses hearth and home. And I'll admit, she is good at what she does. I'm just trying to keep my house clean! I love it when my mom and dad call and say they're "stopping by" in 30 minutes (or, anyone for that matter). WHO DOESN'T do the mad dash to clean up, make homes for things that normally sit on the kitchen table until they get thrown in the trash, throw every dirty dish taking up space in the sink into the dishwasher (hopefully, it's empty), pull the covers up on the bed so it looks made, and sweep the sand out of the kitchen (because Lexington is NOTHING BUT sand...). Hailee even tried to help me yesterday by seeing mommy in Cleaning Mode, and grabbing the swiffer to push the dirt around the kitchen floor :)

 Hailee and her swiffer

By the way, it's now 8:30 AM and she's still sleeping...

I've even been able to play my guitar/sing during some of this lovely winter break! I should probably play a little more before next week though, because I'll be playing next Wednesday night service and new years eve service (only like 3 days apart) and if I don't toughen up my fingers, I'll be hurting!! You should check it out online if you can't make it. We live right behind the church. It's great :) But once school starts back January 9th, I won't be playing as much :(
Hailee's favorite song right now is the Little Drummer Boy. She makes up the words until the "pa rum pum pum pum" part - which she's got down pat!

Oh, and I think I'm leaning more towards getting an iPhone.

doing some early morning reading.

Is it really the 1st day of winter? And it's going to be in the 70's today?? We've had our windows open all week. I love the mild temps, but something about it just isn't right. I'm hoping it's like the Bible says it is and Jesus will be coming back for us soon. maranatha! Lots of stuff is going down that makes it all look like and point to Jesus' coming. I really hope we get raptured and don't have to go through all that tribulation stuff. It seems kinda scary. But anywho, gotta go make some noise because it's now almost 9 AM and sleeping beauty STILL isn't making her debut.

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