Sunday, October 23, 2011

fall is love.

Fall Break has been wonderfully refreshing! Did I mention that fall was my favorite season??

Hailee and I went with my parents to the fair this week while I was on break. Roger still had to work.
We went during lunch time because you could get in free from 12 PM - 2 PM. The minimum height to ride most of the kiddie rides was 36 inches. Hailee wasn't quite that tall - maybe around 34 or so?? I wasn't that crazy about her getting on those rides by herself anyway.
So, we rode down the big slide once, then she went down it with my mom a second time. That slide is really high up there! And coming down on that little piece of carpet - it was fast, and with every hump we went over, it seemed like we were picking up speed. I didn't know if we'd stop at the bottom! but all was well and then we walked on to the animal/petting zoo area. We fed goats, a cow, donkeys, and over in the far corner near the elephant ride was a tent with like 5 pony's chained to the walking wheel. No other kids were there to ride the pony's so Hailee had one to herself. She loved it!
All the chickens and roosters were so loud and stinky. A goose honked at hailee and scared her - she ran over to hide behind my mom!
We got corn dogs, fries, cotton candy, ice cream - then headed on out. Hopefully she'll be able to do more next year.

At The South Carolina State Fair :)

wow. this is taking a lot of time.

I've found that fall break has been a lazy week. On one hand, it's been nice to have Hailee here all week and keep up with the housework. On the other hand, not much studying gets done with a 2 and a half year old in the house. Attention shifts to her. After her nap today, she's headed off to Mimi and Papa's so mommy can get some much needed studying done for the test and quizzes coming up. Back to school [and 5:30 AM wake up time] tomorrow.


Hailee is now into Squinkies. Those tiny, squishy plastic animals that come in clear, plastic balls. She hasn't stopped playing with them since we've gotten home from the store. I made Fettuccine Alfredo for lunch today - home made goodness!!

I wish I had the time to learn html and play around with different things. maybe one day..
I guess when I get a nice camera [after nursing school] I will have time to do a few more things. I love taking pictures. I just know NOTHING about photography. I try. that's about it.


And of course, Hailee is my main subject because she's just so stinkin cute ;) but I'm sure every mom thinks that about their little ones.

I started using photobucket to upload my pics to again so I can try out new and exciting things when I have the extra time on here. But sometimes, there's just so much going on that I feel like I'm going a little crazy. FOR INSTANCE....
Last night we went to church so we could have a lazy day Sunday and do our grocery shopping when we woke up. So, we wake up on our own schedule this morning, go to the store, get home, I'm in the kitchen making Fettuccine, Hailee's in her room playing with her Squinkies, and Roger.. i can't remember, he was probably playing with hailee in her room. So lunch is served and then cleaned up. 30 minutes later, I smell something cooking. "did i leave the stove on? it doesn't smell like the garlic from the alfredo" then it dawns on me... I put cube steak in the crock pot with golden mushroom soup for supper this morning and forgot about it because that's what you do with a crock pot. My point being, things just sort of slip my mind when I get a lot of things going on
And photobucket can go so slow I get frustrated and just stop the whole program because it tends to freeze up the computer. That annoys me.

Since nursing school started, my jeans have gotten tighter. They must be shrinking.
Or maybe I'm just in denial that with this new sedentary lifestyle, I'm no longer losing weight.
Can we say "UGH??" you'd think that my clothes fitting tighter would be motivation enough to work out. It's not that I dont' like to work out, but seldom do I have the energy to WANT to work out. I really do love that too, the whole sweaty, endorphines after the fact feeling. This week has been different. I've been more aware and conscious of what I eat, and have been active more than usual. But reading/ studying always makes me so sleepy and when things get busy with tests looming on the horizon, I get a little Jessie Spanno [hahaha thanks Dawn!!] and have my own, there's no time freak out. [minus the caffeine pill addiction]
"There's no Time! There's never any time! There's no time to study..."
- Jessie in Jessie's Song
So I just sit there, studying, hoping the fat will melt itself away.
Unfortunately it's not working. I used to do Pop Pilate's all the time with Cassey Ho [ you should most definitely check out her youtube channel - tons of FREE pilates uploads :) love love love cassie], but don't have time for that any more. I still try to do one every once in a while, but doing something once doesn't make a bit of difference.

I can say I'm going to cut back on my calories all day long, but that is a REALLY hard thing for me to do. I could never be anorexic. This girl gotta eat :)
I even tried the whole [and yes, THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT] where you can have the option of sharing your 'food diary' and 'exercise diary' with your friends on the site - its another type of social network lose weight thing - but even in my food diary, I was never completely honest about everything I ate. I gotta get disciplined big time.

Roger, my husband, is a dream :) He's never said anything to me about weight or anything - maybe because I'm making a bigger deal out of it than I should - but Seriously, This is the biggest I've been in a long time.. [not counting when i was pregnant, that was just LARGE.]

I don't really have time to cook wholesome/healthy meals while I'm in school. That just falls to convenience, but with me not moving and active as much anymore, I gotta consider EVERYTHING. I'm in my 30's now. Even studying nutrition for my last test, BMR [basal metabolic rate = the base rate your body burns energy] decreases 5% for every decade after 30. I'm there yall.

So, hope your week goes well as the last full week of October is upon us!!! Roger's already getting Hailee ready for Christmas :)

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