Friday, March 4, 2011

With all this beautiful weather outside, we've been playing a lot more out doors. ahhh, it's nice to be in the fresh air..

We were sitting around her picnic table yesterday and I noticed a moth was on the chair she was sitting in. I made the mistake of pointing it out and she jumped out of the seat and was saying "kill the bug! kill the bug!" Wow she's just like me!! I'm sure she learned it from watching me always overreacting to insects. But I can't help it, it just happens. Well, she didn't forget about the bug even though we moved away from it. I watched her look over at it a few times and she actually shivered. It was one of those gross shivers and it was too funny!

We've just started really getting serious about brushing Hailee's teeth with the starter toothpaste and everything. She gives us the hardest time when we brush her teeth. As soon as we put the toothbrush in her mouth she closes her mouth and starts sucking on it. I read on the box for the toothpaste that you start with the 0-2 year old safe to swallow tooth paste and when they get to where they can spit it out, then you move on to the toddler toothpaste. We get as far as putting a sip of water in her mouth, I tell her to spit it out, she swallows it, then opens her mouth. She doesn't quite get it yet.

When Hailee and I are hanging out durring the day, sometimes she'll bring me her notebook "coloring book" and ask me to draw a kitty cat.. over and over again. So I draw a kitty and give her back the notebook. Then, she puts little dots all over what I drew and when she's tired of that, she just scribbles over everything.

We get the requests for- "draw weeble" "draw snowman" "draw girl" "draw boy" and her favorite, the kitty cat.

I'm gearing up for another long night at work. This week has been extra special because its the 1st week of the month. Busiest. And this weekend is pretty much going to be non stop as well. It seems like everything that doesn't get done durring the week is automatically shoved to the weekend, but I guess it has to happen. I got everything to make Zuppa toscana [just like the olive garden's] and that takes quite a bit of prep work. I'll find time somewhere in there.
Sunday is the 1st "Calvary Town" for kids 3 years - 5th grade at church, its pretty much children's church and we're starting with live worship at the beginning of both services for the kids. I'm the leader on this 1st week's team and I'm pretty nervous. Haven't had much time to practice the song's we're doing but hopefully everything will go off wonderfully well! I can't stress about it, so I'll just know that I've done all I can to get ready for Sunday.. And we also have a cookout with our small group Sunday night, even though its supposed to rain all day on Sunday. Hopefully it won't rain all weekend.

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