Saturday, May 14, 2011

back to life, back to reality.

Since being off work for a whole week - I'm not really looking forward to going back Monday night :(
Back to late nights, early mornings, keying numbers till my eyes cross, and only seeing my husband on the weekends (because of our lovely split schedules).

Hailee and I had a wonderful time at the beach with my parents, little brother and his wife. We stayed in an ocean front beach house in Garden City (address was really Murrell's Inlet) SC. Roger couldn't come because he started working for a new company April 4 and hasn't built up vacation time yet. Definitely next year though.. What an awesome tradition a family vacation is! This was the first time my whole family had a vacation since I graduated high school in 1999.

We were there from Saturday to Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The drive from my parents house took about 3 and a half hours. There was even a crazy summer storm and we got to see lightening bolts striking over the ocean. Beautiful!! I'm pretty sure it hailed too that night, but by then, it was 2:30 AM and I wasn't getting out of bed to check.

We woke up around 6:45 - 7:00 every morning. I have the eclipse curtains in our bedrooms at home so the light is blocked that early in the morning. They weren't at the beach house, so when the sun came up, Hailee woke up. It didn't bother me too much because when she went to bed at 9:30 at night, I was exhausted enough to go to sleep with her, so I got plenty of sleep. The sun is really draining. We slathered on the sunscreen every morning and afternoon. There was sand everywhere - that's one thing I don't miss.. My back got burned the first day so I made sure to keep the spf 100 on, and I still got pretty tanned, even with that.

We spent tons of time on the beach playing in the sand. The ocean was still a little cold, as it was only the beginning of May. Hailee's favorite part was playing in the sand - especially on the dunes you're not supposed to go on. That sand was the softest and she had it allllll over her. She also enjoyed picking up seashells and putting them in her bucket [then, dumping them out]. She was a little weary of the waves at first because it was so loud and nothing she was used to. She even got worried when any of us got close to it, saying, "mommy, come back!".

We spent one evening shopping at Broadway At The Beach. Hailee chased ducks, fed fish, played on a play ground and walked around (since we forgot her stroller back at the house).
I got to go running in the mornings with my mom - haven't done that since I lived at home :) I can't do that now either since it's just Hailee and me during the day time and there's nowhere for me to run. She wouldn't sit in a stroller that long either.

I took tons of pictures and erased half of them. I need a new camera that's compatible with a very active and moving child. She's so busy and you have to pretty much have the camera in the 'ready' position at all times, with the button half pushed - for that split second she actually looks toward the camera.. She's not a very good picture subject, I almost have to catch her by surprise, all the time!

I have been doing laundry and dishes ever since we got home Thursday. I'm nowhere near caught up, but she's napping so I thought I'd get in some blog time - since it's been an eternity since I've been on here.

Ever since we got back from the beach, Hailee's vocabulary seems to have sky rocketed!! She is singing all the time, and saying things I've never heard her say before. She can count to 10 and almost say all the ABC's. She still runs L M N O P together, but didn't we all.. We can almost have conversations and that is so crazy! It seems like only yesterday, she was laying on the bed, cooing the sweetest little noises to me. Now, the next thing we must conquer is potty training, and she doesn't even seem remotely interested in that. Hopefully it will not be a battle with her. She is one strong-willed child.

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