Saturday, October 1, 2011

papers & pens are everywhere!

week 8 of nursing school starts Monday!

so, yeah, on my birthday, I have to be at school all. day. long. Leaving my house at 6:30am and probably not getting home until 6:30pm! (ofcourse i'll be stopping at Firehouse Subs and getting my free birthday sub :) favorite sub place EVER!)
Monday is going to be rough. We have lab 5, which entails: Surgical asepsis, sterile dressing technique, urinary catheterization, injection techniques - preparing and administering injections, and injection sites. It's a biggie!! We will have a quiz on everything that the lab is on - BEFORE WE EVEN START THE LAB, at 8:00 Monday morning.
I've already re-organized all of my notebooks because after only 3 unit tests, I've had to move all my info over to a 3 inch binder. FOR REAL, there is so much stuff we get to learn!

My class-mates are great! I think we lost a few more after the last test. Someone told me we lost 6 - there's atleast 2 that I know for sure aren't there any more. I've laughed so much with them, and shared so much anxiety all ready in the past 7 weeks! It's kinda cool knowing that we're all in this together because this is one of the hardest things I've done in my life so far. It will be worth it in the end and I'm standing there in my white dress, with my white nursing cap, and my white nursing cloggish shoes, with a pin that says I'm an RN!!
This is the class of 2012 (our seniors this year) we will wear these beautiful uniforms once our clinicals start in November! I cannot wait :) actually i'm pretty scared about clinicals right now..

I took a step back after studying for my nursing test last week and looked at my living room and the destructive force studying has on it and had to laugh. I've claimed my 'space' :)

No wonder roger can't stand it that it takes me until the weekend to get a thorough cleaning done on the house. I'm sorry, cleaning isn't my top priority when I have tests and quizzes to study for! I just finished the mountain of laundry that was spilling over onto my bathroom floor, and there's still a sink-full/ dishwasher full of dishes that need to be put away.

Hailee seems to be growing more and talking more every day! She stayed with my parents Monday, Tues and Wed this past week. I called and talked to her on the phone and we actually had a conversation and I understood everything she said! unreal. My child is growing up. Looking back at her baby pictures, she's changed so much and is growing up to be a beautiful, sweet girl. She even started drinking out of a regular cup without spilling it all over herself.

Getting back to last week - we had our check off on vital signs: counting pulse for 60 sec, counting respirations for 60 sec, temperature and checking someone's blood pressure. I was fine with everything except the blood pressure! I have been checking roger's blood pressure every day, a few times day, and was still FREAKING OUT and nervous because I'm still a little unsure of hearing that bottom numer (diastolic pressure). So, I prayed about it over and over. Thursday morning comes, and it is the day of my checkoff. We had our first hour of nursing class lecture and then as we were supposed to start on our second lecture, one of the instructors told us we could either go home or stay until our lab because the instructor giving the lecture was sick. THANK YOU JESUS! not because the instructor was sick, but because we had about 3 hours to practice taking our vitals before check off appointments. :)  I was taking everyone's blood pressure I could get my hands on! And it all paid off because I passed my check-off within 2pts of my blood pressure reading [i got 136/86 for my patient and my instructor got 136/84] not too bad.. By the end of that check off, I think my partner measured my blood pressure at 140/96. Yes, I was VERY on edge ;)

I have my 3rd nutrition test next week and it too covers a lot of information.. water, minerals, trace minerals, weight gain/loss, life cycle nutrition, and I'm currently working on all those study guides. I live for the study guides just so I can go over them again and again and again. I learn by repitition and writing things over and over again.

I got a 90/A on my last nursing test! and an 87/B on my dosage calculations quiz. i hate math so much. I'm having to pull information from way back in high school. basic stuff that i should remember, but ever since calculators, i've gotten lazy. I count on my fingers, in my head, all over the paper.. I can memorize stuff all day long, but when it comes to math, i love a calculator ;) we can't use calculators until our summer semester.

Today feels like fall. That makes me so happy! The windows have been open all day, we've been playing outside almost all day, and the breeze is just blowing through the house. Fall is my favorite season.

 I let Hailee pick out her own bubble bath and toothbrushes today when we went to the store. She's in the bath now and calling me to come wash her. Better go make sure she doesn't have bubbles all over the bathroom - that wouldn't be uncommon. Have a great week :)

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  1. Great job on your tests!! You should be so proud! We should get together this weekend. Are you guys free? You should bring Hailee over to play and we could do lunch or dinner, whatever works. Let me know if you are interested.


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