Monday, July 11, 2011

dear fleas, THIS IS WAR!!!

Oliver, the cat has been in a new home now for close to a month (i think..) Kitty brought nasty bad fleas into our little house :(  We have been dealing with them and their insidious bites for the last 3 weeks or so. We've sprayed Bayer home pest stuff all over, bombed the house with 3 bombs, sprayed the house with commercial grade foam-ish stuff that's supposed to stop growth/kill and it has all been to no avail.

Well, not exactly pointless, because now we see less, but the point being - they're still around..
Tomorrow morning, we'll get the house professionally treated by an exterminator. Sooooo hoping all of this 'overkill' works. We have ONE rug in our home and I've been vacuuming it AT LEAST once a day and taking the canister (we have a bag less) outside and dumping it far from the house. I swiffer the floors constantly with my swiffer wet jet, and change our bed sheets a few times a week.

I have to confess something now..
I've never been a neat freak or OCD about anything in my life, but if y'all out there reading this know this about me, I am a complete bug-aphobe!!! This flea thing is getting a pretty extreme reaction from me. I've never been more serious about cleaning in my life! They just invade and conquer! But no matter how clean I keep the house, they go right on making themselves comfortable among us.

I think the worst part about this whole ordeal is seeing them bite my little girl. KILLS ME! She must be truly scrumptious, because they like to bite her. She doesn't know if something is biting her, or even what's going on, she's barely 2 and a half. So, hydrocortisone and benedryl have been what helps most, when needed.

And of course, there's the phantom itch, where every time I talk about them, or think about them, my skin starts to crawl and I JUST KNOW one is on me! Where every tiny sensation on my skin feels like it might be a flea. Filthy little creatures! I have never dealt with fleas ever, in my life. Never again will a stray animal come through these doors.


Today has been a busy one and it's only halfway over. Hailee girl stayed with my parents last night giving Roger and I a MUCH NEEDED date night, which was fabulous :) I had to get up early and make the hour long trek down to Orangeburg, SC to register for my nursing classes at 10AM. I was in the process of registering and up pops "Please see student services to verify your citizenship". GAH!! REALLY?? So I have to leave in the middle of it and go to student services, which had a line out the door and down the hall!!!!! I stood in line for 30 minutes just so someone could make a copy of my ID and have me sign a paper. Get back to the computer lab right as everyone is finishing up and register super duper fast. Went to the bookstore to see about the CPR/First Aid books I'll need for my 2 day course I'll be taking in 2 weeks ($30) and then on to the library for my student ID. And that's about all I can do at the moment. Gonna call financial aid some time this week when it settles down and figure out this whole Pell Grant thing and how it all works with paying for my tuition and what not.

~Yet Another Transition~

I've been seriously trying to get back to my pre-baby weight. It's about time, huh!! When the kiddo is 2, there's really no excuse to be clinging to this extra poundage and I'm about sick of the mirror showing me things that my eyes do not want to see :)

I may have told some of you about this, but a friend of mine (thank you kelly!!!!) told me about this site,, where I am now a member, and obsessive calorie counter. Basically, you plug in all your numbers and it tells you how many calories you should eat a day and how many you burn doing certain exercises, and you can keep track of your calories, by logging everything you eat. WOW, I've become uber aware of everything I eat now. Yeah, some days are better than others and some days I don't really feel like putting out there everything I actually do put in my face, but the food diary starts out as private, where no one but you can see it. YOU MUST GO IN THERE and change it to whoever (public, friends only) you want to see what you eat. It gives me some accountability - well, as much as I'm honest with it. I've lost 3 lbs so far, and hopefully will get down to my happy weight!! It's partly a social network too, cause you have friends and you can encourage each other, because let me tell you: losing weight and watching what you eat is a discipline!! I guess you really have to want it bad enough. Some day, I want it badder than others :) I know that wasn't a word but seriously, who cares!!

this little guy was on our back porch. hailee loves fwoggies.

hailee and cousin samantha playing in the little house at grammie and poopa's

as you see, the window is open and it's night, a storm was coming and hailee and roger were watching it light up the sky.

this is what happens when i leave hailee alone with a pen. never fails, always ends up on her arm, hand, knee, leg, wherever her inspiration takes her :)

tried to delete this pic because it was too small, but obviously failed, and just moved on..

after vacuuming every day, hailee decided to give me a hand an attach the hose to the front of it! i laughed so hard when i saw what she did. She keeps me laughing :)


  1. Awww...the fleas sound terrible! I hope they get under control so you don't have to go crazy! You will do great in nursing school so don't sweat it!

  2. thanks! i can't wait for yall to get here so you can answer all my questions i'll have in my nursing classes :) j/k, but seriously, i'm excited about yall getting here!!!


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