Sunday, September 4, 2011

3weeks later.

I just completed my 3rd week of nursing school.
Time flies when you don't have time to look at a clock, huh?
It doesn't even seem like it's been that long honestly.

My body is actually starting to get acclimated to the oh-so-early schedule. I can't really sleep past 7am anymore. And if I even try to stay up past 11:30pm - my body tells me otherwise.. I cannot see how people in my class are staying up past 1 - 2 am studying. I shut down after a certain time and cannot even keep my eyes open. That's pretty much how I felt after studying for my 1st Nutrition test last week (87/B :) - then having my 1st Nursing Exam (93/A :) to study for the next day. The whole time I was looking over /rewriting notes/ skimming over chapters, my eyes wanted to close! Last week was rough!
And ofcourse, having to also be a wife, and a mother of a 2 year old - it never stops. It would have been much easier to do all of this before I had Hailee, when I was younger, but that's not the road I chose.. [and i really wouldn't change any of it up to this point anyway..] just makes things a little more interesting :)

Our lab last week was to teach us how to give Complete Bed Baths [with the patient incapable of washing themselves] and perineal care [care of private parts]. If I have to say there's ONE THING I'll have a struggle with in Nursing school [and I know I've said it before] it will be seeing people naked!! Now, I'm sure that will be something I'll desensitize to once I've been in the clinical field for a while, but seriously, even the slightest mention of something private/intimate and my face turns completely red, I get a little sweaty, and .. yeah, I'll have to hold my composure and keep on truckin through whatever task is 'in front of me' - literally LOL!

Ok, maybe just one other thing as well - I'm not a very 'touchy feely' person either. Not that I don't like hugging, or body contact of any sort, I just wouldn't be the initiator in those cases. Being a nurse, I'll probably be doing a LOT of touching on people!! That's why we have a 3 hour lab and 2 other 2-3 hour open labs during the week - so we can practice all those skills we'll be trying out on our 1st patients - like bed baths, vital signs [blood pressure, pulse, respiration sounds, taking temps], sterile gloving [and there is a PRECISE way to do this], hand washing [this too..], moving patients from beds to stretchers, or to chairs or wheel chairs. And I found out that as a Nurse, you really gotta watch how you use all your BODY Mechanics in moving the patients around, or you could have a lot of back issues, and we don't want that, do we??

Sometimes Hailee does 'homework' while I'm doing my homework :) I've given her  - her own notebook and pens, although she likes to use the same one's I'm using much better. And apparently my hi-lighters are the bees knees to her! She gets them set all up in every color we have and just draws all over everything. Her favorite thing to draw right now are "funny faces" and yes, she draws the whole face - eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, and sometimes ears too. It's too cute. She also likes to take everything out of my bookbag since she knows mommy has an obsession with pens and hi-lighters. I'm still trying to figure out which ones I like writing with the most.. so far, it's a close run-off betweeb BIC atlantis pens and the Sharpie pens.

I'm still trying to get and stay organized. With three different classes, it's interesting trying to designate certain times for studying each one, which one needs the most time, and what stuff did they say in lecture that could be important enough to go on the next test. In nursing school - all of this new influx of information must be processed and stored immediately!! From the 1st day of class until 2 years later, my last day of class - I'll be using ALL of what I'm learning for my future career. And yes, it is a lot to take in, but I like all the medical stuff and LOVE LOVE LOVE learning!! Now math - that's a whole other issue there -not as fun to learn..

We're still trying to find balance in our family too, between Roger now being the sole income and me studying constantly, our time and energy is gone a lot quicker - and wait, there's a 2 year old with her own bundle of energy and potty training going on too.

There's not really any way to compare his situation with my situation because he works really hard too! [and i don't know a thing about plumbing :)] but we're still butting heads over the normal stuff that's supposed to be done around the house - that is being put off until a later time [laundry, dishes, toys strewn about, papers & school stuff all over the place]. I guess he figured that once I stopped working it would all just assumably be done because without a job, I wouldn't have an excuse as to why there's still clothes to be folded or dishes in the sink. And with me studying all the time - because that's really what it takes - he has to do a lot more with Hailee and the house when we're both at home.

School is very demanding.  The ADN Nursing program is very demanding.
It is a full time job in itself. With a family to take care of, it's even more of a challenge.
I've already made numerous sacrifices, but it will be rewarding in the end :)
I'm learning how to help people that can't help themselves and save lives in the process.
I already know what it's like to be a patient and totally dependant on other people for your basic needs; so the compassion is there - the knowledge is coming - the drive to continue at the pace I'm going can be overwhelming at times, but I'm gonna be a NURSE! and I'm gonna do it with everything that is in me, because helping people is my heart.

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  1. It will all work itself out. You guys are doing a good job all around!


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