Friday, August 19, 2011

1st week of nursing school.

I'm a freshman again :) And yes, I'd love some coffee with one sugar and loads of creamer.
Would you like to see all the books I had to purchase for my first semester?

yep, that middle shelf houses the books.

I haven't been this exhausted since I birthed my daughter, 2 and a half years ago!
Since I drive in from Lexington (and sometimes Irmo, when I drop hailee off at my parents'), I have to get up earlier than I have in almost 10 years. Wake-up time for me is between 5 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. at the absolute latest. I am 52 miles from school. But it's encouraging because there is a good many people in my class that are coming in from Columbia, Lexington, and Charleston as well.

There are 101 people currently in my freshman class. The seniors this year started with around 120 in their class last year and there are around 55 of them now. THAT should tell you how much work is required for ADN nursing program. (associate degree nursing)  I can't even imagine going through the BSN nursing program, that's 4 years!

So far, all of our instructors are great! Lots of them actually went through the program themselves some years ago. All of my classmates are pretty great too! I'll be spending a good deal of my time with them for the next 2 years and getting to know them very well.

I was going to try to be organized while writing this but my thoughts are all jumbled up. It's Hailee and me this morning and I can't do anything without her constant questions and asking me to play with her. I hate that I don't have as much time for her anymore. She's been at my parents while I've been in school. They love their time with her, but it's not the same when she isn't here. She's been my whole life since she was born, and now, school will be that bigger portion.

This first week has been very overwhelming. There have been issues with the campus cruiser, the online website we get all our announcements, assignments, print-offs... and it's been very unorganized since it hasn't been working. I'm trying my best to put everything in it's place and designate times for everything, but there is so much and I'm just trying to keep my head above water.

I thought I'd be smart and read ahead a little before class started. Well, that was just fine for my Nutrition class, but my Fundamentals of Nursing class, not so much!! We don't go straight through that book. We jump ALL over the place. I'm still trying to figure things out. Sometimes, our homework will be reading 3 chapters in our book, and these aren't tiny little chapters people.. But both of our humongous books have their own book of study guides and we're supposed to use those to make sure we know the material. Maybe reading the entire chapter isn't absolutely necessary.

Right now, there is tons of stuff to memorize.. key terms, common abbreviations, dosage equivalencies, our skills (hand washing, putting on restraints, sterile gloving) and YES, there is a proper way to wash your hands. I will be doing a lot of that. I've already started looking at germs in a different way.

hailee put her glasses on all by herself.. upside down :)

I am pretty much on information overload right at the moment. I was blown away by all the stuff we had to do in the first week. We already had our 1st test. It was just on some videos we watched, but we can't do our clinicals until we pass all the little tests on safety, blood borne diseases, and some other ones I can't remember.

We were fitted for our uniforms on the first day and they are not the cutest things in the world. But they're uniforms and we all have to wear them. Guess I need to get an iron now, they are white and have to be crisp and unwrinkled. Still need to get my nursing shoes but I have until November 2. That's when we start our once a week clinical rotations. THAT'S gonna be scary. You're gonna trust ME to take care of a human being? I know by then, I'll have more skills under my belt, but it's still a little scary, all the responsibility that comes along with being a RN. you have to know you're stuff! I guess this 1st semester will be a 'weeding out' semester, where you'll know if you can hang or not.

I know it gets better, but right now, I'm just going to take it one day/assignment/study session at a time. Looking forward to being with all my classmates and learning with them. We'll be each others' support systems and that's kind of exciting. There are people that are feeling the very same way I am (overwhelmed). It's nice to know, I'm not the only one. 

Other Concerns NOT involving the actual school itself..
with this crazy involved schedule and draining requirements, I feel working out fading into to the background, as with my healthy eating habits. It's all about convenience and most of the easy, convenient stuff isn't that great for consumption. I'm so tired when I get home, I don't have the energy to work out and getting all of my work stuff done is time consuming.
The house work just waits until I have time enough for a break to throw a load of laundry in the washer, a load of dishes in the dishwasher, cook a meal, clean up after it, fold a load of clothes. I don't see how people work and go to school. SOOOOOO glad I was able to quit working. This is the only way I'll be able to get it all done.

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