Tuesday, May 31, 2011

nursing school ramblings.

We have a kitten.
I won't go into all the details because I already did all that in my notes on facebook. It's been quite an adventure. I've never had a cat before and honestly, still not sure how I feel about having one now. His name is Oliver and for the most part, he's good and lets Hailee be as rough and mean to him as she is. But nights can be rough. We put him in the hall bathroom because I don't want him in my bed and I think he'd keep Hailee up, trying to be up by her face all night. So, he cries for a while and then randomly through out the night and in the morning. He's also started scratching at the bathroom door. He did it for 20 minutes this morning, starting at 10 till 6 AM. We need to get a spray bottle to get him with when he starts doing that.

I had my nursing orientation last week down at Orangeburg-Calhoun Tech. It was very informative. There is a whole packet I have to get together and turned in by Aug 3. It's all in preparation to start my clinicals in November. Have to order my own background check, have a physical at my dr's and updates on all my immunizations, copies on all my important docs: ss card, marriage license, birth certificate, get CPR and First Aid Certified, and that's all I can think of off the top of my head.
'm pretty excited and getting a little anxious too. Class starts August 15. Still haven't told my job I'm going to need to cut my hours. Right now, I'm working pretty much full time - 30 hrs a week, every night. Going to school full time during the day, I won't be able to work every night. With the conversion Wachovia is going through to become Wells Fargo, I'm not sure they'll let me cut my hours. And, if they won't let me cut my hours, I'll have to quit. I've been there for 6 years and they're pretty flexible with me, but Well Fargo is a whole different ball game.
The only reason I'm working there right now, mainly, is for the health insurance. Roger can get it at his job for us if there is a need for it, but I don't think his insurance is as good as mine.

Change is good, especially if it is for the better. Right?

I've been praying about nursing school and whether this is the path I'm supposed to take or not. It will require being away from my family for about a year and a half, with studying and driving to orangeburg for a good part of the week (3-4 days of class and clinicals). And last week, there was a definite answer, giving me peace about the whole situation. Let me tell you about it!!

Went to tech to have the people in the EOC help me fill out my FASFA for student financial aid .. school loans, scholarships, since I don't trust myself to do it myself. I'm not very good with all those numbers and tax docs. Well, when she finished plugging in all the numbers 20 minutes later, she told me I had full pell grants covering my 1st year of nursing school!!!!!!!! A pell grant is money the government gives you/pays for your school that you don't have to pay back if you make under a certain amount of money the previous tax year. I've NEVER been approved for anything like that, and actually have $500 more dollars to pay off on my previous school loans I had to take out for X-Ray tech school that I had to stop when I got pregnant with Hailee.

So, the only money I'll probably have to borrow will not happen until the last 2 semesters of nursing school. Praise GOD!! That already has me feeling more sure about the whole thing.

It's still going to mean a lot of balancing and Hailee-sitting on my parents' part, and super early mornings. I will start clinicals in November and have to be down and the hospital in orangeburg by 6:30AM at the latest, and it's approx an hour drive. But I'll be finished in may 2013 and will be an RN :) Then, it's onward and upward from there. Excited to see how God will use me as a nurse.

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