Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not a restful day.

Today is supposed to be a day of rest. Its nothing of that sort..
The time changed last night and our whole household didn't wake up until 9am this morning. After getting used to being up around 7:30am, this was a welcomed sleep in. We almost forgot to change the clocks, but thanks to everyone on facebook, we remembered :)
So- we got up, made some bacon & eggs on our lovely griddle, shoveled it in our mouths, got dressed and went to church. Hailee didn't eat the bacon. She took a bite of it, chewed it for a few minutes, then came at me with an open mouth and wanted me to scrape the chewed up bacon off her tongue. This is my child!! She also does that with other things that she doesn't want, but I can't currently think of them. She still hasn't gotten the "spit it out" concept down.

When we got home, the nap struggle began. I could tell how tired Hailee was by her eyes. Finally, right before 2pm, we got her in her bed and were out of her room. Hailee thought otherwise. She sang, she talked, she sang some more, & was standing up on her bed when we came in to tell her to hush & lay down. Roger and I were standing outside of her door, holding in laughter at the songs she was singing. She sang me "twinkle twinkle little star" last night when I was putting her to bed and she is soooooooo close to knowing all the words. She sings her ABC's, emphasizing the letters she knows.

Hailee HAS to be the center of attention. I try to get things done when she's good and distracted. The minute I start trying to get something done around the house, dishes, cook food, fold clothes, or practice songs for wed/sun worship on my guitar- she realizes I'm not near her and comes looking for me. She says, "there you are, right there! I need hug. I love you." and she will continue telling me [or roger] "i love you, hug!" until we stop what we're doing and pay attention to her. Roger says she needs a brother or sister. That is NOT what she needs. I'm exhausted with her, work, church and in august, nursing school starts. I'm trying to get 2 classes lined up for summer so I won't have to take them amidst clinicals.

I've been looking for other ways to change the appearance of my blog. I'm still pretty new at this and don't really have time to mess with templates/background/font, or learning how to zip, or unzip files. Roger will help me :)

We have to wake up Hailee from her nap in 30 minutes, get all our gear together.. bibles, diaper bag, guitar case, my bag with song notebook... and smallgroups at 5pm. That will go till 7, we'll come home, dinner, bathe Hailee, play for a little more, then pass out! Oh, and there will also be dishes, laundry, straightening up things from what Hailee pulls out to play with.. So definitely NOT a day of rest, but right now, things are exactly as they should be, and I wouldn't change a single thing.


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