Friday, August 5, 2011

almost a full time student.

The house is quiet. One of my most favorite sounds :)

I love love love my sweet little girl with all of my heart, but being a stay at home mommy can be exhausting. Hailee still requires tons of attention. Rarely will she go play in her room by herself; and anytime I try to take care of something that diverts my attention from her, she's right there underneath me asking her favorite question for the time being, "What's that?" over and over again, no matter how many times i tell her 'what that' is. I'm sure "Why" will be following closely behind that question. We usually aren't up much longer after her bed time.

We are at the beautiful age of potty training. I love not having to buy diapers every week. We only use them for nap time, bed time, and if we have to drive somewhere we'll be in the car for a while. I know where all the bathrooms are in the major stores we go to. We were in walmart the other day and Hailee told me she needed to potty. After she finished, we got off the potty (which had an automatic flusher) and when it flushed, she about had a heart attack and ran in to the door trying to get OUT of the stall. She's not a big fan of loud noises. She's also not crazy about wearing diapers anymore. She's very proud of her big girl panties and will show them off to anyone and everyone. I'm pretty sure I did that too.

We're also getting to the lovely toddler independent years where she's not too fond of LISTENING. This can be frustrating and trying on my patience. But maybe that's her point. She knows how to push our buttons. She likes to do what she wants to do. And anyone that is having a conversation without her, look out! She's as bad as the interrupting cow when you're talking. We're working on the interrupting conversation thing, but it's hard to explain to a 2 year old not to talk while someone else is talking. She's still pretty sensitive too. Doesn't take much stern talk for her to poke out that little lip and get her feelings hurt. And man, do the crocodile tears flow.

I've finally got everything lined up for school, which starts in 10 days!!!
Going down to Orangeburg next Tuesday to pick up my $1000 worth of books I need for the 1st semester of nursing school. UNREAL!! I probably won't even use half of them.
I still need to get supplies for clinicals but I really want to see what the teachers recommend instead of flying out and buying wrong or inappropriate things when it could be simpler than that. I do have a running list of things going that I've been compiling since joining the site and looking through lists of things everyone has found helpful to have while in nursing school. And if any of my nursing friends out there still have advice, I will gladly take it, over and over again :) 
I'm all about lists, being prepared, reading ahead ... whatever it takes to make things flow smoothly.

I think my biggest challenge will be the schedule change of having to get up hours earlier, get ready in the morning, and get Hailee out the door and to my parents (30 minutes away from us). I'll probably be waking up around... 5am or 5:30am just to get all that accomplished and walk on campus around 7:30am, which will be an hour away from me. I haven't had a 'day time schedule' in 6 years. I am a pretty good morning person once I get used to it. Not having to work late nights at the bank is going to help out tremendously. Also thinking about getting my hair cut and thinned out. I don't dry it now with a blow dryer because it would take FOREVER. I have long, thick hair and I'm thinking of doing something that would be easier to maintain and quicker to dry in the mornings. Anything that would take off the 'getting ready' time.

I am getting super excited about school starting and studying and learning new things. I wish I could start studying now so I have it down once school starts. I will start studying once I get my books next week.

Its been nice to be able to have the evenings with my family and stay on top of all the house work. I can't make any promises on the house work once school starts, but these 2 weeks of  "vacation" have been very restful. Still not sure I could stay at home 24/7 though. I'm probably going to miss not having a job. But I'm sure going from full time job to full time student will keep me busy none the less. It's also been nice being able to participate in evening activities with our church that I normally couldn't because of my job. Friday nights are the U-Turn church services with Pastor Steve at 7pm and I'll be able to start playing and singing with Kevin, which will be so much fun. That fun starts tonight!! I'll have to take some Fridays off depending on tests and studying but for the most part, I'll be able to play music more.
Speaking of that, I need to go start getting ready while Hailee is sleeping and I actually have time.

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  1. Congratulations!!!! Nursing school is challenging, but when you finish it all and pass those will feel so accomplished and proud of your hard work!

    I know that you had put up something about uniforms/shoes. As far as shoes go I have two suggestions. Crocs (you can get ones without holes in them) and Dansko. The Crocs are definitely much cheaper but are equally as comfortable. For either one I would go to and you can find what you need. The Dansko's are a little difficult because each pair is hand crafted and therefore no two shoes are the same size. Once you find a pair that fit though...they are amazing.

    As far as scrubs, it honestly doesn't matter. They sell some at Walmart that are just as good as the next pair. I like Cherokee and also Landau.

    Stethescope: get a Littmann if you can. Even the mid-grade one is good and they last forever.

    Hope this helps! Good luck in school! Jack and I are driving up that way tomorrow so shoot me your number on FB messenger and I will give you a call.


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