Friday, August 26, 2011

So I've finished my 2nd week of nursing school.

It's not AS overwhelming as the 1st few days were, but still - no walk in the park.
My 1st 2 big tests are next week (along with another lab quiz) and honestly, about all I do is study. It's still hard when I'm by myself with Hailee - she's very demanding. There is so much information I'm trying to pump into my brain. Too bad absorption by osmosis isn't a possibility :) 

I had my 1st 2 quizzes on Thursday (lab and drug calculations) and when I got home that afternoon, I couldn't even LOOK at another book or page of notes. My body/mind was so tired, it shut down at about 8:30pm. I had to stay up long enough to get Hailee in bed, but RIGHT after that, I was in bed and off to dream land myself.

In my class (of 100 or so students) I've noticed that we tend to gravitate and talk to the people we sit around. Luckily (sarcasm..) I got a seat in the very back row, in the way way back of the class. I'm pretty sure people got to school at 6:30am on the 1st day to get the front seats.. But there are 2 plasma tv's on either side of the room about halfway through the room so I can see some of the power point slides.. I've also noticed that I think my right eye is slightly weaker than my left eye now. blah for having to soon get 2 different strengths of contacts at the same time..

I've already blown through one black ink cartridge on our printer. I got a double pack this time, we'll see how long this one lasts. There is so much to print out for the classes. It sure beats doing all that in writing. That would literally take too much time. I'm finding time to be super precious right now and using it wiser than ever before. I don't even go on facebook that much anymore. Priorities change. Things get put on hold (dishes, laundry, cleaning in general). I have so much respect for the people in my class that are single parents and going to put all they can into this program. I couldn't do this by myself. It's like my aunt, who is an RN said, "when one person is in nursing school, the whole family is in nursing school." I've already had to check my attitude and moodiness toward my sweet husband and patients level toward my baby girl. Stress can make you a maniac, and I don't want to turn into that!

I'm sure as school progresses and we find out how teachers test and know what to look for in lecture and lab, things will get easier. It seems like my whole class is a class of overachievers (I know I've been my whole college career). I'm finally getting to the realization that there is no reason to compete for that top grade. As long as I put forth my best effort, that's all I need to do. Like one of our instructors said, "your GPA will not be on your name tag when you're a RN" we're all going to be starting out at the same level, no need to break our necks trying to be the best at it. Hope that doesn't sound bad, I'm not trying to be just the average, make only the minimum to get by, but I won't stress myself past any extremes to get there.

There's still a lot of sacrifices that come along with it, but hopefully the next 2 years will fly by. I know the past 2 sure have..

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